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Ally Bank Customer Review

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Anders's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Anders

May 4th 2012

Very Bad And Unreliable Online Service. Always Down And Customer Service Never Available.

I've made so far 8 auto payments online and i would say almost half (4 times) of the times it goes without a problem. The problem isn't so much with the actual transaction as it is to simply sign in! I sign in and then i get the,"ally auto isn't available right now. We'll have things back up as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. " so of course i now have to wait until the next day or continue to check throughout the day. Not a way to do business in the 21st century! I would definitely not bank with them if this is the service, lack of, that i have to go through for just the auto payment.

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Other Ally Bank Reviews

nofffffffffffff's Profile Image

Reviewed by nofffffffffffff

Jun 25th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

could NEVER sign in without calling on phone

First of all their log in page is hard to find. They have auto log in That means AUTOMOBILE NOT automatic sign in Well what if the automobile log in was for a boat or a motorcycle? THEY need to spell out the word automobile so they won't waste my time thinking its automatic log in. These egg head can't think pass their brain. Time to move to a real on line bank were I can bank on line NOT ON THE PHONE!!!

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john0099adam's Profile Image

Reviewed by john0099adam

Jun 24th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Best on-line bank

After searching and dealing with several banks, I found Ally bank to be the best so far in all aspects of on-line banking including yield, website, customer service, statements, offering for a trust account, setting up transfer links between Ally and local bank, etc. etc.

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