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BBVA Compass Bank Latest Customer Reviews

Drivenj26's Profile Image

Reviewed by Drivenj26

Apr 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I will never again do business with BBVA Compass bank. Since I took this car loan out in December of 2012 I have had nothing but issues with paying off this loan. I plan on refinancing with another bank as soon as possible. Every month I call is there is something wrong with my account. They either charge me late fees when my payment isn't late, say I am months behind when I have paid on time every month, say I have already been paid months ahead when I haven't, the list goes on and on. There are multiple different departments handling multiple different responsibilities. You can't just call one customer service number to have you name change, make a payment, or ask for pay off. You have to be transferred each time and each time you are transferred you are transferred to an employee that seems to know less and less about what they are doing.I thought I finally had someone straighten out this loan last month come to find out this month it was not. Every month I am given different information as to what is owed and what needs to be paid when. Heaven forbid you transfer insurance companies in the middle of the loan or you will be charged for their insurance and getting someone who knows what they are doing to add the correct insurance is impossible as well. Getting to speak to a manager is also impossible and I have been told many times "they will call you back" and never receive a phone call. Their customer service department is unprofessional and not knowledgeable at all and dealing with them month after month is nothing but a headache. I would just go to the bank every month, but the closest one is 300 miles away. BUYER BEWARE. Even if they have a low interest rate, this bank is not worth the headache and hour + time on the phone every month dealing with. By far the most horrible loan/banking experience I have ever dealt with.

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cynthiasmith723gma's Profile Image

Reviewed by cynthiasmith723gma

Apr 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

not good

My daugther got scammed by a so Company names Underwild..They contacted by Email & Yahoo messenger...She lost her job the end of March...This company claimed to be some kind of Soft ware/Design Co...They ordered her some software but sent her a hefty check amount..She deposited the funds in her checking acct...The company instructed her to under $2100.00 of it what they sent and deposit into another Bank acct they had set up in the area she lives in...she was allowed to do this 2 days after the deposit at COmpass..She was allowed to withdraw cash...On the next day she pulled up her acct and there was no more funds at all in her acct...What personal money she had Compass also froze...What the hell are they doing letting her withdraw funds after only 2 days....Now they holding her Liable for the check being fraudulent and are expecting her to pay it all back...BS..She doesn' t have it and she didn't write the check...Compass told her there was nothing they can do for her and told her to contact the police....She has filed a police report...She is ruined with this bank...My ?? is why don't they go after the people who sent the check and deal with the Bank she was told to go deposit the other funds in...This is Ludicrous! The bank needs to work with the local authorities and the FTC on it...I am disgusted with Compass and telling her she is liable for this

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Beast48's Profile Image

Reviewed by Beast48

Apr 7th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Can't believe their online connection to Quicken has been down for 3 days

I bank at Compass but use Quicken to manage my total financial condition. It is Monday morning and I have not been able to download from Compass since Thursday evening. There was no weekend source that could help. I can't believe that a known customer service issue has existed through a full weekend. When I spoke with someone Monday morning, she said that it was a "known issue and someone was working on it."

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MyBVAA's Profile Image

Reviewed by MyBVAA

Apr 4th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great bank. Never have to wait.

I feel like this is my own personal bank with customer service that is exceptional. They helped me with refinancing my house and walked me through the process and made it very easy. They also gave me a great rate and closing fees were lower than other places I researched. I also took advantage of their investment services and had a one on one session with one of the VP's. Compared to the other large bank that I use Compass offers superior service.

They are also giving me better rates through incentive programs, of course I have a large sum of money in their bank.

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justified's Profile Image

Reviewed by justified

Mar 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This bank will cause you to go broke with their fee's

Every time you speak to a customer service rep their story or rules change. They will charge you a $35.00 fee even if their are funds available. They put your funds on hold, then return a check or charge and and take that fee out first so when the check or charge does go through again their really isn't enough balance to cover said charge, then guess what? More fee's!!! These people lie through their teeth.. They are discriminatory towards people who don't have large daily balances. They prey on people who live paycheck to paycheck. Even ones like myself who have been with the same branch forever and who have automatic deposit each week. Then belittle you as you try to determine the cause of why they charged you in the first place. I can't say enough negative things about this bank. I'm trying to save to pay off my OD account to get out of there. DON'T BANK WITH THIS BANK IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THE MONEY YOU EARN. OTHERWISE THEY WILL STEAL IT FROM YOU AT THEIR "SOLE DIGRESSION" THEY MAKE ME SICK (LITERATELY)

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