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Bank of America Customer Review

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hickgirl4ever's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by hickgirl4ever

Jun 14th 2012


This is the worst bank ever. For 1 i can't do any transactions in the bank or through the drive thru. I have to perform all transactions through the atm. 2 they held one of my checks for 4 days and another for 10 days! I've never had a check come back nsf, i've never had any problems with the checks i deposit and it sure as heck don't take 4 days or longer for a check to clear. They have horrible business practices and are not getting anymore business from me. I am closing my account first thing in the morning when i can finally have access to my money. Oh, and the check the amount they were holding was only $176 and some change... Really? What a crappy place. Seriously, worst bank ever. My bf has to wait in line for at least 30minutes every time he has to go in there. I'm pretty sure he's closing his account to. So they should change their name to "worst bank of america".

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astrobl510's Profile Image

Reviewed by astrobl510

Sep 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Actually No Stars -- They Are Inheritance Thieves

I have been trying for over 1 year to sort out my father's estate. I keep getting the run around from the ira, cd and estates depts at b or a. I provide them with every document they ask for to close my parent's accounts and i am still waiting for the money. In fact, i requested that my father's trust account be closed and the funds split evenly between my brother and i as set forth in the text of his trust and the family trust.

All documents were sent to the bank multiple times. David [REDACDTED], a so-called supervisor with B of A and a complete moron, had the check issued in the name of my father's trust. Now i have a worthless cashier's check drawn on b of a that no bank including b of a will cash. Effectively they have converted an account i couldn't access to into a worthless piece of toilet paper that i can not cash. I have had numerous branches and even a bmo harris banker call them for a solution and they can't come up with a simple solution for me. I am supposed to try and re-open my father's trust (he is dead and i am not him) then i am supposed to have my brother come to illinois from pennsylvania to open a family trust account at b of a so i can cash their check and distribute the funds then close the account.

Apparently my brother is supposed to travel 1000 miles at his expense because they have to see him sign the documents in person. How dysfunctional is that? According to my father's trust and the family trust the money should go directly to us but no one at the bank can read. I am fed up. No one should consider putting their money in this bank or doing any other sort of business with them. The bank sucks and is full of rude, obnoxious, incompetent thieves. My parents must be rolling in their graves knowing that the little bit of money they saved hasn't been given to their children. No wonder they are paying exorbitant fines to the gov't. Apparently they need mine family's money to come up to scratch.

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Steve_in_Portland_'s Profile Image

Reviewed by Steve_in_Portland_

Apr 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

More un-announced account fees show up - again!

About every three months, I find a new charge on my Bank of America statement an un-announced new fee, typically $25, gouged out of the balance of one of the several accounts with this organization. Nothing is explained. They just took $25 out of my account to my detriment for the benefit of the annual bonuses of the senior management . When this happens, I take the statement into the branch where the branch manager also doesn't know why it happened, reverses the charge, changes something in "the system" and promises it won't happen again. But it does. Must be tough to work for an organization that routinely makes a liar out of you to your customers. This has happened too many times. WE ARE MOVING ALL OF OUR ACCOUNTS OUT OF BANK OF AMERICA AND NEVER DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN. We recommend that EVERYONE in the United States do likewise and do so quickly.

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