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Ally Bank Customer Review

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jflynn4's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by jflynn4

Jul 3rd 2012

No Problems Whatsoever

From day one, i've been happy with this bank. Some of the best rates out there (still low but better than most), set up was easy, needed a new debit card and had it in hand within 3 business days (great service), can make deposits by scanning online, and 100% rebated atm fees. At this point, after using them for about 8 months, would have to rate them a "5" (on a scale of 1 to 5).

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Other Ally Bank Reviews

brapitt2's Profile Image

Reviewed by brapitt2

Feb 18th 2015

4 out of 5 marks

Great Online Bank

Great online bank to take advantage of high interest rates on checking and savings accounts.

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WEB2013's Profile Image

Reviewed by WEB2013

Feb 22nd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Spend Less On Commercials More On Customer Service

How this bank has numerous positive reviews is beyond me. The application process for a simple savings account (their rate is the best for basic savings, hence the single star, but rate means zero if you can't access your account) was such a cluster i opted out of the account process. The process went something like this: fill out the application on-line then wait... And wait... And wait... No emails, no calls; go online and submit and inquiry to which you get a response of 'we can't respond because email is not secure. '; call... Hold... Hold... Hold, hang-up (repeat for 2 days) call again on a sunday and finally get through to a live rep who indicates that they need a dl or utility bill to verify identity.

I guess the multiple identifying questions, along with the funding bank account info for deposit, on the application weren't adequate? Again, this is for a basic savings account (not brokerage) and i'm sending them thousands of dollars and they have the account info from which to pull these funds but they need a utility bill with my address to make sure i am who i say i am?! (of course utility companies are the pinnacle of identity security i'm sure). Per the rep it's the patriot act that necessitates this request, but odd that other on-line accounts didn't need this extra info (and a utility bill, really)?

Giving them a big break and assuming this extra id step is necessary that does't excuse that a bank w/o branches shouldn't have the lack of notice/relationship/decent customer service via technology that necessitated i pull my application. I have to state the rep was professional and friendly but the process and taking over 6 days to actually get to speak to a person, honestly had me questioning if i fell for a scam and someone highjacking ally to get personal information. Bottom line, go with capitalone360, lower rate but top tier support and website.

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