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Arvest Bank Customer Review

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Augmn26's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Augmn26

Apr 7th 2011

Choose a different bank unless you like aggrivation!

Only choose this bank if you want to be repeatedly inconveneinced. We have had debit cards cancelled with no warning leaving me straded away from home with no way to buy gas (I rarely carry cash), fees charged out of the blue (we did eventually get the money back), accounts with a balance cancelled for nonactivity even though they send a statement every month as though nothing was wrong, etc...

After having enough money in the bank to make the purchase, thay declined our request for a car loan. Of course we have NO credit (not bad) except our mortgage (which has never been late)since we choose to save for all our purchases instead of paying interest, but apparently they do not take into consideration the 8 years of loyalty our family has given them. They told us they could only give us the loan if we gave them the ENTIRE purchase price of the car to lock into one of their CD's (at the lowest rate in town) which would tie up our savings leaving us no choice but to get a loan if we had an emergency. (sound a bit fishy?)

Needless to say, this bank has put us through a lot. It takes a lot of time and work to change banks and that is the ONLY reason we have banked with them this long. Do yourself and choose a different bank.

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2findthesafestbank's Profile Image

Reviewed by 2findthesafestbank

Nov 13th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

This Bank Is A Good Bank

Although no bank is perfect, as nothing that has people running it could be. This bank is in the tops. For one, they did not take government bailout money (as the largest banks did). They didn't need to because they did not make a lot of bad loans. That says a lot! They are not nation wide, i think they are in 4 states now. I read that the are the largest bank in arkansas though. I have moved but have decided to keep my account after all the research i have done on banks. With this economy you want to be sure your money is in a safe bank. I can do online and photo check dept. And i have no problem with anything.

When i bought a house, they serviced my loan too through Arvest Mortgage. That was nice because i've heard horror stories about mortgage loans from friends and clients who had home loans with bank of america. As i already stated, they are not perfect, but i would say compared to many others, they rate very well in all areas of banking.

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cdale1869's Profile Image

Reviewed by cdale1869

Aug 3rd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

The Worst Customer Service

My checking account was "sold" to Arvest Bank by Bank of America even though I asked them not to sell my account. Bank of America explained that I would need to reestablish my electronic funds transfers. I left $3,000 in the account while I attempted to close the account. I called the Forsythe, MO Branch Manager and explained the situation. She said I would need to come to the bank. I explained that I lived 70 miles from the bank. She told me to send a letter and gave me the address to send the letter. I did so. Two weeks later my letter was returned as undeliverable. I called the bank again and a different person assured me that I had the correct address. Ultimately I discovered that the branch received their mail in a different town. To make a long story short I have been promised on numerous occasions that the situation is resolved but keep getting NSF notices because the bank has continue to attempt to make payments until the went through the $3,000. I had set up these payments with my new bank so Arvest has been making double payments on my car and mortgage. I still haven't been able to close the account.

Let's face it..you can't trust big banks. I will never bank with bank that I can't look the President in the face and see what kind of person they are.

After the housing collapse it looks like only one poor schmuck is going to be punished and the bank will probably bail him out. Who will bail out all the people that lost the value of their home?

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