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Ally Bank Customer Review

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eddie81's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by eddie81

Nov 20th 2012

Absolute Worst Customer Service for New Account Ever

I attempted to open a new checking and savings account with Ally Bank recently. After completing the application though I was given an error page and it stated I must call Ally along with a reference number given. This is where my first impression was shot about Ally...

The Ally rep asked multiple questions, several of them he asked atleast two times. I understand that they need to verify the identity of the caller but it was getting ridiculous. During this 20+ minute call, I was placed on hold 4 separate times, lasting from 2-5 minutes each. The rep seemed to be confused at times, unable to answer my questions, and just seemed not that familiar with any of the procedures of the bank he was "working" for. This made me alittle uneasy as I was really confused about why this new account was being held and investigated further? The rep said I would have to wait 3-5 business days for a "Specialist" to contact me... I questioned what this was about or what kind of "specialist" this was, none were answered by this rep.

Finally I just was fed up and unsure if I'd made the right decision to even submit my personal information to these people... seemingly they are either unsure of what they are doing or just incompetent. So I told the rep just to cancel my application and I would find another bank to deal with.

After thinking about it more, I decided to call back, hoping to get another more knowledgeable rep that could atleast help me understand what they were doing and why a "specialist" needed to investigate my information in the first place. This second rep decided he did not want to listen to my concerns and hung up on me!

I was upset at this point, so called back a third time and demanded to speak with a supervisor. The rep asked what the issue that I needed a supervisor for and I told him what had happened from the beginning. He explained everything they needed and I still don't understand what they need to investigate. I would stay away from Ally Bank!

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Other Ally Bank Reviews

Mariacatalina's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mariacatalina

Apr 15th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Offers no ATM cards and changing to a joint account was a nightmare.

Ally bank offers great rates but mediocre service. When I got married and added my husband to the savings account it was a mess. My husband for some reason couldn't not get access to the account after many calls and emails representative finally figured out that they needed to create a separate username and password for him. After that was sorted we decided to expand to a high interest checking account where inspecifically told the representative that I do not use debit cards thus to only send us at, cards. Today I received a debit card and have been told that ATM cards are not offered or available. Debit cards are the devil and banks want you to use them as it benefits them solely. If you lose a debit card or someone gets access to the number, then all your liquid assets are frozen until it's all sorted out. With all the id theft these days I refuse to use these cards and am highly disappointed that I have no other alternative other than closing my accounts that's were so hard to open in the first place.

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lazylazyjoe's Profile Image

Reviewed by lazylazyjoe

Apr 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


Have had ally for over 2 years. Best bank by far.I tell everyone about them. Can't believe they have anything to do with GM.

There's no monthly fee/minimum.& quick setup. But, that's common these days.

Interest on your checking.

No ATM fee. They even give you back the money the ATM charges you. One month I used $75 of ATM w/d's and got it alll back.

Low overdraft fee of $9.Free savings link for overdraft protection.

Transfer to other banks online.Free bill pay.

Deposit checks,popmoney, account details from your phone.

Customer Service is excellent too.

Never waited for than 4 minutes and most of the time there's no wait at all.App shows you wait time before you even call them. You can chat online for talk on the phone to someone 24/7 with almost no wait.

All communication they send you is stored in PDF that you can accesss.

I recently had to ask for a chargeback to MLB.com. They issued me a provisional credit in 3 days while chargeback is in progress.They sent me a form & prepaid evenvelope to fill out which I lost & reprinted (Luckily, all communication is in your profile). They even called me to make sure I didn't have any trouble filling it out.

The only situation you shouldn't consider Ally is if you make all your deposits in cash (no cash deposits), need integrated loans, or just really like going to a bank.

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