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Bank of America Customer Review

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debco74's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by debco74

Dec 29th 2012

Very Poor

I was sent a credit card statement and paid the exact amount the statement said in fact 7 days early. Next month I was sent another statement for About $6.00 in additional interest due. I called Customer service couldn't get an answer there either, Was told it wasn't much so just pay it, Their customer service is just a joke. They need to study Discover. There are much better cards out there, Keep looking.

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Other Bank of America Reviews

FloridaLawyer's Profile Image

Reviewed by FloridaLawyer

Apr 19th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

20 minutes wait to talk to customer service who gave me false info and transferred me to very rude fraud department

In spite of rising fees and some rude personnel, I have kept my accounts at Bank of America for 30 years. The rude and condescending treatment I got today is causing me to reconsider.

In February someone fraudulently charged pornographic materials on my debit card. I saw it within a few days looking at my online account. It took three different phone calls and talking with half a dozen people make a complaint and cancel my debit card, with a new card sent to me. Today I looked at my account online and I saw that Bank of America had canceled the credits they had given me for the fraudulent charges.

I called the customer service number an waited on hold for 20 minutes to talk to a representative. When I finally reached that representative, he told me that the credits had been canceled because I had failed to return paperwork to Bank of America. Since no one had told me I would receive documents which would need to be completed and returned, and I received no such documents, I was surprised. The customer service representative told me he would transfer me to the fraud department. There was another 18-minute wait. The fraud representative treated me as though I were a slow-witted three-year-old. He interrupted me when I tried to describe the problem and told me that if I checked my statements I would have seen that the merchant had given me a credit so Bank of America canceled theirs. Since I had received no communication and no funds from the merchant, I was surprised. I am a well-educated professional woman and I resent the arrogant, imperious attitude this man exhibited toward me. One would think that Bank of America could find employees who could treat customers with respect, but apparently they cannot. USAA here I come!

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lebanesedynamo's Profile Image

Reviewed by lebanesedynamo

Aug 2nd 2011

2 out of 5 marks

Terrible, ineffectual branch managers and work on the negative. They pay their employees cheaply so less service

Oh, Angeles, your ears must have been burning. On the same day as yours I had a nightmare. I have been with the bank for close to 40 years and my mother even worked them. My famly has a long-term profitable relationship with them. I have a PhD received from USC, but am non-tenured track so I lecture there when given work. This summer I decided to help a friend who runs a social service organization that helps out all refugees and teach ESL, not my original specialty but have taught overseas in the Middle East. I bought some books for my students and the County welfare dept. reimbursed them directly-- these two adult learner students did not have a bank acct. so signed over the check to me. I know lately two party checks are sticky for banks;Total amt. ontly $43.22. The teller declined my request but said she would consult her branch mgr. He marched over and said no. I called my U.S. trust manager and she said she would work it out. The branch mgr. agreed, but when I showed up his expression was that he was forced to comply. I told him I had no other out but do a second party check as these were "Arab refugees"--by the way I am of Arab American descent--but tried to explain to him that they were hesitant to cash in the Orange County welfare check, could they just sign it over to me. The manager, not a person of color, but white, chastized me for blurting out to the teller that they were refugees and I am offending anyone Arab descent walking in. I told him do you realize I am of Arab American descent on my paternal side. It was close to 6pm and no customers were in the branch. Sorry mgr. that is what the U.S. State Dept. labels anyone who had to flee their country and my Palestinian friend who runs the agency refers to them as such as well. After the deposit was made he threaten to not deposit it Essentially reading behind the lines we of Arab descent are not supposed to admit what we are. He was infuriated as I usurped his Napoleonic power.

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