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BB&T Customer Review

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aprocanik's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by aprocanik

Jan 23rd 2013

It Was Terrible ; Very Unprofessional and a Disappointment

We have previously bought 10 homes and have refinanced 4 times. On this move to florida we had purchased a home in sept using a bridge or balloon loan to not lose this particular property with the intention of refinancing and securing cash out. The bb and t representative assured us "no problem",because we had all our documents current ,should be quickly done. She explained that she was the best and had a "team" to work with us to get this done. In the following approximately 90 days ,we heard her voice 3 times ,twice assuring "the team" had under control. We constantly had to call on status and constantly were told will be done soon.

We held out having a home appraisal until we redid the landscaping and painting of the home as the last "box to check" knowing this affects the cash out based on the current appraisal. We were billed for the appraisal. Almost 60 plus days from when we first initiated the application ,the underwriter advised that we could not cash out until 6 months from the previous closing!! I was then advised that "we are working on that "! This was the last communication on the subject! We meanwhile checked 2-3 other mortgage companies and were advised that you can not cash out for 6 months.

The issue here... No one of the 6 people on the team ,the original mortgage rep or the assistant to the underwriter bought this up or seemed to know about this!!! Not only did we endure extremely poor service,no responses; no sense of urgency or care! Had we known from day one by the representative ,ms cheri campbell , we would have held off the appraisal and process until 6 months! We are now out approximately $ 500 for the appraisal and will need to pay for another one in the future. The bank has not acknowledged this cost and has never communicated to us since on the status of our application!

They just do not care!! This is both a personal as well as a systemic problem at bb and t

we recommend to all.. No mortgages with bb and t!

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Other BB&T Reviews

johnmorris's Profile Image

Reviewed by johnmorris

Apr 15th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Online is in the dark ages

Routinely takes over two weeks for bill pay to arrive. No help after calling numerous times to resolve problem. "oh well" attitude. Most large banks are also able to send money electronically without huge fees but not BB&T.

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Afsar's Profile Image

Reviewed by Afsar

Apr 16th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

WORST Bank Ever

Since BB&T tookover my account from Citi on 20Mar I have so much problem with them that I have decided to move somewhere else.

While taking over they assured that my account will remain same as citi account. But it did not - first, they started treating me like a new client, years of relationship with citi and me did not matter to them. They even put 5 business days hold on check deposit before releasing money to my account because I am new customer to them. I ordered checks which is supposed to arrive within 7-10 business days. Its been 20days - no checks yet. Because I do not have checks now, went to branch to get a cashier's check and they wanted to charge me $10 for it when citi did not charge me anything. When I reminded them that they told me everything should remain as my citi account - their response was - they are not citi and just because citi was giving so much they could not continue business here. When I called customer service today to find out about my checks, 3 times agents disconnected line. First of all it takes about 8 minutes to get some one on the line, then after explainging reason for my call lines were dropped. Finally an agent did not disconnect line when I complaint about previous agents but her tone changed from polite to rude after I sounded upset about check being not delivered as promised - 7-10days. She started to argue its 2 weeks deliver time not 7-10days when all other agents said its 7-10day, even branch agent said same.

I am so upset - I am going to move my account to some other bank at my first oppertunity.

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