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Reviewed By Randy822 Jan 4, 2016

Always Good Service

I am a bit shocked to see a few bad reviews as that is opposite of my experience with a local branch on Garland Street in Fayetteville. The tellers there have always been very friendly and helpful.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By bigbry3 Jan 2, 2014

Get with the century..!! Overdraft fees, bill pay delays and just pain horrilbe customer service.

Overdraft is great when you can tie it to a credit card for little to no fees. Bank of America allowed this. But ARVEST who is supposed to be great only charges 17 dollars per transaction. Thats not overdraft protection!! Its financial rape. It should be illegal. 17 dollars for a two dollar overdraft when I deposit over 8K a month in this account. Oh.. and better charge you 6 dollars a month service charge on your checking to make money on debit card swipes. Too funny. Bill pay.. better schedule ahead. BofA would send payments in time to meet due dates and deduct the day you said it was due. Oh no.. not arvest. Multiple fees for just this. Then you want to do anything. Well please come to the branch.. can't do much on-line. Need to see you even though we have your SSN and can verify your identity with other things. But come for our free popcorn and hot dogs once a hear. I had my house financed with them.. horrible - went elsewhere. BofA sold out to arvest.. bad move.. when to Capital one 360. Could care less anymore about seeing a teller - ever. On-line it will be from now on.

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Latest Arvest Bank Reviews

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    Reviewed By Randy822 Jan 4, 2016

    Always Good Service

    I am a bit shocked to see a few bad reviews as that is opposite of my experience with a local branch on Garland Street in Fayetteville. The tellers there have always been very friendly and helpful.

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  • K
    Reviewed By kemo56 Dec 23, 2015

    Arvest Bank

    Arvest means to be making money from sending an NSF notice by snail mail ... in this way the customer isn't aware of the problem until the problem has a chance to escalate ... insuring more charges to the account i.e. extra money for the share holders. We were surprised to find that we are now dealing with a bank who has not reached the 21st century (basically, what the supervisor told me). Bank of America (which Arvest bought out) sent email notices, when and if there was a problem with your account (such as an nsf of your account or even an nsf of a check you had deposited), so if Arvest does not have this technology then we need to change banks ... the 7 nsf charges and the refusal to take responsibility of the escalation of the problem, has lead us to the decision to take our business to a bank who is in the 21st century ... I was not asking for the refund of all the charges just the ones that would not have happened if your bank had notified us in a timely manner. As you can see from looking at our account, we do not have a problem with nsf or our account ... this was caused by a family emergency and Christmas (which I know is not your problem).

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  • T
    Reviewed By Txgurl91 Dec 19, 2015

    Worst banking experience ever

    Went into the bank newly moved to the state. Had over $2,000 on me and tried to open an account. They asked for my ID, social, phone number, email, address, and previous address. I was thinking this is information to open my checking account. No she was running a credit check without my permission for a checking account. Then proceeded to tell me I can't bank there! Since when does my credit matter for a checking account? And since when can you run peoples credit without their permission? I'm horrified. I left feeling like a loser and totally embarrassed. She was friendly and nice untill she saw my credit score. Then her entire attitude towards me changed. I will never recommend this bank to anyone. And after seeing the reviews I'm glad she didn't let me! Horrible! Absolutely horrible bank and horrible employees.

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    Reviewed By Bisand Dec 8, 2015

    Never a problem

    I guess I have never experienced the rude people mentioned in some of these posts, to the contrary I have experienced just the opposite. We have never had a problem with Arvest concerning any aspect. We have been using them for fifteen years and plan to continue.

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    Reviewed By bbrown721 Nov 24, 2015

    Their atm "ate" my cash.

    I deposited a check at the atm, with no problems. I then deposited cash and it said trouble reading bills and spit out SOME of the cash and then the atm froze. I couldn't do anything, but thank God the bank was still open. So I go inside and do a "dispute", the BANKER told me it should post in 1 to 2 days. I needed the money then and they couldn't do anything. Well, a week later and still no money. I call them and they get back with me the next day. Telling me the company, whoever that is, overlooked my account, becasue the check I had deposited was the same amount of cash I am missing. So they reopened the claim and tell me it should post by tonight at midnight...BUT THEN I am told they are going to do an audit on the machine to see if it is over that amount of missing money and "we hope it is, because this could be another issue". First of all, I thought they were going to audit it a long time ago, secondly now I might possibly be lying. Closing my account asap after getting my money!!

