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Bank of the West Customer Review

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Anthony M's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Anthony M

Feb 19th 2010

Your Money Is Really not Safe Here

Personally charged $175 of over the limit fees when an unauthorized charge was made on my business account. The said charge was later dropped but can I only get $70 of fees back. Bank of the west says they can't reverse all of the charges since it was not a bank error. Bank Of The West also cannot provide a print out showing this charge so I can get relief from the company which made the charge in the first place since they said the charge was never posted to my account and was only put on "hold" against my balance.

It seems completely illogical that I should be responsible for fees that were incurred by an unauthorized charge that has since been dropped and never actually posted to the account. Your money is not safe with this bank. If your ATM card is erroneously charged and it puts your account over the limit you will be responsible for those fees. How it was explained to me it can happen even if a card number is incorrectly entered by someone and it happens to be your card number.

Basically I'm out $105 in over the limit fees simply because there was an unauthorized transaction against my bank account. There is no printable proof that the charge was made since it was never posted to my account and only "held" against my balance. To me that means it never happened but the fees won't be reversed.

This can happen at anytime to any customer so beware. Your money is neither safe nor secure with Bank Of The West and they seemed poised to access absorbent fees on their customers at anytime the opportunity arises.

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Other Bank of the West Reviews

Paygil's Profile Image

Reviewed by Paygil

Jan 6th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

Not A Good Bank

I will say this bank is friendly. I was with them for two months however and decided to close my account. I'll make it short as i'm not one to post reviews on the internet. Just be carefull of the fees. They will hand out fees like hot cakes on a cold day. Don't care about your concerns or needs when it comes to this. There debit overdraft protection is not debit overdraft. It's a way for them to collect more money from you. Also when depositing a check they have a terrible hold policy! Who wants someone to hold onto your money for days even when you have enough money to cover it. Advise is, lost of banks out there and i would put my time and money into another befor i came here. I would never go back! Cheers!

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WC123's Profile Image

Reviewed by WC123

Jan 4th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

I was a Customer

I had two separate events that made me close my accounts. 1st trying to deposit a mutual fund check they made it out like it would be impossible to cash because there where two parties on it. The other party was with me.

2nd on a different time I once again tried to get a notary and medallion done. I called ahead to make sure there would be no problems. They told me it would not be. once I got there the employees were talking and a person at the counter asked what I needed. I told her I need a notary and medallion done. she told me she could take care of it. she proceeded to read all of my paperwork and then go and pass it to the employees talking and they all read it and passed it around. At this time they inform me that they have to call someone to verify the do everything right. my paperwork with all my information on it is passed around while they call. one of the employees took a phone call from corp office and told the other employee what was needed. I asked if she was qualified to do the medallion and notary she said no. Why is she giving instructions is what I thought. this process carried on for a while later and they finally got everything accomplished.

This repeated unprofessional and untrained behavior is why I could no longer continue to do business with BOA and moved my money to a different bank.

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