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Arvest Bank Customer Review

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hercules12345's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by hercules12345

Apr 9th 2011

Arvest disobeys the law!

Back in 2009, the IRS sent Lindsey Mgt. Company, Inc. a third party summons requesting the bank name and account number of the account from which my rent is drafted. Well, I live with my brother and it is HIS account the rent is drafted from. I thought I was safe. However, Lindsey Mgt. told me that unless I filed a Petition to Quash the summons, they would comply. (Perhaps because my name is on the lease.) So I did and I lost. IRS got the bank name (Arvest) and the account number (my brother's). Then they send a third party summons to Arvest asking them to turn over multiple years of bank statements from MY BROTHER'S ACCOUNT! No matter that the Summons had my name on it and their privacy policy states that they wouldn't do it and even the local Harrison, AR branch mgr. said that they wouldn't, they did it anyway. Arvest bank honored a third party summons directed at me and turned over bank statements from an account I had NO signing authority over. My brother's personal privacy was violated!

Previous to this I had my account information turned over to the IRS for one year without so much as a "by your leave" within one week of the date on the Summons. The IRC gives a period of 20 days for a target of a third party summons to file a Petition to Quash in federal court, but I wasn't even afforded the opportunity. Marvelous customer service! Subsequently, I closed my account.

I WILL NEVER HAVE A BANK ACCOUNT WITH THESE SCOUNDRELS AGAIN! In fact, I can do just fine without a bank account, thank you very much!

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Other Arvest Bank Reviews

TennIC's Profile Image

Reviewed by TennIC

Jun 20th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Rewards Fraud

Closing my account today and pursuing Arvest bank for fraudulent activities. was contacted by Arvest on Sunday of Memorial Day letting me know their system had detected possible fraud connected to my Debit card. When lady said the computer flagged a purchase made at Wal-Mart about 2 hours from where I live, I immediately said it wasn't me, I work Tuesday through Friday straight through 9-7 all day Saturdays spend Sunday with my husband and kids and for last few months have spent Mondays taking my kids from doctor to doctor...if I leave my usual 5 mile radius it's to see my mom about 20 minutes away, she continued to tell me that there was a charge for about $20 then only minutes later they tried to make a second purchase for about $500; these 2 things triggered computer to block all transactions not requiring my pin due to activity being outside my normal spending area and the transactions being close together. She said that's common, thieves try a small transaction to make sure it works then try a large purchase, fortunately they declined second purchase. I was very thankful as a small business owner and parent that my bank had caught this fraud! I was then directed to a gentleman that cancelled my old card, issued a new one and submitted the dispute. Within a week my new card arrived and shredded the old.

That's where my gratitude ends.

I got a letter stating the temporary refund would be removed from my account because their investigation showed no proof that it wasn't a ligitimate charge. What?! I called to see what was going on and was turned from victim to thief. The girl told me the dispute department told her my card was present and wasn't a counterfeit card. I didn't drive 2 hours to shop at Wal-mart in between clients and taking son for weekly allergy shots. I sure wouldn't spend $20 then try to spend $500. I was told I'll have to prove it wasn't me for them to cont. investigating. I told the girl I needed to hear from dispute dept. by 5 Friday. No

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nohappy's Profile Image

Reviewed by nohappy

Aug 6th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever

This bank has the worst customer service i have ever experience! I will never return there. This is why i love regions! There fast friendly greet you by your name no rude attitude, long wait in line

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