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Bank of the West Latest Customer Reviews

Cowboy525's Profile Image

Reviewed by Cowboy525

Oct 3rd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great Bank!

Very helpful & kind people! :-)

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BradH's Profile Image

Reviewed by BradH

Sep 13th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Awesome! Nice to know that people still care.

I was running late on the way home from work on a Friday night. I wanted to get my check in the bank because I had to work on Saturday. I called the Bank and someone stayed late so I could get my check deposited. In this day and age it is getting harder and harder to find people who will go the extra mile for you. Thanks to the people at the Blaine branch of Bank of the West. Great crew everyone there

cares a great deal. I would highly recommend this Bank. Great customer service is priceless!

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MiddleAmerica's Profile Image

Reviewed by MiddleAmerica

Jul 30th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Tom M's Profile Image

Reviewed by Tom M

Nov 25th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

The best Bank!

It is refreshing to see a bank this devoted to customer service. I have my personal and business accounts here. They always welcome me by name. If there has ever been a problem they actually call me on the phone to talk about it. I couldn't be happier.

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Salvador M's Profile Image

Reviewed by Salvador M

Nov 6th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Best Bank I have tried

Normally I don't like posting reviews but I have to come to the defense of Bank of the West. First of all I opened my account back in August and qualified for the free iPod even though I opened it two days prior the promotion ending. Whether or not I receive the iPod I could care less. I opened an account to get away from Wells Fargo's not stop mailings and phone calls for their accident, health, and other types of insurance that I didn't want. I find it silly that the customer in another review posted a bad review for not having their account open in time to receive the free iPod, most likely customer error.

Also all the bad reviews about fees are silly as well. All banks charged similar fees and overdraft protection. You got to learn to be more careful with your purchases. I have similar fees with Bank of America and Wells Fargo all due to MY mistakes. Lets learn to take responsibility for failure to read the fine print and spending too much. Recent changes to overdraft protection has allow me to choose an option where if my funds are insufficient to cover a charge the bank will deny the charge instead of them covering it and hoping I'll pay the fees or have a overdraft protection.

Their bill pay is easy to understand. Yes there is warning that some Payees need ten days to receive the check but none of my Payees ( Chase auto loan, Visa credit card, Macys credit card, Capital One credit card, and a Wells Fargo student loan) require more than 5 days to receive my check. Simply add the payee and set the due date. They will tell you the process date so you know when the funds will be removed.

Now customer service is amazing. I have my own branch I always go to but on occasion I stop by other branches in my area. Even though I been in other branch once or twice they do recognize their customers and they actually remember me. Kind of odd walking into a bank and be greeted with your name.

Overall a great bank and the one I will keep banking with.

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kalyson k's Profile Image

Reviewed by kalyson k

Sep 15th 2009

5 out of 5 marks

Love this bank

BOW has been there for my small business and has helped me through some rough financial times. My family also banks there.

I was surprised to see complaints about them -- the reviews that say appraisal fees would be refunded are very strange, because real estate appraisal fees are NEVER refunded. That is just not how it works. It would be very strange for anyone to promise such a bizarre thing. I would guess that was a misunderstanding, because we have never had anything but complete honesty from the employees at this institution.

I know a lot of other people who bank here and they are all very happy with Bank of the West.

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Gaius G's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gaius G

Sep 15th 2009

5 out of 5 marks

Best bank I ever had

This bank is the best bank I've ever done business with. They are not so big they don't care about their customers. They call me at home to help when I make mistakes by writing checks against the wrong account. Instead of just collecting big fees, they warn me in advance to help me move the money from the correct account. They are friendly and customer service oriented. They really do care about their customers and it shows. You should be so lucky as to have one of these banks in your area. They are the absolute best. I'm very happy with them and have banked with them for years.

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roland's Profile Image

Reviewed by roland

Apr 25th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

I Love Bank of The West. Solid -- In Every Way!

This is my favorite Bank period. At 64 yrs old I've had many relationships with about every bank you can think of and believe me, I know the differance. You will not be disappointed. In any area whatsoever -- in person or online.

Your search for a solid bank is over.

Roland Henderson

Mortgage broker

Hunt Beach Ca.

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phanna02's Profile Image

Reviewed by phanna02

Apr 30th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Tristian Salazar Excellent Customer Service

Was very helpful and friendly. I really appreciate his help.

