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BB&T Customer Review

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Angryinvestor's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Angryinvestor

Apr 26th 2012

Absolutely Terrible!!! Bb&t Will Drain Your Account Fast!

I have been banking with bb&t for under a year now. I have had a bank account with a small local bank for a while up until moving it to a larger bank so i can have access across state lines for travel. I had opted out of the overdraft, so that if i dont have enough money it will deny me. Well that doesnt mean you will ever get denied at a register apparently. 113.13 later i am livid. I go in to find out why and how, oh its just how bb&t works your transactions. Also now im looking at 250+ dollars in over draft fees!!! Wtf! First i opted out to avoid overdrawing my account for this reason. Now i see why the account "specialist" insisted on me getting a debit card even though i told her 4 times i didnt want it. They are terrible people that will drain your account faster than a trophy wife with a good divorce attorney!!!! Not to mention half the people working there give you nasty looks, and treat you with little to no respect. I have not once had a "pleasant" banking experience, but this was the final straw!!

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Other BB&T Reviews

ecb's Profile Image

Reviewed by ecb

Aug 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks


BB&T is such a horrible bank. And after 2 years of banking with them, i finally realized it. I had a credit card payment come out of my account w/o my permission which caused me to overdraft. i called that credit card company, said that they needed to put that money back to my account asap because they were not authorized to take it in the first place. They said we apologize, the money will go back. i called BB&T to let them know that hey, I had something come out of my account and it wasn't suppose too and now i overdraft and i was also charged 36$ for an overdraft fee, but that payment is going to be refunded to me, so will everything go back to normal? the rep said ABSOLUTELY YES. in the meantime i had other bills that come straight out of my account which made me overdraft some more. I called again, gave them the story, they said all we need to see is that credit card refund and everything will do a REVERSE. I said great. Refund came a week later. i had two charges that came out after the credit card payment, along with 4 36$ OVERDRAFT FEES ! IN ONE WEEK!?? They not only took my refund, but my credit card company is SO NICE AND GENEROUS they gave me an additional 50$ for the trouble and BB&T TOOK THAT MONEY while I'm still left with A NEGATIVE BALANCE including 3 36$ OVERDRAFT FEES!! I called them up and said wait a min, my refund came back why didn't a "reverse" happen?? Not to mention it took me 37 minutes to get a rep on the phone. the rep tried to tell me, even if that payment never happened your account would still have been a negative bc you didn't have enough funds for the other transactions coming out of your account... HOW DARE YOU MAKE SUCH AN ASSUMPTION???? so now, the paycheck that i worked so hard for at my job...is gone. they took it all. and after 2 LONG and STRESSFUL weeks, my account is being looked at for fraud. BB&T IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST. NOT PROFESSIONAL. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. AND THEY'LL TAKE EVERY PENNY YOU HAVE.

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usethisinformation's Profile Image

Reviewed by usethisinformation

Aug 20th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank in the history of banks

I'm not one to write reviews but in the event that this can help someone or some entity going after this bank, I hope this helps. BB&T is a HORRIBLE bank to work with, they claim that they don't place delays on transactions to ensure that they're able to charge people their $36 fees but they do. I had a case of running debit transactions and one credit transaction which takes longer to post on an account but BB&T let the credit transaction go through as this resulted in my account incurring about 5 $36 fees on debit transactions of $1+ and $5 each. The most recent incident was that my place had sent me a paper check instead of depositing it to my account, I went over there to see if they could either not place it on hold or at least release enough to take care of my already set up automated transactions to go through....given that I'd been with them for a while at that point and they could clearly see that the deposit and check were from the same company....but of course they wouldn't work with me. In my trying to make sure that my account would be ok, I borrowed $300 in cash and deposited that in my account and guess what? An item was still returned despite my placing a cash deposit and my having a balance big enough to take care of this. This is bank is the worst when it comes to customer service and only care about their set policies and procedures which they've instilled in their workforce. This is very unfortunate as even though I might be someone who unfortunately lives paycheck to paycheck right now....this will not always be the case and there is NO WAY IN HELL that I'll ever bank with this institution again.

@BB&T Work with you has been a disgusting and unnecessarily tiring and frustrating experience. Whoever owns this institution will not live a happy life as there's no way you can affect peoples lives the way you've affected mine and have a happy normal life despite however much you're making. I hope that I'm still alive when this bank finally fails.

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