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BBVA Compass Bank Latest Customer Reviews

RPINC's Profile Image

Reviewed by RPINC

Jun 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Discourteous and arrogant manager and staff at Compass Bank

I have had a corporate checking account at this bank for decades but quit using once I moved overseas several years ago. It was always fee-free and I used it through many years and ran several millions of dollars through it in the course of my business. I left several hundred dollars in the account. I used Bank of America while traveling abroad because people recognize that name, whereas a lower-tier bank such as Compass possesses zero gravitas or recognition.

I recently returned from overseas and found I had fallen victim to this bank's predatory practices of changing my account terms, deducting several monthly fees and continuing to charge these fees against my account even after they had reduced my balance well below zero. I went into the branch to get an explanation and was treated with such disdain and told they had no choice to put a damaging entry on my credit report unless I paid them nearly $50 on the spot.

I told them they should be ashamed and said I didn't want to pay them a fine for stealing my money. The manager, whom Compass forbids me to name in this review (very large person at the 34th St. branch in Gainesville, FL) said she had no power to waive the fees and close the account at zero. She said I would have to call the corporate office.

So I asked to use a phone. She took me to the lobby next to the front door and said I would have to use the phone there. I asked to use a phone where I could sit down, with privacy, and she refused. No chair and told me to not speak loudly on the phone or I would be forcibly removed from the bank! Swear to god.

When I finally spoke to someone at corporate customer service, they said the branch mgr certainly did have the power to reduce and waive fees and actually was the only person to do it. They said they would call her immediately.

After standing and waiting a long period, the mgr came out and said she would magically waive the fees, close the account, and I was "Never welcome to ever bank with them again!"

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tksherman's Profile Image

Reviewed by tksherman

May 29th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worse Bank In My Area

The worse feeling I have ever felt as a customer and as an American with disability was on 4/7/14. They discriminated and refuse me service. At Arlington Texas 76017 Branch off South Cooper Street. After learning I was approved for NBA Checking Account through BBVA online banking, [Redacted] still refuse to service me and informed to call tele-check. So I filed a complaint with BBVACompass, and the response was that they didn't service me because they said I appeared to be anxious and in a hurry to complete the account opening process and that I didn't provided them with my identification and that I later informed her I had bank of America account. But the same service they refuse me and discriminated against me.

I go to another branch, same bank/institution, located in Mansfield TX. There, my account has been successfully open by a Senior Sales Financial Advisor on 4/7/14. I am under a doctor care. I did provide them with my identification, and if I hadn't given them my identification why is she speaking about an existing account if they couldn't identify me why did she provide me with a tele-check form? Also how come another branch of the same bank/institution successfully opened and completed my account. After my account was successfully open.

I went back to South Cooper Branch to speak with the Branch Manager [Redacted] to inform her how I was treated and refuse service from her employee [Redacted]. Before I can speak to [Redacted], the Branch Manager at South Cooper stated [Redacted] already told her that I was a CODE 4. This after the Mansfield TX branch successfully opened my account that I was approved for through BBVACompass online banking. With that being said, I see exactly why [Redacted] discriminated against me and refuse me service because look at the response her Branch Manager [Redacted]. I find it very offensive that [Redacted] and BBVACompass is trying to protect [Redacted] by blaming the victim -- me!

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debikk's Profile Image

Reviewed by debikk

May 8th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worthless Bank

Went to deposit cash in the ATM after hours. The atm would not allow me to do so. it was grayed out. I called customer service to find the next closest bank as I don't have internet/data on my phone. I waited for 10 mins in the parking lot, then began to drive. Went to fast food. Finally after being on hold for 35 minutes (I took a screen shot with phone), I was so mad. I couldn't deposit my money as I did not know where another branch was. I finally hung up at 35 minutes and was so mad.

