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Associated Bank Customer Review

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LaurenceScott's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by LaurenceScott

Nov 15th 2012

Very Poor Experience

I will shout from the roof tops never ever to use associated bank. About 2 weeks ago I got a check from my father due to illness to help me with my rent. For whatever reason it got returned from his bank...Funny thing is we resubmitted it Went, through fine. And, there was no evidence that there was even a draw from his bank the first time we put it in. To make thie long and short of it associated hit me with 600 in bounce fees and won't refund me anything for their error. Stay away from them they are crooks.....

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Other Associated Bank Reviews

sudsguzzler's Profile Image

Reviewed by sudsguzzler

Apr 11th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Terrible Customer Service..... A Bad Situation Could Have Been Avoided With Just One Small Tidbit Of Customer Service

I am in watertown and a customer of associated bank since somewhere between 1988 and 1990. I have a checking account and a money market account. I originally signed up for associated because my father has banked with them for many years. Truthfully, i don't ask a lot from my bank. I deposit money and i withdraw money. I have used associated for a notary from time to time without any trouble as well. This all changed for the worse yesterday april 10, 2014. I was leaving for a trip to chicago with my wife and planned on leaving very early, but we had one form related to my chicago trip which i believe needed a notarized signature. It was a bit unclear if needed, but i didn't want to make this trip only to find out that i needed this notarized form. I was going to leave at 5am, but now decided to leave at 8:45am which would put me at associated bank in watertown when they open. I arrived at 9:05am and proceeded to have a check cashed, then asked if i could please have something notarized. The notary employee came over and asked what i need. I told her that my wife, who was standing next to me, needed her signature notarized on the form and handed her the form which she laid down on the counter. She said "so this is for her and not you?? Correct??? " i said "yes". She then asked if my wife had an account with associated. I said that she didn't but i did. She told me she couldn't notarize unless she has an account. I told her once again that it's my wife. She said it didn't matter! Another woman came up behind this teller and had no idea what had all transpired but only heard that i want my wife's signature notarized. She immediately barged in with "she needs to be here". I, along with the other teller told her she's right here. Now, suddenly she also changed her tune and agreed that this cannot be done. Next came something i'm not proud of and rarely, if ever has happened to me. I forcefully grabbed back my papers and headed for the door shouting how terrible they are!

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Marcy's Profile Image

Reviewed by Marcy

Apr 6th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great! It Is Awesome That They Are Open On Weekends!

The weeks get busy as a solo-business owner. It is nice to get a few errands out of the way on weekends. The location in copps also lets me run through the salad bar - instant lunch! Great service, good folks working there.

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