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Established in 1850 in New York City, American Express operates in over 130 countries around the globe. Learn more about our presence throughout the world.
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

JonathanAdrianLaRo's Profile Image

Reviewed by JonathanAdrianLaRo

Jan 26th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

The Green Card Amazing

So I must say I have never used such an amazing card in my life. I have been with American Express for years now, and would never switch I have actually closed all of my credit cards with other companies. If I need something I can always depend on American Express to get stuff done.

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Jae Y's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jae Y

Apr 23rd 2012

4 out of 5 marks

Have High Interest Saving Account But Being Recuded On Rate Recently.

I have linked to my pnc checking account and amex' investment award have good returns.

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Joni's Profile Image

Reviewed by Joni

Feb 22nd 2011

4 out of 5 marks

American Express Blue Credit Card Review

I like this card very much. The only issues I have with this American Express credit card are:

1) They are not too generous with their Credit Limits. My biggest credit card limit is almost 9x my American Express Blue credit card limit. (Though being conservative is not necessarily a bad thing).

2) The 15.24% APR is much too high; I wish they'd offer a lower rate for their high credit score customers. (My lowest APR credit card sits at 7.24% followed by another card on which the rate is 7.25%.). As such, I tend to only use this card if I can pay the balance off in full.

3) I have to maintain 2 american express login accounts; one for my credit card and one for my saving account. I wish I could manage both accounts for a single online login account.

4) I wish the Blue Cash and Blue Rewards programs were combined (similar to what Discover does). Allow me to trade my reward points in for cash back.

5) American Express' internal formula for Credit Line increases is not solely based on your Credit Score and Income. As such you can have an awsome score, make a lot of money, and still be denied a credit line increase.

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