When I got home I logged into my account and wrote customer service a complaint. I get a response back saying - please log into your account next time and we can get more account specific information! They also tell me that at times they do exceed call times at the busy hours. I am 55 and honestly, I have never had to wait maybe more than 20 minutes. And for them to not have a system to tell me how many calls are a head of me with wait times like this is not acceptable. Then they tell me to contact the bank to find out why I couldn't make a deposit. Do I look like I am paid by Compass - really! They also told me to log in to their website to find the closest location. I didn't have internet access so this was impossible, that is why I called them. Are you kidding. Excuse after excuse. This is not my first instance with stupid issues with this bank. I am moving elsewhere. It isn't worth the time and aggravation.

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imagrandpa's Profile Image

Reviewed by imagrandpa

May 6th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Sick and tired of stupid policies

I have had an account with Compass BBVA for over twenty years -- previously with Guaranty Fed. There have been numerous problems over the years. Many, even a clerk/teller once depositing an amount less than the cash given him (when deposit ticket provided). It is very important when making a deposit that a person receive the deposit ticket with the amount that is being deposited! What was actually going on there?

Now, my biggest gripe and what has triggered this review. I have transferred bank to bank several times over the past couple years. Last week, I set up my account (checking) to allow a transfer to an outside account (different bank). The small deposits to the outside account worked fine and I thought all was fine. When selecting the from/to accounts, and then entering the amount $5,000 - it would not work. Message said something about fraud detection or something to that effect. I called their 800 number, and the procedure only worked when using $2000. At least, it appeared to work.

There was no "pending transaction" showing up at all. I called and the representative said it was "on hold" and that he would release it the next business day. It wasn't released I called the next day and got it released. Now, I am told that I am limited to a $2000 limit when doing a bank to bank transfer. I have a substantial amount of money in this bank.

I am seriously considering moving my accounts to another banks. Post haste!

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Drivenj26's Profile Image

Reviewed by Drivenj26

Apr 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Never Again

I will never again do business with BBVA Compass bank. Since I took this car loan out in December of 2012 I have had nothing but issues with paying off this loan. I plan on refinancing with another bank as soon as possible. Every month I call is there is something wrong with my account. They either charge me late fees when my payment isn't late, say I am months behind when I have paid on time every month, say I have already been paid months ahead when I haven't, the list goes on and on.

There are multiple different departments handling multiple different responsibilities. You can't just call one customer service number to have you name change, make a payment, or ask for pay off. You have to be transferred each time and each time you are transferred you are transferred to an employee that seems to know less and less about what they are doing.I thought I finally had someone straighten out this loan last month come to find out this month it was not. Every month I am given different information as to what is owed and what needs to be paid when. Heaven forbid you transfer insurance companies in the middle of the loan or you will be charged for their insurance and getting someone who knows what they are doing to add the correct insurance is impossible as well.

Getting to speak to a manager is also impossible and I have been told many times "they will call you back" and never receive a phone call. Their customer service department is unprofessional and not knowledgeable at all and dealing with them month after month is nothing but a headache. I would just go to the bank every month, but the closest one is 300 miles away. Buyer beware. Even if they have a low interest rate, this bank is not worth the headache and hour time on the phone every month dealing with. By far the most horrible loan/banking experience I have ever dealt with.

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cynthiasmith723gma's Profile Image

Reviewed by cynthiasmith723gma

Apr 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

not good

My daughter got scammed by a so Company names Underwild. They contacted by Email & Yahoo messenger. She lost her job the end of March. This company claimed to be some kind of Software/Design Co. They ordered her some software but sent her a hefty check amount. She deposited the funds in her checking account. The company instructed her to under $2100.00 of it what they sent and deposit into another Bank account they had set up in the area she lives in. She was allowed to do this 2 days after the deposit at Compass. She was allowed to withdraw cash. On the next day she pulled up her acct and there was no more funds at all in her account. What personal money she had Compass also froze. What the hell are they doing letting her withdraw funds after only 2 days.

Now they holding her Liable for the check being fraudulent and are expecting her to pay it all back. BS. She doesn' t have it and she didn't write the check. Compass told her there was nothing they can do for her and told her to contact the police. She has filed a police report. She is ruined with this bank. My question is why don't they go after the people who sent the check and deal with the Bank she was told to go deposit the other funds in. This is Ludicrous! The bank needs to work with the local authorities and the FTC on it. I am disgusted with Compass and telling her she is liable for this.

