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Atlantic Coast Bank Customer Review

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sm10's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by sm10

Jan 30th 2013

Worst Customer Service

I have had two very bad customer service experiences at Atlantic Coast Bank. First, my debit card information was stolen somehow (I still had my card) with many quick uses of the card on black friday. I immediately stopped the card once I saw the transactions, called the bank, and filed a police report. It wasn't until the police report was mailed to me and then mailed to them that they would after a review process reimburse me the thousands of dollars. It was more than 3 weeks before they reimbursed my money and I had to figure out other ways to pay my bills. The second happened a year later when 3 unauthorized direct withdrawls occurred from a company that I had stopped allowing direct withdrawls from. The company apologized for there error. However, atlantic coast not only refused to reimburse me for the fees toping over 100 dollars for these fraud charges but they also wanted to charge me another 37 dollars just to freeze my account! It is not worth your time or safety of your money to use there services.

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Atlanticabused's Profile Image

Reviewed by Atlanticabused

Jun 14th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Horrible Client service

I went through the SBA process with Atlantic and was very pleased with the woman who handled the loan initially. However, when my loan was handed off to a loan closer, it became a nightmare. Her repeated mistakes were not nearly so big a problem as her attitude. She has been demeaning and treated me as if I was a bother. She is confrontational and, frankly, not very sharp. I don't have a problem that she makes mistakes, it's that she seems to hold it against me when she does. It's as if it's my fault when she is in error. I have begun my new SBA loan process with Wells Fargo and will refinance the one I have with Atlantic Coast at my first opportunity.

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Richard B's Profile Image

Reviewed by Richard B

Mar 26th 2012

2 out of 5 marks


I called them before I opened my account and politely spoke with them. I explained that my sister banks with them and her Girl Scout troops have multiple accounts with them. I explained other things and got the information that I needed. I applied for the account and the next day I got a call from them. (I use a Google voice number for all things that don't involve friendship or a job! I don't like getting called from numbers I don't know! It does get forwarded to my phone and it did.) I got the call and picked up the phone, 10 seconds too late. I immediately called back to the number, since it did identify who was calling and where they were from. If you understand how Google voice works, it is understandable. It rings to your other number, then it switches back, there is sometimes a bit of a delay as it does, so it can cause issues. So anyway, I get connected to the new accounts lady and she quickly informs me that she got a Google voice number. You could hear in her voice how satisfied she was with this. (For a further explanation consult Webster's Dictionary on the words 'irony' and 'sarcasm.') Then she informs me that I will need to provide a utility bill to open the account.This is impossible, I don't have any utility bills. I offer credit card statements, bank statements, a copy of my DL and Passport, and other such things that I can. The problem ends up being that my DL does not have my current address. It is a MI DL, not a FL DL, and I have no intention of getting a FL DL. So basically, they use an outdated method for verifying information, as my credit report does contain my address and my MI address. I have passed more detailed checks with no problems in the past, including some that require me to give addresses from 15 years ago and longer. They drafted my account in MI for the funds, with the same address as the application. I am not a criminal and don't wish to be treated like one. I am just avoiding a $5 monthly fee from Wells Fargo! Peace!

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