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Armed Forces Bank, National Association Customer Review

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akale1982's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by akale1982

Feb 22nd 2013

Great Service and Staff

Love my experience with AFB. Easy to use and manage. Staff is great and friendly. Five stars!

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Other Armed Forces Bank, National Association Reviews

matt's Profile Image

Reviewed by matt

Feb 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Poor Customer Service, Very Rude Management

I signed up for a credit builder account. It ended up ruining my credit. This in spite of paying the account in full.

I have chosen to Arbitrate against the bank, so they will think twice about how they treat our Military Families.

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opeth51's Profile Image

Reviewed by opeth51

May 29th 2012

1 out of 5 marks


One night, its the 30th, and i check the online bank, and i see theres money coming in on the first. I make a few online purchase that night, and the bank site shows they will be payed for the next day when i've been payed. They both say pending on them. The next day, i'm missing my whole paycheck, and -200 in the bank. I go to look at the sheet and it was taken out on nite of the purchases. I call em and tell em i only spent so many dollars and i should have my paycheck in there, and those pending purchases were supposed to be taken out after midnight like the online banking sheet said.

It said it'd be taken out on the first not the 30th. On the first, they back dated the payments to get more money cuz they knew i was in the army and i had money. This bank is terrible and treasonous!! The ppl on the phone said it was 25 dollars for every overage there was like they're just there to get someone for more money. They're like this because too many people leave them because of their shadiness. All the ppl in the building were mostly old and cranky. I didnt make a single penny of interest on em either when i had 6k+ dollars because their greedy and selfish. That was deployment money too. I only stay with em now because i have to make my car payment and the car payment site im using doesnt let me use my current bank for some reason.

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