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BB&T Customer Review

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Sucksbbt's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Sucksbbt

May 17th 2012

The Worst Banking, Even The Devil Himself Wouldn't Bank Here.

They will literally steal money out from under you. It makes me sick knowing that a company will rip you so hard. They also do not protect your privacy, every time i have ever called they don't even verify my name. What if someone stole my phone and wanted all my stuff. They do not care about customers. I know reviews are subject to experience, and opinion i am not even mad i am just warning you. If you want your money safe, and your information please stay away.

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Other BB&T Reviews

jlong0590's Profile Image

Reviewed by jlong0590

Dec 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Old Custumer But No Longer

I have been banking with BB&T for over 4 years. I have never had checks, just a debit card. I went to buy something the other day for Christmas to find out that I had no money in my account. I could not believe it, I looked into it and I had overdrawn by $107.00. I could not believe it, then I remember that my sister had made a deposit the other day without my permission and the person at the branch had given her my deposit slip with my account numbers printed on the bottom. When I called about the overdraws they told me I used my account number to make the payment. I don't know my own account number unless I looked it up how can I make it. Now I have to pay off the all the charges before I can close the account. I hate that this happened and they need to make sure that they give my information to right people. I never got a call about the deposit. I don't give my sister any of my information or anything. I hate how this was all handled and I think that they should have done more to make it right.

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Toytime's Profile Image

Reviewed by Toytime

Nov 20th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Better Off With Any Other Bank

I've been with bbt since 2011 and this is definitely the end of our relationship. If i make a purchase i'd expect it to come out of the account in the order of which i have used my debit card. This is not the case with bbt. I went to the branch to discuss why i was charged 108. 00 in overdraft fees and was explained that the three items for 30. 00 came out of my account when there were no funds. The purchases were on a 15th, i explained to them that at the time i did have funds i use a check registry to keep my balance updated. They informed me that i had an insurance draft that was taken out of my account which occurred on the 17th. I asked why wasn't the overdraft for the one insurance draft instead of three charges that happened 2 days prior.

The only explanation given was that the pending charges come out first, and that i should be more aware of my account standings. What is the point of using an account register if i can take what u want when u want and charge me the fees. By the way when i asked to have two of the fees waived to just pay one i was advised that they can't do waivers but once every 24 months and whether u get one is based on relationship as well as balances maintained. They are not in the business of providing financial success for their patrons.

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