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Bank of the West Customer Review

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Gabriel's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Gabriel

Feb 11th 2013

Horrible - Sba Fraud

Dealing with bank of the west was a unique experience. It has to be the worst collection of customer service experiences ever. We dealt with a vice president named dana white - i cannot image a worse representative for a company. She lied and cheated and stole - very dishonest. I highly advise anyone to use any other bank. To actually take the time to write a review means the experience is very bad - just look at all the bad reviews for bank of the west - that means something...

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Other Bank of the West Reviews

bdbsu1977yahoocom's Profile Image

Reviewed by bdbsu1977yahoocom

Oct 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

I Can't Wait To Close My Account

I fell for a promotion (that wasn't real) few years ago. Transferred all of my deposits to them. Year later i had all but one transferred back to the bank i shouldn't have left. I am now working on getting last direct deposit moved. It was only left because it is a pain to switch. (retirement fund). It is worth the hassle. I just had an over draft fee because i had several on line payments set up to be paid on nov 3 through the 7th. Bank of the west decided to pay at&t on the 24th of oct. First they blamed at&t. Then they blamed me. Somehow it couldn't have been bank of the west's fault. Even thought it was. This wasn't the first problem i have had with this bank. Just the final straw!!! When they had a branch in lawrence they did have friendly tellers. That is the only thing this bank has going for them. I can not wait to transfer my last direct deposit back to first state bank and trust. Somehow i'm guessing my review won't be winning the weekly bank review contest. Also i'm guessing bank of the west will try and make me regret this review. I probably should have moved my money out first.

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Jnord0524gmailcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jnord0524gmailcom

Oct 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Posting Errors

Posting errors causing overdrafts which they won't reverse. I made a cash deposit, my receipt showed the correct balance, but that night they put a check through before the deposit and said they cut off deposits at 4:30 pm even on a friday. Poor customer service, high fees. I have had several issues and i would not bank with them again.

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