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Ally Bank Customer Review

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yamafx4dude's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by yamafx4dude

Jan 7th 2013

So far I am Impressed

Here is what I like about Ally Bank so far:

1. They inform you when your paper check bill payment is going to post. I have never seen a bank do this. Other banks will either post the check before the deliver by date or a week or more afterwards to draw confusion and / or NSF fee's.

2. You can edit your account names

3. Free checks

4. No minimum balance / deposit requirements.

5. Clean online user interface.

6. They have a calendar in the online banking. (This comes in handy for a "macro" view on your bill payments.")

7. 24 hour rep's available

8. The mobile app works well.

9. Check deposits work well.

10. I don't have to choose "English" every time I call them or use their ATM.


1. No way to deposit cash.

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Other Ally Bank Reviews

MACUSER100's Profile Image

Reviewed by MACUSER100

Jun 5th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Don't Understand the Complaints

I really can't understand the complaints about Ally Bank; other then when I added my wife to my accounts (it took them awhile) I've had nothing but praise for this bank. Customer Service is excellent - I've never waited longer then maybe a couple minutes and I can get help 24 / 7 (once I called at 3AM New Year's Eve -- yea, a little drunk-- but still got the help and job accomplished).

I'm drawing a higher interest rate with both my Saving Account and Money Market Account then I did with a 19 month CD at US Bank. I had and have a few CDs with Ally and one time needed to cash one in before the maturity date -- only lost the interest; other banks you lose the interest plus penalty. I use any ATM machine and they reimburse the charges, Bill Pay and all the extras - all free. Love this bank!

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dsflynn2000's Profile Image

Reviewed by dsflynn2000

Jun 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Harrassment, sending american jobs overseas?

First of all, Ally out sources jobs to the Philippines. These are American jobs that they are paying third world people a fraction of the pay to perform. Ally could be employing Americans. To top it off these people that are receiving money that could be going into Americans pockets are the most infuriating souls to ever pick up a phone. They harass account holders and they are mostly Americans. Boycott Ally!

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