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Bank of Baroda was established in 1979 and offers a wide range of Products and Services. It is well-equipped to deal International Trade Business with a focus on Indo US Trade with personal touch and is technology driven with contemporary communication facilities.
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Hrushit's Profile Image

Reviewed by Hrushit

Dec 2nd 2012

2 out of 5 marks

A bank that has a tagline called "India's International Bank"; but has no ounce of customer service.

I wanted to make a payment online with my Debit card which accompanied my savings bank account.

Since it was for the first time, I had to register and enter details and the internet connection got severed then.

Suddenly, an error message popped up: "Your card has been blocked".

When I visited the concerned branch the next day, the concerned staff member was clueless about this issue where a "customer's card gets blocked." He consulted his boss, who advised me to call up the call centre number. When I called them, they said that the card'd be unblocked in 24 hours. In case I wanted them to do it earlier, an email from the branch manager would be required. So I rushed back to the branch and requested the email. The staff member said he'd only email the next day. No reasons as to why. When I tried using my ATM card to withdraw money, it returns an "incorrect PIN" supplied. The call centre executive said a new PIN shall be required for which charges shall be levied in the account! He also said to contact the staff at the branch again. As of now, 4 days after the incident, I am still waiting for the issue to be resolved so that I can withdraw the money. No one wants to answer properly or take responsibility to resolve the issue. When I visited the branch the first day, they made me fill up forms which were unrelated to my query.! And these guys want to call themselves "International." Not a chance!! It's a bureaucratic culture, with rude staff at the branch, no proper directions, and zero ability to resolve such a sensitive issue.

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