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Beast48's Profile Image

Reviewed by Beast48

Apr 7th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Can't believe their online connection to Quicken has been down for 3 days.

I bank at Compass but use Quicken to manage my total financial condition. It is Monday morning and I have not been able to download from Compass since Thursday evening. There was no weekend source that could help. I can't believe that a known customer service issue has existed through a full weekend. When I spoke with someone Monday morning, she said that it was a "known issue and someone was working on it."

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MyBVAA's Profile Image

Reviewed by MyBVAA

Apr 4th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great bank. Never have to wait.

I feel like this is my own personal bank with customer service that is exceptional. They helped me with refinancing my house and walked me through the process and made it very easy. They also gave me a great rate and closing fees were lower than other places I researched. I also took advantage of their investment services and had a one on one session with one of the VP's. Compared to the other large bank that I use Compass offers superior service.

They are also giving me better rates through incentive programs, of course I have a large sum of money in their bank.

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MarinaO's Profile Image

Reviewed by MarinaO

Apr 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Banking service beyond exceptional!

The best banking experience you will ever receive right in the heart of Stockton - the miracle mile.

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justified's Profile Image

Reviewed by justified

Mar 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This bank will cause you to go broke with their fees

Every time you speak to a customer service representative, their story or rules change. They will charge you a $35.00 fee even if their are funds available. They put your funds on hold, then return a check or charge and and take that fee out first so when the check or charge does go through again their really isn't enough balance to cover said charge, then guess what? More fees!

These people lie through their teeth. They are discriminatory towards people who don't have large daily balances. They prey on people who live paycheck to paycheck. Even ones like myself who have been with the same branch forever and who have automatic deposit each week. Then belittle you as you try to determine the cause of why they charged you in the first place. I can't say enough negative things about this bank. I'm trying to save to pay off my OD account to get out of there.

Don't bank with this bank if you want to keep the money you earn. Otherwise they will steal it from you at their "sole discretion." They make me sick (literally).

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al13's Profile Image

Reviewed by al13

Mar 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

medical special mortgage plan

it is the worse experinace ever, shopping for special medical mortgages offers online in Arizona,and he found a special offer from the BBVA compass bank, so i ahve called Paul from the Az branch and afet talking to him for 30 minutes, he provided me with great APR and that they like doctors and wish to have thier bussiness, and that nothing will prevent me from having the mortgage for my house.

after applying online,and filling the application, I get a call from him with higher APR and that i don't qualify because of changing the job after 6 months, even that i have already told him that before, and his explanation was only that mistakes happens,and he is the mortgage officer VP for the area,if I do similar mistake in my work, it will result in license suspension,this only tell me how ignorant the people are actually in financing business.

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GregHinojosa's Profile Image

Reviewed by GregHinojosa

Mar 11th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

9 year customer turned mortal enemy in 5 days

I can't remember feeling less respected as customer than my experience with BBVA Compass Online Banking. I've written several reviews and all of them pale in comparison to what I have experienced with them. I have been a customer for 9 years and that ended on 3/10/14.

It all started with a "Bill Error" message when trying to pay a bill that was due on 3/7/14. I contacted BBVA at their customer service number. I spoke with Domanik Duran at the San Antonio Operations Center. She had me try a different internet browser and then she wanted me to take a picture of my screen and email it to her. I did all of this.

I received no message about what was going to happen, so I called on 3/7/14. I spoke to Ray and then to his supervisor, Mary Lou. Mary Lou assured me that the issue would be solved by the end of business that day. She assured me that my payment would not be received late. She also said that she would forward my information to Fermin Benitez, a Regional Director. I did not receive a call by the end of business that day.

I called them again around 8pm MST. I spoke to Alex Ortega at the Pharr, TX branch. He was even less helpful than the others. He also notified me that there was not one note about any of my previous issues or calls.

I finally call again on 3/11/14 to cancel a error payment that was processed by the website incorrectly. I spoke to David Pena, in Pharr, TX. After raising his voice, and telling me that he wanted to charge me 32 dollars to stop payment on the check that BBVA sent incorrectly, I told him that I would be finding a new bank. Actually, I already opened an account yesterday with Chase Bank. What a disaster. 9 years later and in just a few days, they absolutely turned a dedicated customer into a former customer.

