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Bank of the Sierra Customer Review

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dlm1970's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by dlm1970

Jan 5th 2012

Bank of Sierra is OK by me!

I opened this account a couple years ago when they accepted out-of-state applications and were paying over 4%. Even with the rate cut in half, it's still much better than most. As my primary account, I use it mostly online as intended so never had any issues with bank staff or customer service. Thier website does seem pretty dated, but not unlike several other community banks (M&T Bank and Provident NJ come to mind).

At first I thought the choice of ATM locations would be a problem but their Allpoint ATM network is in most (if not all) the Hess stations, Target stores, and 7-Elevens. Makes it much easier for me to find a FREE ATM than with any other bank. I can get reimbursed if I go outside the network, but why make Bank Sierra contribute to another bank's profit. If I need to transfer to an outside account, I use my other bank's website; Bank of Sierra doesn't charge me (the others would if the transfer was going the other way).

A couple times I thought of switching to a bank closer to home (the 3hr time zone difference is a bit annoying) with similar rules and/or better rates, but one thing makes me forget all that - this account works for me!

Good Job Bank of Sierra.

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Other Bank of the Sierra Reviews

reapirr's Profile Image

Reviewed by reapirr

Mar 21st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Bank in every way shape or form!

Their hours suck,their customer service sucks,you lose your card or just need a new one they charge you for it,and it goes on & on & on.Do yourself a favor and go to Well's Fargo like i did & you'll be treated like a bank should treat you for having your money there unlike the BOS!To be honest i really don't know how in the hell they stay in business i really don't,and as far as being voted the #1 online bank 4 years in a row well there's an easy explanation for that which is THEY BRIBED SOMEONE!

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rebeca's Profile Image

Reviewed by rebeca

Jul 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Do not get an account with this bank.!!!!!

I have been with this bank for close to 2 years it has been one disappointment after another. I specifically asked for no over draft protection and when my account was over drafted I was informed that when I asked for this coverage to be removed it was only for 30 days and I was supposed to have filled out another paper. As if I knew that!!!!!! I was trusting when I opened this account I would be notified of stuff like this specially when I made it very clear I wanted that feature taken off, not just for 30 days. I was also told by a teller that "sometimes" they will honor pre authorized transactions even if I requested that if the funds were not available I did not want anything to go thru, I was very worried that my money would only "SOMETIMES" be protected. She could not be specific on when "sometimes" would apply. The manager was rude and would not answer any of my questions, she would give me the run around. I was trying to support my community bank but I am ready to close this account. I would not recommend this bank to any one.

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