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AmericaNet Bank Latest Customer Reviews

rsam5's Profile Image

Reviewed by rsam5

Aug 9th 2012

3 out of 5 marks

Started Off Great But Over Time They Kept Reducing The Rate They Paid To Savers Like Me. I Guess They Joined The 1% And Let Greed Take Over.

No need to waste your time with this bank, their savings interest rates have dropped so low, it's not worth the hastle to open an account. They have joined the 1% and let their greed get the best of them. There is no wher left to put money for us working people, i might as well spend it all and have fun, then get on line to get a handout from president obama. Also, note, this bank is related to redneck bank and evantage bank.

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cody s's Profile Image

Reviewed by cody s

Jan 28th 2011

2 out of 5 marks

Privacy/Security issue

I am an online rate shopper and was attracted to the 1.75% in April 2010. I opened the account online and moved $100 in to start. As soon as I was able to login to view my new account, I came across a statement that was available for me to view in the previous statements section of the website. Weird, because I had not had an account with AmericaNet Bank previously... I opened it up, and was very surprised to see another individuals past money market statements. I saw their name, address and balances on the statement and was also able to view the social security number. I immediately sent a 'secure message' to customer service letting them know. I received a response the next day, and was told that the account I saw was a test account, not a real account, that was included in my profile in error and that it had been removed. I logged in again, and the statement was still there. I grew suspicious of the explanation I was given and googled the persons name and address, which I found several entries and confirmed that this was indeed a real person. I sent yet another message letting them know that I could still see the account, and that it appeared to be real. They did not respond after 4 days, and I asked for the account to be closed. Hoping that my own SSN is not out there viewable to someone who would do harm... Stay away.

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Pilm F's Profile Image

Reviewed by Pilm F

May 6th 2010

1 out of 5 marks

Mysterious $10 / month charges on an active savings account

This is for anyone using or considering AmericaNet Bank, be very very careful! I put $5000 in an AmericaNet Bank savings account because they offered a 2% rate. Every quarter I'd go online and check my account. Well, come to find, after my one year anniversary with AmericaNet Bank they began to charge a $10/month fee. AmericaNet Bank did not provide any notice whatsoever when they started helping themselves to my money. It wasn't until I logged on recently for my quarterly account review I found $20 missing. After invesitigation I found that after one year, if you don't add more money, your account is considered dormant, and AmericaNet Bank starts penalizing your account $10/month every month until you add more money. Almost seems like extortion to me! I've used at least a dozen online Savings accounts and have never had money drained from my account like AmericaNet Bank is doing! No bank has ever penalized me for leaving my money in their account! But AmericaNet Bank does! Beware, beware, beware! AmericaNet Bank is a sham and ripoff.

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