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American Express Bank, FSB Customer Review

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Query's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Query

Jun 14th 2012

Poor expereince !

It holds the payment upto 5 days. then money is out of my bank acount but not showing in the on line account.

Also they keep the merchant credit for a very long time.

Since they are the bank I am sure they have good reasons for it. and

not a good game for customers.

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deutsch's Profile Image

Reviewed by deutsch

May 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Needs to link to Amex credit card

I have both an american express credit card and the FSB personal high yield savings account. Problem is, the two are not linked! That's correct, you cannot go on the FSB webpage to your savings account and pay directly to your Amex credit card balance. I provided that feedback to the bank and they said they would pass that suggestion to their leadership team, as it makes very good sense! That is insane, and this transfer function needs to be added immediately or I will close my FSB savings account.

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JHayes's Profile Image

Reviewed by JHayes

Dec 23rd 2013

2 out of 5 marks

So frustrating and maddening I had to take up zen meditation.

The confirmation papers say one thing, but then the card is denied. My credit is excellent, I rarely use credit, and now I remember why. I chose this card carefully and opened the account for the sole purpose of making a single large purchase, and then on the morning of the purchase, the card was denied. I tried to contact customer service but the wait times are so absurdly long that I had to make a decision and just paid using other funds. I tried later to contact AmEx again and after being passed around from chat to phone to phone to phone and waiting on hold for 30 minutes the call was somehow disconnected. I regret opening the account and I'm left with frustration and ill will towards this colossal credit institution that cannot do what they say or find time to help me when I seek help. Finally, online AmEx does not offer a platform for complaints or expressing dissatisfaction, and I can't even send them an email. I guess they thing they're perfect or untouchable or something or just don't care.

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