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transactemp M's Profile Image

Reviewed by transactemp M

Nov 14th 2011

5 out of 5 marks


I have been a customer of Bank of the West and its predecessors since 1973. I am very happy with the service I receive from them. I get 55+ no fee checking, no charge bill pay, and paper statements that are clear and easy to understand. I find their online services to be easy to use and if there is a problem, they have 24/7 real people to talk to. I have overdraft protection, which is expensive but convenient, and it is my choice if I want to overdraw my account. For me, it is worth the cost.

My savings account earns a little interest, which is better than nothing, and transfers between accounts online is very easy. I rarely visit a branch but if I need to, they are convenient and open late on Fridays and on Saturday mornings. They are owned by the French company BNP Paribas, which is the largest banking conglomerate in the world. So I feel confident they will not need to be rescued by the U.S. taxpayer.

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lve49904's Profile Image

Reviewed by lve49904

Dec 19th 2011

5 out of 5 marks


I work at Bank of the West and I am also a customer (I have two other bank accounts with other banks as well)

To those who are complaining below. The loan department number 1800-827-7500 they are open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm central time.

Regarding online banking. You can go as far as seven years. If you do not know how to navigate the website call 1800-488-2265 option #3 (this number is on the back of the of your card). They have online banking representatives available to help you.

By the way, online banking is free, has free bill pay, free online statements that you can print of at any time, mobile banking, free copies of checks, and you can transfer money. Plus, it helps you manage your account (this is not a check register).

Bank fees: Depending on the state you live in they can range from 35-36 dollars. The most that the bank can asses in you in fees per day is 140. And yes there are daily overdraft fees which depend on the state you live in. Some states like New Mexico get 3.00 dollar daily overdraft fees the very next day from becoming overdrawn. And other states have 5.00 dollar daily overdraft fees after the third business day. In order to avoid fees keep a check register and have money in your account available for all transactions.

Copies of statements are 5.00 per statement and copies of checks are 2.00. You can avoid this fee by having online banking.

If you unsure of any fees call the bank at 1800-488-2265 and they can send you a disclosure of fees.

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nanvan108's Profile Image

Reviewed by nanvan108

Oct 31st 2011

5 out of 5 marks

So far, love them.

In a move to "downsize" from a big and sadly unethical bank, I moved to BOTW upon a friend's recommendation. I find the staff to be extremely caring and polite (even in Los Angeles!), and so far the banking experience is simple, fair and working for me. More to come, but I feel very good about the move during my first 10 months with them.

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KEVIN S's Profile Image

Reviewed by KEVIN S

Dec 3rd 2010

5 out of 5 marks



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Jaw368's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jaw368

May 13th 2013

4 out of 5 marks


I have been banking with these folks since 2007. I have moved in that time to three different branches, (for personal reasons not related to my banking experience). They made sure up front that I understood fully what the fine print entailed, and have never broken their word. At one, (Gresham), I could tell that my presence was not always thrilling to the customer service representatives. However, I have found even there that my money was managed well, and that they did exactly what they said they would. At the other two branches I have visited regularly, (Forest Grove, 82nd & Division), I have not only been given honest easy and accurate banking services but the customer service is always great! Even when busy they are always friendly. I want to thank everyone at Bank of the West!

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Erin M's Profile Image

Reviewed by Erin M

Dec 16th 2010

4 out of 5 marks

Best customer Service

I am so pleased with my experience at Bank of the West.

When I first opened up my account at 18 years old I was going through a punk-phase. I walked inside their office feeling SO intimidated not knowing where to start amidst these expensively dressed middle aged financial personalities! But the woman there acted as if I was completely normal and walked me through the steps to opening the account as well as showed me outside how to use my new bank card in the machine!

I asked for her name so I could let her manager know how amazed I was at this great service. The fees and banking abilities of this bank make me feel completely safe and secure even while I do my financing online!

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maggiecunningham's Profile Image

Reviewed by maggiecunningham

Jun 3rd 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Happy with service

I have always had a good experience at this location. A good number of the tellers know my name and recognize me when I come inside. If I have overdraft fees or something that I may have overlooked, they often speak up and make me awake of the problem.

