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The Most Helpful BBVA Compass Bank Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Miika Jun 9, 2015

Crowley Branch Location

The employees of this location are some of the most friendliest and helpful and accommodating people I have ever met at any bank branch. They are very knowledgeable of their services and are always presenting them. Even if one doesn't need the service, it doesn't hurt to know of it because one may be able to share that the bank provides such services with friends who may need that service. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful always. The music, if any, is not loud and intrusive and does not inhibit one's thoughts as in some bank locations. The wait time is not noticeable because there is barely any, if any at all. One is in and out of this location even at Christmas time which is one of the busiest times of any season. They are highly efficient in their job performance and take customer service seriously. I always enjoy going into this location. The treat you like family by talking to you while performing whatever service that you need. The employees are to be commended for being people oriented. BBVA Compass Bank has chosen its employees well for this location and its business.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Jackhecker Apr 10, 2014

Extremely bad. Took over $78.00 from my account that was inactive for 2 weeks!

First time I found out about the "service charge" was when my account was dormant for 2 weeks. Next thing I new was a debt collector wanted $276.00. When I went to Weatherford branch and discussed with the managers assistant, I found out that they used an overdraw rule on my account that was dormant which bumped the $ balance of my account from +$44 down to a negative -$276.00. What a sorry bank. You would be better off trusting your money in a tin can. Be forewarned this is a vicious money grabbing bank that isn't worth it.

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Latest BBVA Compass Bank Reviews

  • L
    Reviewed By LWilliams Feb 22, 2016

    Not bad

    I had a decent experience here. I had an appointment to open a business account with an account manager and when I showed up he had already left before our appointment. Kevin Cho was the Financial Sales Advisor who I ended up speaking to about opening a business account for my Tax prep business. His customer services was efficient and he was very helpful. I opened the account here because of Kevin Cho. Thanks

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  • P
    Reviewed By Pcook Jan 8, 2016

    Take your Hoola Hoop

    I've not received such poor service in a long time. When I opened the CD, they were very willing to take my money. When it came time to close the account, the banker made me "jump thru hoops", -- thus my comment "Take your Hoola Hoop". I had all the necessary documents with me, but when I asked to close the account, the banker told me he would have to contact their legal department, and he'd get back in touch with me. I asked how long it would take to get an answer, and was told "usually only one or two days". That was such a joke for such a simple, and routine situation.

    In the meantime, I drove to another bank in town to close an account there. They took copies of the death certificate, and the letter appointing me personal representative. I had a check in my hands within 5 minutes. They are true professionals.

    I'm not sure if the banker at Compass is only a "junior banker", or if he is not allowed to make any simple decisions, or he is not allowed to make a quick phone call to his legal department. No matter what the reason, I did not receive professional treatment like I receive at other banks in Ft. Collins, CO.

    My advice to anyone reading this -- TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!

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  • T
    Reviewed By tblack4ever Dec 28, 2015

    Customer service is not their strong suite

    When I recently tried to open a checking account at this location I was astounded by the lack of professionalism by the bank manager. When I presented my payroll check to open my account, the manager wanted to put a full 7 day hold on my check. He refused to offer any other solution; in today's banking where a check clears the bank electronically in moments. He didn't offer to check on the issuing bank, or give me partial access to my money. He was also making a lot of unacceptable jokes about the situation and how foolish I was to think I could, and should be able to access my funds within a more reasonable time frame. I have never been so turned off by a business professional. I walked out and took my money with me. This is NOT full service banking in my opinion.

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  • K
    Reviewed By kellynaples Nov 3, 2015


    I had identity theft and someone stole my social security number and opened an account at this bank. The bank was NOT helpful, would not provide me with any information, etc. Now three weeks later (After I reported the fraud) they still are changing my address on the account and they will not provide me with any information. I definitely would not use this bank for anything. Plus I have emailed the fraud department at the bank and have asked for a supervisor to call me to talk to them about the problems and I have not heard from them.

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  • R
    Reviewed By russellg Nov 3, 2015

    they will rip you off

    I had a CD with them, when it came due I was out of state. When I got back to check it had rolled over into another CD it paid about what a saving account would pay (I was 2 weeks late in getting it out). They had CD that were paying about what I was getting. If I was to withdraw the CD the penalty was 1000 times the interest I had received and than some. (That is more than the CD would ever generate) Loan sharks would not charge those kind of fees. My only recourse now is to wait for maturity and write bad reviews.

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  • A
    Reviewed By apeng228 Oct 21, 2015

    The Worst And the Most Unprofessional

    by Andy P. on 10/21/2015
    The worst and most unprofessional ! buyer of my house used this home loan service. This lender postponed closing date 4 times. As a result, I lost my Earnest Money of $9000 on the house I was trying to buy

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  • D
    Reviewed By ddd6969 Oct 9, 2015

    On-line banking

    Totally disgusted with online banking, setup a transfer to another bank and found out that a week later that they had done nothing to transfer the funds. I made two calls to customer service, in the first one they verified both the account and routing number, in the second call they verified the account number and said they didn't have access to the routing number. Their online facility for entering account & routing numbers is the worst I've ever seen, they use the same type of security you usually see when you enter a password (enter character, it flashes then is replaced by a '*') so you never get a chance to verify the numbers after you put them in. Finally I was so disgusted that I went in got a cashiers check and deposited online at my other bank. I've decided never to deposit any amounts that I will eventually transfer to the other bank, I'll deposit them in the other bank and if necessary transfer them to compass bank. One last note, the people at the local bank are the most friendly and helpful that I've encountered at any bank in a long, long time.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mpastrano Sep 30, 2015


    This is going to be a hard bank to deal with. Have a brand new car loan with this bank. Today my phone has been on blast, so I called to see what they wanted and to my surprise they are calling on a payment that was due yesterday with grace period until the 7th of month. Explained to representative it technically is not late and respose is, that it accures interest on each day not made on time.....REALLY! will make every effort to change banks. Going to be a hard bank to deal with I can tell. Sorry to have done business with them

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  • J
    Reviewed By jca Sep 21, 2015

    Compass Bank is the worst bank ever!!

    1) I've been a customer for years and needed a notary. When I arrived at the branch they said they did not have any because they were waiting for the new stamps. Really?? Did somebody forget to order new ones before they expired. 2) Called to dispute a charge on my debit card which they processed. I then get a letter saying they need to cancel the card and I have to wait 2 weeks to get a new one. I said I needed it sooner but it would be $50 extra for faster processing. Really??? It was their policy that the card has to cancelled so why are they charging me. Don't use this bank. I've been using Wells Fargo which is 10 times better.

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  • L
    Reviewed By lizbaby75tn Sep 3, 2015

    Late charges

    This bank is horrible. I send a payment out on the 3rd from New York and still is late if it's due on the 7th? They are a rip off. I will never bank with them or ever get a loan from them. They should be shut down

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