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BMO Harris Bank Customer Review

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RoyAltis's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by RoyAltis

Jan 21st 2013

Whoever Designed The Website And Customer Service Did Not Have Customers In Mind!

From day one their website did not work correctly. I can almost forgive that because i do understand it happens. But to this day the website is extremely cumbersome, not user friendly and will not download items to quicken at all. I have never had this problem with any other bank. Their bank rates are non existent and charge you for everything. I feel sorry for the teller whom i have interacted with for over 19 years who are very apologetic and also complain about the poor website, bank charges and lack of information from above management. I need to move to a bank that has what i consider common service that is, good website, better rates and doesn't nickle and dime me to death. I will certainly miss all the people who have helped me over the years at my local bank but this is too much.

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Other BMO Harris Bank Reviews

Natcric22's Profile Image

Reviewed by Natcric22

May 28th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Worst bank ever!!!!

I had an auto loan with them for 2 years before I sold my car. I never was late on 1 payment with them! After the car was sold I called to get a zero balance letter be sent to me. So I could show I do not owe on the car anymore. I called well in advance and was told 3 different things by there "personal bankers" long story short never recieved it when they said and kept having to put my house loan off!!! Terrible customer service and you will get the run around when you call to talk to a personal banker they are not trained very well at all!!!

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Rena's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rena

May 26th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Lier, Deceiving, and Horrible Mortgage Loan Bank

Never ever go to BMO Harris Bank for a Mortgage Loan or you'll be sorry. Their Mortgage Loan Officer/Banker will lie and deceive you by having you sign their application at a higher interest rate than what he/she talked to you about and have you deposit an application fee of $495. They will order an appraisal without talking/notifying you about it. When you ask, their manager/branch manager will deny any wrong doing and they will lie that their Mortgage Loan Banker had discussed it with you already and that was why they ordered the appraisal done. You will never get your money back from them even if you complaint to a government consumer protection agency or/and the Comptroller of Currency Adm. of National Banks. They will not do anything about it either. No one will help you and be on your side unless you can afford to hire your own lawyers to sue BMO Harris Bank. This is what had happened to me.

BMO Harris Bank is the most horrible bank that I have ever known in my life. If they think that they are an international bank and they can treat their customers whatever way they want then they are mistaken. Banks like BMO Harris Bank will not last long if they have no happy customers.

I've move on to a bank that has a better mortgage interest rate, trust worthy, honest, and better customer services. I'm willing to lose $495 to BMO Harris Bank instead of staying/banking with a bank that lies. I'm not dumb enough to take their excessive high interest rate mortgage for 30 years and lose more money in interest to them.

Not everyone is as stupid as you think they are... maybe the stupid one is you greedy BMO Harris Bank!!!

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