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Bancorpsouth Bank Customer Review

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Holsapple's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Holsapple

Jan 4th 2013


I have lived in several states and have never experienced such horrible customer service! I called to get the routing number to have money wired to my account and received the wrong routing number 3 times!!! When i called back to complain, no one would take any responsibility! I was so disappointed with the quality of customer service, i closed my account! How can i get 3 different routing number from 3 people at the same bank??? And none of them work!

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JimTom's Profile Image

Reviewed by JimTom

Mar 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst customer service and on-line banking i have even seen!

Trying to get someone on the phone is almost impossible! The on-line banking seems to be down for maintanence or not working at all most times i try to log on. Very few locations that i can find. I could go on and on about the fees and other crap but i think you get the jest of it.

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DWJW's Profile Image

Reviewed by DWJW

Feb 24th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

The customer service is terrible.

When we noticed charges on our debit card we knew we did not make, we notified the bank. The woman in charge was completely uninterested in helping us, and even tried to make us feel like idiots....asking if we are sure we didn't make the charges and just "forget". Even after we informed her that we went through our records before we notified them, she basically made it seem like she didn't want to do her job. When we asked if she would cancel the card, she said we could do whatever we wanted to do, it didn't make a difference to her. Later that day we noted another charge we did not make, AFTER she was supposed to have cancelled the card. The incompetence of this branch of Bancorpsouth is unbelievable.

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