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Barclays Bank Customer Review

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Allie E's Profile Image

3 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Allie E

Apr 23rd 2010

I've had issues...

Despite having an excellent credit history with my Juniper Visa with iTunes Rewards credit card, Barclay's closed my account with no notification last Fall. I purchased a laptop on eBay, expecting to use my card (had a reasonable balance but also plenty of credit). When the payment was declined repeatedly, i called the company and they informed me that I no longer had an account, just a balance.

I know that has happened with other institutions as well, but I think it's unfair to do it without notification. And I think it was unreasonable with my account history.

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Other Barclays Bank Reviews

dianelee99's Profile Image

Reviewed by dianelee99

Feb 27th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Barclays is sexist!

I want to warn all women about how sexist they are. Although I was the primary earner and that was obvious, they only took direction from my partner. He used this advantage to screw me out of all my money and possessions while I was working abroad. Barclay's attitude was that he was in the right, that I wasn't worth listening to and if I couldn't come to the bank they would take his direction. I was working in Denmark and he managed to restrict the accounts so that I couldn't even purchase an airline ticket, in addition to the fact that I needed to work during the week and Barclays is only open during the week, they wouldn't even consider making an appointment early Monday or late Friday to accommodate my flight schedule. I had to have a friend purchase an airline ticket to get me home. Of course he was the bastard, but Barclays certainly helped him even when it was obvious that I was the one earning. I figure that the bastard owes me close to half a million pounds and that Barclays assisted him with at least a hundred grand of that.

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turningintoacockro's Profile Image

Reviewed by turningintoacockro

Jan 25th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Dealing with this bank is like Kafka's Metamorphasis

I hold financial Power of Attorney (POA) over my father's accounts. I called Barclays customer service to make sure there was not going to be an issue with setting up a CD account for my father. They assured me that all I needed to do was set up the account online in my father's name and then fax the POA document once the account was established. I entered the information necessary to set up the account and then pressed enter. Half an hour later, the screen still showed that the application was processing. I realized that I had forgotten to enter a beneficiary, so I closed the window and attempted to re-enter the application. The application would not let me back in and urged me to call customer service, so I did so. Customer service then told me that they would not be able to give me any information about the application unless they could speak to my father. I explained that my father could not speak to them, which is why I have POA. They said that they could not speak to me without a POA, but that I could not send them a POA document until the application had been approved, putting me in the absurd situation of being unable to do anything to move forward on setting up this account. At this point, I no longer had any interest in an account with a bank that would force me into such an absurd situation. Even the customer service agent acknowledged the absurdity of the situation. I asked that they delete the application as they were obviously not interested in my father's business.

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