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Bank Of Internet Customer Review

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Jostheun's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Jostheun

Jan 7th 2012


I just opened an account with Bank of Internet, I like to do all my banking online, ease of use, fast and 24/7 Cust Service - you can't beat it, they don't nickle and dime, they fully disclose, always understand how banking works before you sign up and you will be fine here. They have high ratings everywhere you look, those that have made negative comments I find generally did not understand what "they" not the bank was doing.

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Sewarda's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sewarda

Sep 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Alert!!!!! They Will Hold Up Access To Your Deposited Funds!

Watch this bank, they say your deposits will post the same day, if done before a certain time, maybe this is true. They neglected to say, they are not going to give you access to your money for more than 5 working days. They started this in july 2014. I was told they sent me a notice of this. I ask for a copy of the notice, stating they had a mandatory 5 working day hold on all deposits not made in their location (including cashiers checks and money orders), from two of their call center personnel. Their reps said they had no access to it the letter. They also stated that i was emailed the notification in june of the policy change. I found no email from them in june stating this. I also received numerous excuses as to why they were doing this, and was informed that i waived my rights to having access to my money iaw the banking regulations. Watch out constant deposit problems.

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jmsman's Profile Image

Reviewed by jmsman

May 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Service and Abuse

This bank took over a mortgage I had. They have over billed, demanded impounds that don't exist, lost my insurance coverage several times and tried to bill me for more insurance. Their fax numbers don't work. They have now destroyed my credit by reporting that I was over thirty days late several times and I have never never had any late payment. They are abusive and don't even try to correct their screw-ups.

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