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BankUnited Customer Review

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GOMESCPA's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by GOMESCPA

Jan 30th 2013

New Management Procedures Not Trustworthy

In 2010 bank united (prior ownership) sent me a letter to stop using my $371,000 credit line since my $550,000 home was now worth less ($350,000 to $400,000). The high $348,500 of credit line borrowing had been reduced to $200,000 by this time. I objected and accepted a $250,000 reduced home equity credit line amount. However,

in november 2011 a similiar notice (new bank owners) arrived. Again, i complained since value of home had actually gone up since 2010, (local property appraiser valued home at $355,000). Bank united wanted a $400 fee to obtain a appraisal, review my credit report, and income tax return. Unpaid credit line balance now about $160,000. I sent a copy of my credit report and score, plus form 1040, property tax assessment, and asked the $400 (insult) fee be waived. Bank united claimed they do not rely on local government assessment which was over 2 times credit loan amount, and again i was not to utilize my previously flexible credit line. I refused to pay the $400 fee so my credit line is frozen. Now, i am hesitant to pay sizable extra prinicipal since i cannot draw it back out if a investment oppertunity presented itself.. Note: i had always paid my (perhaps 6 plus year old) home equity credit line on time, and it fact had rountinely paid extra prinicipal on the debt. My appeal to the new president were never acknowledged. I closed my checking account with them and now consider bankunited, miami fl not to be trusted. Charles l gomes cpa


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CarlosPuentes's Profile Image

Reviewed by CarlosPuentes

Aug 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Who does this???

Bank United in Hialeah has hired a company to boot cars at 65.00 a pop for parking there, AFTER HOURS! Seeing that their neighbor, El Palacio De Los Jugos, has very few parking spaces, this reeks of a predatory money grab. I can only assume that their loans aren't much better!

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susanawm's Profile Image

Reviewed by susanawm

Jul 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bankunited sold my auto loan to a shady company

I took out an auto loan with bankunited at the end of last year. I have regularly serviced my loan through auto payments and was therefore shocked to learn through a third party that Bankunited had sold my loan to CIC logic. On checking CIC logic's reputation online, all I have read are horrible experiences from customers who have been lied to and scammed by the company. Some customers have had their autos repo'd because of the illegal operations run by the company. I am terrified that Bankunited decided to throw me to the sharks without any fair warning or without even giving me an opportunity to choose to pay off the loan through a bank of my own choice. Needless to say, disappointment cannot even begin to describe my view of Bankunited. I have no good words for them. Bankunited have put me in a very stressful position and so far they rank as the worst banking institution I have ever dealt with.

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