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Banner Bank Latest Customer Reviews

HenrysHumdingers's Profile Image

Reviewed by HenrysHumdingers

Apr 1st 2014

4 out of 5 marks

I have found the customer service to be fantastic!

This bank has gone above and beyond to help our small business grow. They've sent us business ideas, contacts and even had us do a display in their lobby. They've called us and helped us the best they could with cash flow and have even picked up a deposit from us so we could meet a deadline. Service like this is a thing of the past. I couldn't be happier.

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Jennifer870's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jennifer870

Mar 13th 2013

3 out of 5 marks

Horrible in bank customer service!

I usually do all of my banking online, and for the most part am very pleased with Banner Bank. The problem is when you get a paper check that needs to be deposited. First I went to a location in NW Portland to find that it is closed, but still listed on their website brochure. Then went to the Downtown location and stood there for 10 minutes, 5 minutes of which noone even acknowledged me standing there. No teller working. Then a man says he'll be right out and proceeds to get on the phone. I ask the woman that had a client at her desk if I could make a deposit out at the ATM. No, I cannot and she's with someone. Duh. After standing there for 10 minutes while my friend drives around the block since there's no parking I left, got cash out of ATM, and now have to still get to a branch to put this check in!

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Will's Profile Image

Reviewed by Will

Jan 9th 2012

4 out of 5 marks

It'll do what you need it to do.

Customer service is great. The bank rates are nothing to get excited about, but they sure were excited about the nickel they give you each time you use your debit card. Online experience is adequate. I haven't encountered any fees. There aren't many branches around, but hey, if you're near one, then that is all you need!

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ldpercy's Profile Image

Reviewed by ldpercy

Jan 7th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

great service and staff is always friendly

In the 18 years that I have been banking at Banner Bank I have only had a very few occasions that I have had a problem. The problems were handled in a very professional way, and I left very well satisfied. Compared with other banking experiences this one is great. They have handled problems with my on line account while I waited, and it was not even their fault. I had a faulty key board and mouse that would kick my pass word off every time I used it. I have spoken with costumer service several times and always have had my questions answered in a friendly and professional manner. I would highly recommend this bank.

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peedie1951yahoocom's Profile Image

Reviewed by peedie1951yahoocom

Jan 3rd 2012

1 out of 5 marks

Pleasant small town bank with unimpressive customer service.

98% of my banking I do On-Line. Banner Bank's "On-Line Banking" is a JOKE! Consistently INCONSISTENT with the "On-Line Banking" website's ability to interface with Quicken on my home computer. Won't download any account information one day; another day I can download only one account; another day I can download all the accounts for updating transactions. I have contacted Banner Bank "On-Line Banking" Customer Service reps and Customer Service Supervisor on a number of occasions and get a message back for me to call in so they can show me how to use the site (god forbid that the bank could possibly be wrong and at fault!) Their small town arrogance is exceeded only by their small town ignorance. They just want to stick their heads in the sand and provide stock scripted answers that do not address the questions and problems brought to light in customer inquiries and complaints. They are just lame! Too bad, as I have been tired of all the mergers and takeovers of the major banks, and wanted to just keep my money local. It is NOT working. Later, have better things to do than complain any more about Bannker Bank.

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