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hope87's Profile Image

Reviewed by hope87

Sep 8th 2011

4 out of 5 marks


Bank of the West is a good bank. As with all banks, they have there rules and for that reason it is imperative that you read the information they provide to you when you open any account with them (as you would with any bank). People think that because they have online banking then they are keeping good track of their account, but online banking is only a tool to manage your account. It is extremely important to keep a check register even if you don't write checks so that one does not become overdrawn. Bank of the West will send you a notification in the mail if you become overdrawn and the notice will arrive two business days. Don't expect a bank to call you to notify you when you are overdrawn because you are an adult NOT a baby.

New cards arrive within 7-10 business days, but I usually get mine in 3 days.

On the negative side, the ATM machines are not as updated as they should be. If one deposits cash it's not available immediately. Apparently, other banks such as Bank of America and Chase (not 100 % sure on this) will make cash immediately available. Also, online banking seems to be "unavailable" very often. There have also been instances when their card processing center has been down and I have not been able to make purchases using my debit car. However, I am assuming all banks might have this issue once in a while.

Otherwise I am happy with Bank of the West (not the only bank I have). Remember, a bank will not call and baby you so always keep a check register so you can avoid overdraft fees or daily overdraft fees. And whenever you open an account with any bank read the information and disclosures they provide to you. Always look over your statements as well as their can always be discrepancies with any bank.

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WCMbanktracker's Profile Image

Reviewed by WCMbanktracker

Jul 3rd 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Moving my accounts

I have been with Bank of the West for about two years now and have never really had any problems with them - financially - but I am really, really tired of the super clunky online aspects of the bank.

My biggest complaint is that BotW seems to give the computers weekends and holidays off... Anything I do Friday will not show up in their systems until Tuesday, and if there is a bank holiday in there things could take a week to show up.

So while I was 'grin and bear it' with the super-slow processing, I was willing to overlook it for convenience - my local branch is across the parking lot from where I work. But now with BNP Paribas (the French bank that owns BotW) getting hit is a nine billion dollar fine for helping places like Iran do financial work in US dollars, I think it is time to move on.

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mt_11's Profile Image

Reviewed by mt_11

May 30th 2011

3 out of 5 marks

Good but could be better

Pretty decent but I wish it could be a lot better.

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whomsoever's Profile Image

Reviewed by whomsoever

Aug 7th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

It's the branch that counts.

Branch managers have a lot of leeway in how they treat their customers.

Find a branch that you can work with and do your business there, even if it's not the closest to your home. Bank of the West is not the crème de la crème, but also likely not the worst bank in town.

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Gabriel S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gabriel S

Dec 30th 2010

3 out of 5 marks

Good experience at banches but high fees for ATM

Overall, Bank of the West has competent and nice in-branch personel but their fees for ATM withdraws are too high!

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kowens1's Profile Image

Reviewed by kowens1

Apr 6th 2011

3 out of 5 marks

Mediocre service

I have been with Bank of the West since moving to California in 2001. At the time, I needed a bank that was in both San Diego and Albuquerque, NM where I was moving from. On their website, a location search came up with a location in San Diego. Turns out there were no location in SD at that time! Eventually they got a location there, but it was a pain to mail checks back to Alb in the mean time.

After returning to Albuquerque, I continued to bank at Bank of the West. I receive checks from a trust which I regularly deposit into my checking account. I am titled as trustee on the checks, and have never had trouble depositing them - except at the most convenient BofW location near me... also the most convenient location open on Saturday. First, they insisted that I needed signatures of all trustees, even though in the past I hadn't. So I started getting all the required signatures. Then, they decided that because the checks said ttee, that they could only be deposited into a trust. That's completely untrue and had never been a problem ever before, but they wouldn't deposit it! I threatened to close my account and the manager told me "That's always an option."

Additionally, they never have any check book registers, and they charge me to notarize a document!

Their fees aren't too bad, but if you want decent service or to be allowed to put checks into your account, forget about it.

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ikeclaton's Profile Image

Reviewed by ikeclaton

Feb 4th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Sorry customer service

The Bank Manager called me to try to sell products to me and she talked over me the whole time. Sad because our farm does a lot of business in Mabel MN but not with that bank any more.

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curlykate's Profile Image

Reviewed by curlykate

Sep 9th 2010

2 out of 5 marks

I was excited about the free offer, but my application was rejected!