On 3/12/14, I received a call from a supervisor named Ramiro from the Pharr, TX branch. He was very pleasant and offered his sincere apologies. Fermin Benitez was pleasant as well and credited my account. Thanks.

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nmvince42's Profile Image

Reviewed by nmvince42

Mar 4th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great personal service. Folks know my name

Have always been met with smiles and professionalism. On-line banking is a great plus. Employees go out of their way to make sure you feel special.

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lungdoc's Profile Image

Reviewed by lungdoc

Mar 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

horrible bank

refused payment on an on line payment when there were adequate funds for the payment ruining my credit rating and nmy relationship with the creditor adios compass and good bye to twenty plus years of at least two million dollars of annual deposits

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Cassie's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cassie

Feb 28th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Excellent Service, Friendly!!! Suprised with Rating?

I am shocked to see the low rating. I love this bank, and employees! They have always gone out of their way to help me throughout my many years. They are so friendly, always smiling. They are always quick, while still friendly. I even pulled up a little late doors where getting ready to be locked, rushing straight from work, and he unlocked the door and let me make my transaction. I was so appreciative...The thought of ever going to another bank, gives me anxiety.

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kmarie's Profile Image

Reviewed by kmarie

Feb 26th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I've been banking with this branch for 3 years now. Overall - very good service.

I was so pleased with the teller response time and knowledge that I used this bank to refinance my mortgage. Kudo's all around.

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DebraCarver's Profile Image

Reviewed by DebraCarver

Feb 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Customer Service

Opened a new savings checking account along with account I already had. Which I was not told that it would complete change the look of my online banking and bill pay. When I went to the branch I opened to complain that I did not know how to look at my account or my bill pay. This caused me a nightmare of late bills and bank fees. The branch where I opened the new account were uncaring and the home branch I used was rude and unhelpful. If I ever get this straight will close my accounts and find another bank that knows the true meaning of customer service.

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JonB's Profile Image

Reviewed by JonB

Feb 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The worst customer service and tech support on the planet.

I have worked with many banks in my 35 years in business and have never had a bank experience as bad as with BBVA Compass. I cannot get the tech department to give me access to my accounts online except for a checking account that has been closed out. Loans and credit cards seem to be impossible to track online. Stay away from BBVA Compass Bank!

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skylimodfw's Profile Image

Reviewed by skylimodfw

Feb 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Most unprofessional financial institution I've ever encountered

Went upstairs to some offices above where the lobby is because i had an appointment to see a loan specialist. He wasn't upstairs but some incoherent prick was. As soon as i got upstairs he looks at me and says "what am i doing here and what i wanted". Taken back a little I told him I was here to see someone and I had an appointment. He goes to his office calls the individual and comes right back says he can't get a hold of him. He then repeats " what are you doing here and what do you want". I look at him for a good minute because I'm asking myself really. He then says it to me louder and more like some want to be cop. I tell him to go to his office and not to worry about it. Well that did it he starts jumping up and down threatening to call security. I stand up and tell him F@*k you. And as much as I wanted to do something I walked out and closed my account. Went to chase and took my business account to them. Good job compass on hiring people who have no customer service skills. I found out later from the individual who i had an appointment with was that the guy who was asking me what i was doing there and what i wanted was the regional manager. No class

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kwhess2000's Profile Image

Reviewed by kwhess2000

Jan 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

By far the worst experience ever with any bank. Will NEVER do business with them again.

I originally attempted to refinance our home with BBVA Compass. During those discussions, I was originally mislead by my loan officer that my new home equity line of credit could later be refinanced with my primary mortgage. After the pool project was complete, I called back and asked to proceed with the refinance. At that time, the communication stopped. I was even escalated to the VP and he even lied repeatedly and quit responding. After many months of attempting to straighten this debacle out, he finally told me it was not legal in Texas to do this. Because of that I requested a refund on the appraisal as I was going to seek other options on the refinance. After many more months of phone calls and emails dating back to Sept of 2013, still no refund.

