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BBVA Compass Bank Customer Review

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fowler42's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by fowler42

Mar 1st 2012

thieves, the harder you work the more they take from you

I had one account with compass it got raided by fraudulent activity so I closed it out and opened another account (stupid move opening another compass account) this time I decided to go with overdraft protection thinking I would be protected from the over draft fees well they only got worse. this is how compass works, they feed off of hard working people that do not have time to keep 100% of they're funds accounted for and then they leave stupid little purchases in pending and when they see your waiting on payday they run all those little $4.00 and $2.00 transactions through and charge you $38.00 each for them, see they are crooks, thieves, cheapskates, and I really can't think of anything else to call them at the moment.needless to say i'm not protected just being robbed blind.and I will show anyone my bank statement if they would like to see just how good of a bank compass is to me in just one month and I promise you will be begging to see more before you open an account there.I have been saving screen shot pics and downloads of posted and pending transactions and comparing to when my paycheck goes in so that I will have a good case with the better business bureau.

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lungdoc's Profile Image

Reviewed by lungdoc

Mar 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

horrible bank

refused payment on an on line payment when there were adequate funds for the payment ruining my credit rating and nmy relationship with the creditor adios compass and good bye to twenty plus years of at least two million dollars of annual deposits

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RPINC's Profile Image

Reviewed by RPINC

Jun 3rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Discourteous and arrogant manager and staff at Compass Bank

I have had a corporate checking account at this bank for decades but quit using once I moved overseas several years ago. It was always fee-free and I used it through many years and ran several millions of dollars through it in the course of my business. I left several hundred dollars in the account. I used Bank of America while traveling abroad because people recognize that name, whereas a lower-tier bank such as Compass possesses zero gravitas or recognition.

I recently returned from overseas and found I had fallen victim to this bank's predatory practices of changing my account terms, deducting several monthly fees and continuing to charge these fees against my account even after they had reduced my balance well below zero. I went into the branch to get an explanation and was treated with such disdain and told they had no choice to put a damaging entry on my credit report unless I paid them nearly $50 on the spot.

I told them they should be ashamed and said I didn't want to pay them a fine for stealing my money. The manager, whom Compass forbids me to name in this review (very large person at the 34th St. branch in Gainesville, FL) said she had no power to waive the fees and close the account at zero. She said I would have to call the corporate office.

So I asked to use a phone. She took me to the lobby next to the front door and said I would have to use the phone there. I asked to use a phone where I could sit down, with privacy, and she refused. No chair and told me to not speak loudly on the phone or I would be forcibly removed from the bank! Swear to god.

When I finally spoke to someone at corporate customer service, they said the branch mgr certainly did have the power to reduce and waive fees and actually was the only person to do it. They said they would call her immediately.

After standing and waiting a long period, the mgr came out and said she would magically waive the fees, close the account, and I was "Never welcome to ever bank with them again!"

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