I recently moved and was looking for a new bank. Bank of the West was offering a new ipod touch to new accounts opened online. I went through the long process and entered my information for a new checking & saving acct. I called customer service twice about why it had taken more than 2 weeks to hear back about if my account was approved or declined. They said they had too many requests for new accounts because of the offer, so it would probably take longer than normal.

After more than a full 2 weeks they replied that my request for an account was denied. I have excellent credit and anyone should be able to open a checking account. The only explanation I can come up with is that they had too many requests for their promotion and intentionally denied account applications just as the promotion was expiring. Great way to save themselves some money, but they won't get my business in the future. Not a great way to treat customers.

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MichaelJH's Profile Image

Reviewed by MichaelJH

Dec 1st 2011

2 out of 5 marks

Incompetence of the highest order!

I have a loan with Bank of the West and in trying to reach someone in Customer Service I had to call 6, count 'em 6 different phone numbers before I (supposedly) reached the right person...and of course she was out of the office for the day so who knows, she might still be the wrong person. I have never seen such incompetence at such a large bank and quite frankly I'm suprised they are still in business.

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Paygil's Profile Image

Reviewed by Paygil

Jan 6th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

Not A Good Bank

I will say this bank is friendly. I was with them for two months however and decided to close my account. I'll make it short as i'm not one to post reviews on the internet. Just be carefull of the fees. They will hand out fees like hot cakes on a cold day. Don't care about your concerns or needs when it comes to this. There debit overdraft protection is not debit overdraft. It's a way for them to collect more money from you. Also when depositing a check they have a terrible hold policy! Who wants someone to hold onto your money for days even when you have enough money to cover it. Advise is, lost of banks out there and i would put my time and money into another befor i came here. I would never go back! Cheers!

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pauloottosystemsco's Profile Image

Reviewed by pauloottosystemsco

Nov 3rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Poor Customer Service

So i am driving home it's 5:00 pm and i decided to stop at bank of the west to withdraw some cash. I put my card into the atm input my code and the machine started making a weird noise then the screen displayed no signal. A few minuets later the atm machine came back on showing the normal greeting. However my card was never returned.

I walked over to the doors and noticed that the employees were still working. I knocked on the door and after about 5 minuets one of the employees came over, i explained to him what happened though the gap in the door, all he could say was to come back tomorrow. I am a business owner and i know that customer service plays a key role in being successful

i would suggest that bank of the west review there customer service policies

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PipzlchoiceGregory's Profile Image

Reviewed by PipzlchoiceGregory

May 16th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Online service is impossible to use

I've had a business account in the BoW for over a year. While the branch personnel was very helpful, I've never succeeded in making online banking service work. The customer service (technical support) is absolutely clueless and non-responsive. I've been in technology business for over 30 years, but cannot navigate through the site to get the basic service.

I have my personal account with Wells Fargo. Perhaps I should move there my business account as well.

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Robyn's Profile Image

Reviewed by Robyn

Jan 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks


At my branch in Lake Tahoe the customer service has always been good, which was nice. I was relatively indifferent otherwise UNTIL they first changed my free checking account to an "easy checking" =more fees! That upset me. Then, I signed up for "debit card overdraft protection" which was vaguely described online and sounded like--overdraft protection. Which it is not! $175 in fees for 2 days of overdraft! My savings account was not touched at all...I called my local branch and talked with a representative who offered to talk to her manager about possibly reversing one of the fees for me. I am still closing both of my accounts and moving to a smaller, more local bank, and on principle would not recommend banking here.

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James K's Profile Image

Reviewed by James K

Mar 4th 2010

2 out of 5 marks

Bad Loan Experience

I had a HELOC with Bank of the West that I was paying off as part of a refinance. They submitted a payoff quote to escrow which was paid on time when the refinance went through. After they got their money, they contacted me saying they made a mistake on the payoff amount and that I owed more money. They forgot to include all the interest and since the full amount in their mind wasn't paid, I owed additional late fees! Their mistake and they want me to pay. It was only about $84 and I think they should have written it off since it was their mistake. If I gave a customer an invoice and they paid it and then I realized I undercharged them, that's my fault and I would have to eat it and not go back asking for more money. I tried to reason with them and they wouldn't waive the $84. It's not the money it's the princicple of the situation. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with them again.

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