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dateel's Profile Image

Reviewed by dateel

Jan 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Appalling! Disgusting!

My parents were customers for 25+ years (even prior to Compass Bank). When my father died in October 2013, my Mother, brother and I went to the bank to close their accounts. My Mother is 87 years old and legally blind. We closed the accounts and apparently, my Mother forgot and wrote a $40.00 check on the closed account. She has been in the hospital since December 12th and has had to have her leg amputated.

I called BBVA today and asked that the OD charges be waived given the fact that my Mother has been in the hospital. He would not and recommended I call the 800 customer service number. I did call them but because my name is not on either accounts, they couldn't talk with me. Therefore, I called the Clear Lake bank again and spoke with another employee, who knew my father for many years. I asked her to consider waiving the OD charges given the circumstances and she said she could only waive one courtesy charge.

Frankly, I am astonished that after so many years of banking with BBVA and given the circumstances of my elderly parent's death and hospitalization that they would not be a little more understanding and humane. But I guess it goes to show that this is how BBVA Compass treats its loyal customers! I am glad I don't bank with BBVA and I will certainly share my story with many others!

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Superkick03's Profile Image

Reviewed by Superkick03

Jan 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Customer service inhospitable, unorganized, and slow.

Every experience with the company is unorganized and reactive for when there is an error rather then active to prevent errors. I have had several banking experiences and this one has been by far the worst. No one on the phone is friendly knowledgeable or helpful so far. When they make a mistake the customer pays for it. When errors are found they are not dealt with until charges occur then the customer is expected to pay. Communication amongst different areas of bank is slow and unorganized. Only use this bank if you absolutely have to get your loan anywhere else if you can.

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rb2222's Profile Image

Reviewed by rb2222

Jan 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

$14.95 just to make an atm withdraw

Compass bank is evidently run by crooked libs now days and only a good place to get your money stolen and nothing more

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r7russ's Profile Image

Reviewed by r7russ

Jan 4th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Usually very good but they have one infuriating anti-customer habit.

My experiences at the branch have nearly always been very good except for this: the tellers serving customers inside the bank are the same who tend the drive-up window. Yesterday there was *one* teller on duty--I and several others inside patiently waited while she helped another inside customer with a lengthy transaction. It was a *very long* wait--10 to 15 minutes, after which another customer appeared at the drive-up window.

At that moment a 2nd teller came on duty and went straight to the drive-up customer who'd been there less than a minute! It was a bloody outrage to those of us who'd stood in line waiting our turn all that time.

When I protested, the 2nd teller explained that she'd have to open up another inside station to serve more inside customers. I replied that that was an internal management issue that the bank needs to solve instead of ****ing off their customers standing in line!

Very, very, VERY poor customer service in this instance!

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jdrc's Profile Image

Reviewed by jdrc

Dec 27th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

Worst bank I have ever used

Corporate Office: By far the worst bank you could possibly set up a car loan with. Uncooperative, unhelpful, and obtrusive customer service. Will not let me set up my automated car payments on a specific day. They could care less about their customers. The automated system is a joke too. Completely unhelpful.

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Brittany's Profile Image

Reviewed by Brittany

Dec 18th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

BBVA Compass is a horrible organization -- please read!

BBVA Compass is a horrible organization! I have never been so mortified by a banking experience in my life. My experience extends beyond a single branch location but shortly came to realize it was how this bank is run; the organization. I was eager to open a new account with a smaller bank. Leaving chase I thought I would try out BBVA Compass having not heard anything about this bank before. It was close to my work and provided a private banking feel of an experience. I would like to say here that I am a hardworking, career woman, and never in my life have i been so disgusted by customer service, and policy inconsistency that still this day has not been correctly explained to me.

