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BBVA Compass Bank Customer Review

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mrmcse58's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by mrmcse58

Feb 7th 2013

Colored Man Requires Urgent Help From Community. BBVA Compass Is A Very Horrible Bad Bank. I Would Not Recommend To Anyo

Bbva compass closed my account after twenty years without me able to talk to escalate it to the corperate level just because i requested several times the branch manager to stop talking to me because i did not feel very confortable with her. I know i am a colored man but i made a complaint because all i did ask the tellers to ask the branch manager stop talking to me or stop intervening but instead my account was closed. I believe there are still good white people in america that are not racist but just because i am a colored person and a minority i would had thought they would listen to me instead when i made a compliant i got an email from her manager that all communications would cease.

I had informed that in matters of days they could not had closed my bank account however i had told them i have outstanding checks and i had a mortgage with them but they refused to give me even the pay off amount but in matters of days they closed my account. I promise i did not create anything commotion but requested not her to interfear with my banking activities but she never respected my request. I know i am a colored man and trying to complaint against a non colored person but i never thought they would just close my account without hearing me out. I tried to tell them i would not talk from hear on but they never heard and i also informed them i have a business with checks outstanding to several people including the irs and and to give me a pay off to my mortgage but they never gave me anything but an email that all communications were to cease.

I also requested video cameras of my activity but they never responded to any of my concerns or requests. I would greatly appreciate from the community what to do specially i have outstanding checks and mortgage due with bbva compass not to mention i have been a client with bbva over 20 years.

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Other BBVA Compass Bank Reviews

Cheryl1962's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cheryl1962

May 21st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Worst customer service

I have had a number of issues with Compass, but I'm at my breaking point with this one. I signed on to my online account to see a POS charge that was PENDING and wiped out my account to $0. I called immediately and told them it was not me and to not let the payment go through. I was told they could not do that. I had to wait until I saw the payment went through. Then call them and tell them. THey may or may not pay my car insurance that is automatically debited from my account. And if they did pay it, I would be charged a $38.00 fee. Are you kidding me? I am a disabled widow and only receive money once a month. I now have no money for my medicine or my car insurance. JUST DO A STOP PAYMENT! And why do I have to do all of this? I'm calling to say its fraudelent. This bank is horrible.

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ukducky1's Profile Image

Reviewed by ukducky1

Jan 12th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

The two stars rating is absolute rubbish

I have been banking with BBVA ever since it was Guarantee, and the staff are always polite and very helpful. My personal banker (Derek) has been an absolute rock for me in my frequent financial quandaries, and has always gone out of his way to help me often going above and beyond. I travel all over the world, and there is never a fee to use an ATM at bank anywhere in fact I do not pay fees for anything. Every account I have is at this bank, and I would not dream of going anywhere else. Been there, and done that.

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