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Apple Bank is a state-chartered savings bank that traces its New York origins back to 1863. It operates from 50 full-service branch locations in the metro New York area and is the third largest savings bank in New York State.
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Apple Bank Location Map
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

JacobL's Profile Image

Reviewed by JacobL

Jan 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

customer service non existant

Having to manage my father's funds with POA, I ended up dealing with 6 banks. This one, BY FAR, was the worst. Not only did they make me get letters and forms that no other bank needed, the customer service is non existant. They will keep me on hold for extremely long periods of time, tell me to call back rather than just take a message, take down my number and promise to call back, and never do, tell me statements such as "POA doesn't apply to IRA's" (and why exactly not?)... these are actual things that happened, each independently. Maybe it was just a bad branch (13 Ave. Brooklyn), but it was horrible. And looking around at the branch operating during the rather extended time I ended up staying there, I could see that my experience there was not a fluke.

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Frenk S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Frenk S

Jan 3rd 2011

3 out of 5 marks


I think that is average bank.Savings Account Rate

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Amanda_David's Profile Image

Reviewed by Amanda_David

Aug 9th 2012

1 out of 5 marks

No One At The Other End. Too Busy With Personal And Interpersonal Conversations...

1) came in to register my child, the annoyed customer service agent whined when my son practiced his signature.

2) account blocked and manager could not tell me why

3) no line for customer service and a new client was taken first.

4) four tellers too busy to take next customer

5) line is long and not enough tellers

6) no restroom available while waiting in long line.

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