For example I entered into a different branch (having been a customer for over a few months) however the bank I entered had not seen me before. They ended up taking a check I was simply trying to deposit and said even though my account had been open for long enough they were just going to 'hold on to it' for over 7 days just to be sure. I called other branches and asked if this was a policy across the board and they said no, that they would take my check with the normal 1-3 day hold. Not only was that experience upsetting to me but by expressing my frustration to the bank manager at the branch I was already at (BBVA Compass 7th St/Union Hills Phoenix AZ 85024) but she proceeded to kick me out of the bank, because I was frustrated and just trying to get an understanding, and banned me from banking there again! I wasent doing anything wrong; I was calm and just simply trying to get a better understanding as to why one bank is telling me one thing and their bank was telling me something different.

What bank kicks out a customer for just expressing frustration? What kind of customer service is that? I am an upstanding, hardworking citizen, and never in my life have I been kicked out of anywhere let alone the bank I was simply trying to deposit a check into. As if that wasn't bad enough I get notice the week before Christmas (this wee

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ENNY's Profile Image

Reviewed by ENNY

Dec 17th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Experience, BBVA scam customers and I will never ever recommend this bank.

I heard about this BBVA bank on the radio about the promotion of opening accounts and you receive a Samsung tablet galaxy. First the banker that open the account was not knowledgeable about the products the bank offers and she has been working as a license banker for a couple of years, all she was worried about was getting the sale. She opened the account without any explanation of the requirements needed in order to get the tablet, she then activated my online banking creating my own username and never made mention it to me and told me to call the online banking customer service to set my online banking up when i get home, which really got me upset and i never received the debit card for almost 1 month and i kept calling her but she said i will get it,only to find out she didn't have my apt number on file when i gave her all that in for when she was opening the account.

I had my direct deposit switched over, used my card 10 times and sent 3 bill pays but she never stated it ought to be 3 different companies.After i had waited for the tablet i called the branch at 3040 E Trinity Mills Rd Carrollton tx which was were i opened the account and they said i didn't meet the requirement. So i went to talk to the branch manager Kris at the time and he stated i can go ahead and send the 3rd bill pay to another company and he was going to put in a claim so i could still get it.But unfortunately after i did exactly what he had told me, i called him back so he can put in the claim but he had been transferred to another branch closer to his home so i was told by one of the employees there and i decided to speak with the new manager about the issue but he was very unhelpful, very rude, no managerial experience with the way he talked, and that he couldn't help me. And that i will not get the tablet. i then get penalized for their employees not been knowledgeable and not given customers the full important information needed when opening account.

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JCIII's Profile Image

Reviewed by JCIII

Dec 2nd 2013

2 out of 5 marks


Set up an account a few months ago.

The representative provided me a business card.

I have tried to call the number provided several times with very unusual experiences, ranging from no pick up on the line to a message that this bank center is closed (not so).

The general number does not return my call and finally I have left a message for someone that has been identified as a branch manager, but is to busy to answer my call and have left another message.

Don't bank here. They do not have time to service you. Don't believe it, walk into the center and maybe 25% of the desks have bodies.

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dluna1026's Profile Image

Reviewed by dluna1026

Dec 1st 2013

1 out of 5 marks


My parents have an account with this so called jack in the box bank. We have been trying for months to speak to someone at the branch and each time we call and even show up we are told I'm sorry so and so is not here but she will call you back. My parents invested in an IRA account and have lost a considerable amount of money and no one, and I do mean no one, has called them back to explain why. I don't understand why they ignore customers but I have come to the conclusion that they stole my parents money. My poor Mom is stressed out beyond belief I don't know what else to do. This place needs to shut down and go away! This bank sucks!

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LAShank's Profile Image

Reviewed by LAShank

Nov 5th 2013

2 out of 5 marks

maintain a checking account at this branch.

Local branch personnel are excellent, friendly and helpful and

remember me on sight. Corporate is a total opposite. Obstructive, dense, uncommunicative, horrible automated customer "service" (that's a joke). Undertake mindless software "upgrades" (another joke) by some computer geek who is so frantic about security that he blocked access to my own account transaction record for weeks and even the local bank staff could not fix the problem despite my spending hours I did not have in the bank while they were on the phone with some incompetent jerk at headquarters. Compass Bank is owned by a pack of foreigners and it shows. If I didn't like the branch staff so much I would bail

right now!

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