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BB&T Customer Review

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cea1922's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by cea1922

May 2nd 2012

terrible for the past three years.

BB&T bought out the bank i had my account with, so i just left my account open. at first, everything was fine, all problems solved quickly and politely. then, starting in 2010, i started getting overdraft fees on my account. after waiting 45 minutes to see someone, it was discovered that a business elsewhere was processing their checks through my account. the explaination "data entry operator must have miskeyed" okay, that was fixed. then i got a notice through the mail that the first $100 of deposit available immediately. again, overdraft fees. the explaination "we never got that notice" and i was told "dont spend money you dont have" excuse me!!!!!! and i do have a witness to that little episode. now, i have been told that since i dont keep a minimum balance of $1500 in my account, and i dont have direct deposit i am being charged &10 a month maintenance fee. ( this is one notice i did NOT get in the mail!) also, there is a mysterious $4.oo a month service charge on my account that absolutely no one seems to know anything about! when i called the west virginia attorney generals office they informed my that since the headquarters for BB&T was in north carolina, this state could do nothing about it. they are sending me a complaint form, but i know it is useless. is BB&T trying to run all the small accounts out of their bank? how many people in this day and age can keep a minimum of $1500 in their checking account? if they want only to deal with corporate accounts and millionaires, why offer personal checking accounts at all? well, i guess that maintenance fee adds up to quite a chunk of money, and those overdrafts can pay quite a few salaries. i am ready to go back to cash and money orders!

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Other BB&T Reviews

anonymous101's Profile Image

Reviewed by anonymous101

Aug 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

They are thieves. Plain and simple.

I enrolled in the overdraft protection and a utility bill came out 4 days before its typical date which would overdrafted my account. BB&T not only ignored my overdraft protection, they said they would not reverse and proceeded to charge 3 more overdraft fees of 36 dollars a piece for items ranging from 2 dollars-5 dollars. I really don't understand how a bank is being allowed to make HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS by out right stealing from their clients. (former, if they ever allow me to close the account)

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tvlyonhouck's Profile Image

Reviewed by tvlyonhouck

Aug 25th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

So far great bank!

They bent over backwards to refi my house. Gave me a great deal. No one else would touch me. The personnel in this little branch are always very helpful. Haven't had any problems at all.

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