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Atlantic Coast Bank Customer Review

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sm10's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by sm10

Jan 30th 2013

Worst Customer Service

I have had two very bad customer service experiences at Atlantic Coast Bank. First, my debit card information was stolen somehow (I still had my card) with many quick uses of the card on black friday. I immediately stopped the card once I saw the transactions, called the bank, and filed a police report. It wasn't until the police report was mailed to me and then mailed to them that they would after a review process reimburse me the thousands of dollars. It was more than 3 weeks before they reimbursed my money and I had to figure out other ways to pay my bills. The second happened a year later when 3 unauthorized direct withdrawls occurred from a company that I had stopped allowing direct withdrawls from. The company apologized for there error. However, atlantic coast not only refused to reimburse me for the fees toping over 100 dollars for these fraud charges but they also wanted to charge me another 37 dollars just to freeze my account! It is not worth your time or safety of your money to use there services.

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Other Atlantic Coast Bank Reviews

LEMIEUX03's Profile Image

Reviewed by LEMIEUX03

Dec 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Customer Service

I too have had very bad customer service experiences at atlantic coast bank. I had a balance in my checking to cover 4 charges which cleared, however the first 2 that hit at 7am the bank considered them uncollected and charged me 2 (two) $37. 00 fees which in turned lowered my balance and caused the next 2 (two) that hit at 8pm to have insufficient funds. They transferred the money out of my savings and then charged me a $10. 00 fee. In addition to 2 (two) more $37. 00 fees.

Then a charge hit the next day when i had my direct deposits and the bank said that i had insufficient funds and charged me a $37. 00 fee. I now have $200+ fees and have to also figure out other ways to pay my bills. The company insisted it was not their error, refused to send me proof, and would not refund me the fees because 8 months earlier i had the same situation occur. I was told that refunds are only done once in a life time? We went into the local office and sat with a representative. He looked over the account and could not understand why i was charged the fees.

He promised to give it to his manager to fix and they would call us. Guess what. It has been 4 days now and nothing has changed and no telephone call. Looks like we are going to have to drive 15 miles to address the issue again because the local branches telephone #'s are not posted. When you say you are going to do something.

Just do it! Both times we even inquired about an overdraft account, which other banks have. Guess what! They do not have that either. The bank considers your checking as an overdraft? That is absurd. I have been a customer for over 15 years and have been on a fixed income for 2 years with only 2 issues this year because i have a tight budget. Thinking strongly of going to vystar as i too agree it is not worth your time or safety of your money to use their services.

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Atlanticabused's Profile Image

Reviewed by Atlanticabused

Jun 14th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Horrible Client service

I went through the SBA process with Atlantic and was very pleased with the woman who handled the loan initially. However, when my loan was handed off to a loan closer, it became a nightmare. Her repeated mistakes were not nearly so big a problem as her attitude. She has been demeaning and treated me as if I was a bother. She is confrontational and, frankly, not very sharp. I don't have a problem that she makes mistakes, it's that she seems to hold it against me when she does. It's as if it's my fault when she is in error. I have begun my new SBA loan process with Wells Fargo and will refinance the one I have with Atlantic Coast at my first opportunity.

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