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Bank of America Customer Review

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newk's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by newk

Jan 22nd 2013

Save Your Time & Money, Go To A Credit Union Or Locally Owned Bank.

Banked with them for 20 years. I never became more than an account number. They will milk you dry with fees and try their best to blow a real estate deal with unnecessary delays.

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Other Bank of America Reviews

ReadThis's Profile Image

Reviewed by ReadThis

May 1st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

DON'T BANK W/ BOA, Shocking costumer service!!

I called customer service to notify them that some places would only accept my debit card as credit not debit and many places couldn't even read my card. I couldn't even withdraw money from any of their ATMs because my new "upgraded with a chip" card could not be read.

The BOA rep. misunderstood me and abruptly corrected me with the fact that my card WAS functioning because I had made 2 recent purchases. One purchase was at the grocery store, and the other was for my cell phone service. My grocery store purchase had to be done as credit, because I couldn't use it as debit and of course I couldn't get cash back as I wanted. And my phone service is an automatic withdrawal.

After the rep declared that my debit card (which is labeled as such) is actually a credit card NOT a debit card. My husband interjected in my defense and told him not to be correcting me and to listen to what I had to say. The rep then told my husband to watch his tongue. Then he threatened that there was fraudulent activity so he was going to have to place a block on my account. I told him I give permission for my husband to speak, then I told him to let me speak to his supervisor. After having to request that a few times he finally told me I'd have to hold a while while he got his supervisor. I waited about 20 mins, then another man who didn't professionally introduce himself, got on the phone and asked what the problem was. I explained what my situation was. His response was, "Ok hold on a second." Then it sounded like he covered the phone with his hand as if he were speaking to someone else, then he hung up. I was shocked that I had just experienced this kind of service with a reputable bank and I was left with a sickening feeling of distrust knowing that sketchy unprofessional people like this have access to all of my information.

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LLeffert's Profile Image

Reviewed by LLeffert

Apr 28th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Above and beyond

Today I visited the Merritt blvd. BOA to open an estate account for my mother who recently pass away. I was so privileged to deal with Betty Eanes, who in my opinion is by far one of the best and most understanding representatives I've had the pleasure to deal with. Her condolences were sincere, her attitude positive, and her advise priceless. I came in frustrated and overwhelmed with my executive responsibilities over my mothers will, and left with a sense of accomplishment, and a better grip on what is expected of me, for she has been in my position and related to my responsibilities. Thank you Betty, the world needs more people like you.

-Lauren L

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