    I wouldn't even give them the one star if I didn't have to.

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  • G
    Reviewed By Gee Nov 18, 2015


    I will be closing my account of my problem is not resolved. I have a loan through them. I went to pay partial of my payment a week before making another payment. They had told me no payment has been made and I still owe the full amount. So if you bank with these people make sure you keep all receipts.

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  • A
    Reviewed By Artt0315 Nov 17, 2015

    Worst bank for customer service ive ever dealt with

    I have had numerous problems with multiple branchs. My payroll check is through arvest but no one with deposit as cash deposit it is always an argument. Have had people tell me i could only be credited 200. So now i have to cash my payroll check then turn around and deposit it. Such a hassle!!! Customer service generally throughout asically every branch ive dealt with tbey are rude, do not care what you have to say, and have had even a manager aay well that teller has a power trip. I hate this bank will be moving asap. I should be able to gi with my payroll check and have a deposit slip made out to deposit what i need and get the rest back in cash. They have an impossible time doing this ive only had 2 tellers do it. The rest say they have yo manually memo post it or even they argue twlling me that this is how they do it you only get 200 credited immediately it doesnt matter if its an arvest check or not RIDICULOUS!!! Do not go to fort smith or alma branches in arkansas

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    Reviewed By ozan Oct 21, 2015

    Costumer service stole my 15 dollars

    Arvest bank closed my account without noticing me. They did not call or e-mail or mail. And they do not help at all. Go with the big banks, these small banks need your money.

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  • A
    Reviewed By Angry01 Sep 17, 2015

    Fraudulent Overdrafts

    If I could give no stars I would. I am closing my account. I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission on this company and am going further. They are legal crooks. I had unauthorized charges on my account which caused me to go into a negative status. I contacted Arvest and told them. The response I received was for me to contact the company and work it out with them and they would refund my overdrafts. I did exactly what they said. The company did go back and refund the unauthorized charges. I called Arvest back and explained it to the teller I was speaking with who told me that it was too bad and that they would not be refunding my account for the overdraft fees. I am infuriated. I cannot believe that this is legal and that they are able to get away with this. I am contacting an attorney to handle this situation. This is not the first time this has happened. I have a debit card with USAA and if they see things that are occurring look suspicious and out of the ordinary for me, they cut the card immediately and contact me. I am outraged at Arvest and am cutting my business with them.

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  • S
    Reviewed By samisammer Aug 14, 2015

    lacks follow thru, unskilled team, serious and dangerous poor data quality

    Went to Arvest for home equity loan in March 2015. My credit rating in 790+. I was told the process would take 2 weeks. Spent 7 - 8 weeks waiting for them to complete writing up the loan documents. Handed off to different branch and personnel for actual signing. At time of signing discovered the loan type was incorrect and the person who was to manage the signing had no background or knowledge of loans. Waited another 4 weeks for Arvest to complete documents. At signing, my husband name was incorrectly noted thru 50+ pages of documents.

    After receiving my first statement, I called Arvest bank to discuss how their loan periods, when the statements were generated, etc. When asked for my SSN to access my account, Arvest could not find me nor my account. After providing my husbands SSN, Arvest was able to bring my account up. When i asked why my SSN would not bring it up, they told me it was because the SSN number i was giving them was not MY SSN!! That I was mistakenly pronouncing my SSN number by transposing numbers.

    After another month I called to make sure they were receiving my payments. I went thru the process again of giving them my SSN to bring up my account. No luck. I asked the young man why my account wouldn't come up, his response was because their system was acting funny. I am a computer systems engineer for a national insurance company and blaming the inability of to retrieve an account by SSN becuase the system is "acting up" is riduculious and scary. I manage hugh amounts of data and associated systems and to hear this clearly speaks to their lack of data quality. I had to keep pressing the matter only to be told that the SSN entered under my name is wrong.

    I will am paying off this loan ASAP and will never bank with this institution again.

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