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Ally Bank Customer Review

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DeniseGabbard's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by DeniseGabbard

Feb 8th 2013


Opened an account with Ally last year before tax time, and actually had our tax refund deposited to our Ally account after filing our taxes with TurboTax. Both TurboTax and Ally were great-- the tax return was submitted quickly with no glitches. Since then, we have used our Ally account for all of our checking business. We use the smartphone app to deposit checks and have never had a problem at all with the money being in our accounts the next business day. It is really easy and convenient.

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Other Ally Bank Reviews

mandymarie1234's Profile Image

Reviewed by mandymarie1234

Sep 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service

I have a home loan on the line and my home loan officer needs documentation thru Ally indicating my loan has been paid in full on my leased car I turned in over a week ago, the loan has been paid in full over 3 weeks now. I have talked to 15 people and no one seems to care I have a home loan pending and I need documentation indicating my loan at Ally has been honored. They tell me my car inspection needs to happen first, which I was told that was going to happen within 24 to 48 hours but over a week later my car still has not been inspected, but in the same sentence they tell me my loan has been terminated. No one seems to care I have a home loan pending and I need this loan that I paid IN FULL over 3 weeks ago to show a zero balance. I can't believe how these people can screw one someone's life, especially when I have honored a loan in FULL. Very disappointed in Ally and I do NOT recommend anyone use them. I did not have a choice when I leased my vehicle, Ally was picked because I leased a GM car. My mistake and will NEVER do that again!

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MichielOosting's Profile Image

Reviewed by MichielOosting

Aug 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Only permanent US citizens are welcome.

I am a Dutch employee here in the USA during an Expat contract and have a LIB Visa; this visa allows me to work in the USA for the company I was send over as an Expat and gave me the formal paperwork that allowed me to apply for a US SSN number and to open an US bank account.

Ally bank has in his policies that only permanent residents are allowed to open a bank account with them while it is totally legal for people with an L1B visa to do so (like UMPQUA bank will do).

Therefore I would not recommend to open an account with them since they are not aware of the global changes of doing business international.



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