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BB&T Customer Review

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vining's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by vining

Jan 16th 2013

horrible bank, fees fees fees

I had bank atlantic. they were awesome in south florida....they let themselves get bought out by bb&t....where do i start...they don't have deposit slips out, you have to wait in line , then they only give you one. If you ask for more than one, they tell you to order them...really? then, the atm at the bank close to my house never works right, so then I have to drive to another branch. next, what is up with pending and posted withdrawl...if i use my check card, it is out of my balance...no they have it sitting there waiting to post. that is not the point of a check card. next if you pay a bill online, it takes days to come out of the account...why? so it can sit there so they can make more money on your money. If i pay a bill, take it out! also, even if you deposit cash at the atm..it does not post, they only let a certain amount post. this bank is just as bad as bank of america. I am so sad Bank Atlantic let themselves get bought out by this crappy bank. now to find another bank...not sure where to go to next

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tJones82's Profile Image

Reviewed by tJones82

Aug 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever!!!! Highly Upset

I made a deposit at the bank for 5,762.00 on Aug 14...the bank is currently holding my check until the 23rd of August. So since last Wednesday I haven't done any transactions on my account and it's currently -764.62!!! How in the heck is this possible?! I called the customer service # and the branch manager and there telling me it's nothing they can do. But when the hold is taken off the 764.62 will come out of it...plus I'll be charged $36 for over on my gym membership and mortgage that has to come out this week. Are You Serious? I've had enough of this bank and I'm taking action because that's ridiculous!

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slimgirlz38's Profile Image

Reviewed by slimgirlz38

Aug 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

the very worst bank ever.

i had a money account ,and my debit card had expired,so i requested a new one.once it was mailed out,it was lost in the mail.so i called to inform them that i had'nt gotten the card so they placed it as lost.try to go to the bank on the following friday to get cash out of my account,where i was than told that i could not due to the fact the new card had been lost in the mail.and i had to wait 30 days to order a new one,and to get fund out of my account.the most rediculous thing i ever heard since my account is still open,i just dont have a debit card.im with the other people up here take your money and run fast.do not become a victim of this bank,you have been warned.

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