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Ally Bank Customer Review

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mdavies1's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by mdavies1

May 4th 2012


Don't do business with Ally! I tried to make a car payment on Friday at 4:15 Mountain Time online but the confirmation said it wouldn't be posted until Monday. This is the last day I can pay without being late so I called to see if I could make payment by phone and have it posted today. Operator said no, it had to be paid by 3:00 pm Eastern time. You have to read the text behind the link: "When will my payment be posted?" But I didn't notice that little tab. I would have had to make the payment before 1:00 pm my time. Who in the world holds a payment until the following Monday if it's not made by 1:00 pm Mountain Time?

That's just archaic. My mortgage company takes payments and posts them until 9:00 pm at my time zone, not there's. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He had the same nasty attitude. No reasonable assistance at all. Now my payment will be reported to credit bureaus as a 30-day late. I printed out the confirmation, which is dated today and will send it to credit bureaus if ALLY reports my payment as late. And I'm transferring my car loan to a local credit union where I'm treated with more respect. I hate Ally's policy and the rude people int heir customer service department.

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brapitt2's Profile Image

Reviewed by brapitt2

Feb 18th 2015

4 out of 5 marks

Great Online Bank

Great online bank to take advantage of high interest rates on checking and savings accounts.

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WEB2013's Profile Image

Reviewed by WEB2013

Feb 22nd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Spend Less On Commercials More On Customer Service

How this bank has numerous positive reviews is beyond me. The application process for a simple savings account (their rate is the best for basic savings, hence the single star, but rate means zero if you can't access your account) was such a cluster i opted out of the account process. The process went something like this: fill out the application on-line then wait... And wait... And wait... No emails, no calls; go online and submit and inquiry to which you get a response of 'we can't respond because email is not secure. '; call... Hold... Hold... Hold, hang-up (repeat for 2 days) call again on a sunday and finally get through to a live rep who indicates that they need a dl or utility bill to verify identity.

I guess the multiple identifying questions, along with the funding bank account info for deposit, on the application weren't adequate? Again, this is for a basic savings account (not brokerage) and i'm sending them thousands of dollars and they have the account info from which to pull these funds but they need a utility bill with my address to make sure i am who i say i am?! (of course utility companies are the pinnacle of identity security i'm sure). Per the rep it's the patriot act that necessitates this request, but odd that other on-line accounts didn't need this extra info (and a utility bill, really)?

Giving them a big break and assuming this extra id step is necessary that does't excuse that a bank w/o branches shouldn't have the lack of notice/relationship/decent customer service via technology that necessitated i pull my application. I have to state the rep was professional and friendly but the process and taking over 6 days to actually get to speak to a person, honestly had me questioning if i fell for a scam and someone highjacking ally to get personal information. Bottom line, go with capitalone360, lower rate but top tier support and website.

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