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Arvest Bank Latest Customer Reviews

Zacharyb's Profile Image

Reviewed by Zacharyb

Mar 14th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


I was having difficulties with a Purchase\Service charge, and I had a wonderful representative talk with me to explain exactly what is going on. Thank you Michelle D for being so patient with me and understanding.

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tutu's Profile Image

Reviewed by tutu

Feb 5th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

needed a signature guarantee stamp. NO ONE could do it

I walked into the bank, and there had to be at least 15 people, some working, some talking, I needed a signature guarantee stamp, and NOT ONE person could do it. I was told to come back later. Its a far drive for me so I called first and NO ONE had shown up to work that could do it so now I have to wait another 45 minutes, call again and HOPE someone decides to show up for work that can handle a simple signature guarantee. This is not the way to do business

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bigbry3's Profile Image

Reviewed by bigbry3

Jan 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Get with the century..!! Overdraft fees, bill pay delays and just pain horrilbe customer service.

Overdraft is great when you can tie it to a credit card for little to no fees. Bank of America allowed this. But ARVEST who is supposed to be great only charges 17 dollars per transaction. Thats not overdraft protection!! Its financial rape. It should be illegal. 17 dollars for a two dollar overdraft when I deposit over 8K a month in this account. Oh.. and better charge you 6 dollars a month service charge on your checking to make money on debit card swipes. Too funny. Bill pay.. better schedule ahead. BofA would send payments in time to meet due dates and deduct the day you said it was due. Oh no.. not arvest. Multiple fees for just this. Then you want to do anything. Well please come to the branch.. can't do much on-line. Need to see you even though we have your SSN and can verify your identity with other things. But come for our free popcorn and hot dogs once a hear. I had my house financed with them.. horrible - went elsewhere. BofA sold out to arvest.. bad move.. when to Capital one 360. Could care less anymore about seeing a teller - ever. On-line it will be from now on.

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link060684's Profile Image

Reviewed by link060684

Dec 18th 2013

5 out of 5 marks


I've been with Arvest for several years now and have had nothing but the best from them. Another comment on here mentioned the low $17 overdraft fee. It's true; and I've never found anyone in the area who could compare. I've always received the best customer service whether I walk in or make a phone call-- even from tellers who don't know me. When comparing reviews it's just important to remember that people will always talk about a bad experience but those who post about the good things are far and few between. It's just not on their mind. Anyways, just my two cents. Highly recommend.

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BlueSkys's Profile Image

Reviewed by BlueSkys

Nov 19th 2013

5 out of 5 marks


The unfortunate issue with websites like these is that most people who seek to write a review are upset and want to vent about something. The truth is arvest is a great bank. They honestly care about their customers, and will work to fix any problems they can. They also have some of the lowest banking fees around. Their nsf fee is only $17, one of the lowest in the country. Plus their cutoff time is at 8 pm instead of in the middle of the day like many competitors. This leaves you more time to make a deposit to clear up any negative before a fee hits. If you have questions regarding their customer service see JDpower. Com. They have won the "highest customer satisfaction with retail banking" several times including during 2012 and 2013. Every time i go in a branch everyone is very friendly, and greets me by name. If i have a question they quickly get me an answer. Arvest is also a very stable company. They have never needed assistance through any economically hard times. They seem to make sound business decision so i know i can trust them with my money.

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