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The Most Helpful Capital One 360 Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By mbb500 Aug 18, 2015

Excellent choice for online savings and moving money

We have moved 11 times since 1970 so have had experience with many small, mid and large banks. We were building a home in 2006 and funding much of it with our cash. Found ING Orange (now CapOne 360) and it was the only choice that gave reasonable interest and allowed us to move large sums to our builder (up to 6 figures) with a simple "push" from the website. Currently use it for savings with various goals and the ability to create "sub accounts" is very handy way to keep from commingling funds and violating our own rules and goals. Have never had an issue that involved customer service in 9 years.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Caasmom Nov 22, 2013

Unfair Banking Business-Do Not Trust this Bank! Long story short, Bank closed Account, No notification or warning!

We all make mistakes, and I am willing to pay the consequences. But the way this bank handled my account was unheard-of. My husband and I were in the process of trying a new budget system for our family. I got my own checking account with CO360 and he would keep our original joint checking account with CO360 then transfer money to my linked account so that I would know exactly what I had to spend. In the change over, there were two automatic monthly draft bills that came from my account. At the time, the overdraft was maxed out and so CO360 sent me an email that said, We went ahead and paid this for you but if this keeps happening, we will close your account. I got one email on Sept. 12 and one on Sept. 18 for the two drafts. Once I realized this was happening, I immediately called CO360, explained the drafts were changed and this would not happen again. They said that was fine. One day in early November, my card was lost and I ordered a new one. The card arrived, I spoke to a customer service person to activate new card. Not a word was said about account status. I went to buy gas. Card denied. Called CO360 to find out why, said account was closed and money in account was sent to another checking account they had on file. (an account that was also closed when I opened this one so I went through a mess trying to find my money in electronic limbo!) When I asked why, they said it was because of NSF charges from September! Two months later. No warning, No call to ask where I wanted my money sent, No notification to this day (Nov. 22) except the call that I made that day. Only chose this bank if you want this to happen to you. I would have gladly paid a fee for the NSF rather than have this happen. Changing to another friendly online bank. Jeers to CapitalOne 360. I liked you better when you were INGDirect!

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Latest Capital One 360 Reviews

  • B
    Reviewed By bestforall12 Feb 1, 2016

    Great Experience

    I open both checking and savings account in May 2015 and it was a great decision. Compared to regular local banks they are the best. I love the features they have and referral bonus and interest they give back into the checking account, something my other accounts do not have. I now have majority payroll deposited into this account, so that says a lot. No complaints at all and I have referred three friends so far and have gotten my referral bonus like next day. When I called in which is very rare, I've gotten a live person who was very nice. Not all experiences are alike but I would highly recommend this online bank. The only con is it's not local but the Allpoint ATM's is at every corner so it works out well. Thanks Cap One... keep re-inventing.

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  • N
    Reviewed By NotaCrossSell Jan 28, 2016

    All Liars believe everyone else is a Liar

    Opened up a Capital One 360 account because my old Capital One account closed and I was advised to do so by Capital One customer service. Great, done. I set up my direct deposit again and I find out that they closed my account without advising me. They HAVE my phone number, they HAVE my email address, they HAVE my mailing address but NO. No answer over the phone as to WHY it was closed, just some friggin IDIOT repeating the same thing over and over again like a ROBOT. Let's see HOW he feels when he loses his Job because we all know that Capital One only is interested what is IN YOUR WALLET and HOW THEY PROFILE YOU to see HOW they can get YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR DOG, YOUR NEIGHBOR, THE LAST SALMON YOU ate to open up accounts!! They don't CARE, not that I would expect any bank now a days to do so. Don't waste your time or money go to a small area savings bank and deal with a manager that lives in your town and that you see in the supermarket. Give these assholes a rest, and take your money elsewhere!!

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    Reviewed By Tropicbob Jan 19, 2016


    First of all sending in deposits is a pain because so many are not accepted. And when rejected you aren't told if the front. back or both (pics) were unacceptable. Second, I opened up an account after seeing an ad offering a large bonus and kept a sizable balance for the required time only to be told I didn't meet the requirements. I am now searching online for another bank and will close out this one. I don't need this headache.

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  • C
    Reviewed By Cap360HATER Dec 20, 2015

    Terrible customer service Stick to WF

    this bank is the worst! For an online bank their user interface is terrible other banks that are not online based have more sophistication. for instance you can't view any of your check images on the iPhone app you have to view on the full site ... other banks have this feature ... that is just one example of the substandard technology. In addition their customer service is terrible ... they sound unenthusiastic and not knowledgeable... I don't like banks as it is but stick with the ones that know how to manage your money .. it's probably worth the fees they charge

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    Reviewed By baker7828 Dec 14, 2015

    Stay away from this scam Capital One 360 Checking Account

    Opened the account with a transfer from a linked account. A transfer of funds is as good as cash. They put a hold on the funds for an extended period of time even though the funds cleared the link account the next day. I spoke to Supervisors every day for a week. Got nowhere!
    I wrote a check off the account and deposited it into another account with different bank. The check showed cashed with a copy of the image with the Capital One 360 account but they also rejected it on the same day! I called 3 times, spoke to 3 Supervisors. They cannot explain how they cashed a check and rejected a check on the same day all though funds were available. Now they want to research it for 2 business days. In the meanwhile I am out of the funds on the Capital One account and out of the funds on the other account in addition to a fee for a returned deposit! These people are incompetent! How can a bank cash and reject a check on the same day and provide an image that it was cashed yet the bank it was deposited with has an image showing NSF! I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney Generals Office about these very illegal and questionable banking practices.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mhm313 Nov 27, 2015

    Horrible bank. Avoid at all cost. They stole my money

    I opened a capital one 360 checking account online and after their security verification they told me the account is open now and I even received the debit card. Then I deposited a check in the account and the check cleared. After a few days, they contacted me saying that they couldn't verify my identity and they have closed the account. I was unable to get my money out of the account and I called them several times, they always tell me that I need to stop the check ( Do you believe that! Don't they know that cleared check cannot be stopped! Did they ever worked in a bank! ). It seems that they don't know what they are doing. I even filed a claim to Better Business Bureau but they ignored it. I think my only option is to go to court and file a small claim to get my money back. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this bank a all cost.

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  • E
    Reviewed By ertzfamily Oct 14, 2015

    Worst banking experience ever!!

    I called Cap 360 to ask them some questions on a promotional offer. The promotion i was inquiring about was an offer to deposit 30K for a period of 90 days at which time I would get a $300 bonus.

    Anyway, I wasn't quite ready to open the account since my funds weren't readily available to be transferred to this new account. The guy said that he would go ahead and create the account and when I was ready I could finish the process online.

    A couple days later my funds had reached my personal savings account so i was ready to finish the application. I went to the website and put in this code to finish my application. The website stated that a couple of small deposits would hit my checking account which i would then enter into the website to validate my account.

    Instead, they immediately tried to take out the 30K which failed since I didn't move the funds from my savings to my checking. I didn't move my funds because I was expecting these small deposits first. This resulted in me getting an overdraft charge.

    After 90 days I called them since no bonus money had been deposited. That is when they informed me that they take an extra two weeks after the 90 days for the funds to be available. I was told to call back in a week and my funds would be available.

    I call back in a week and after getting transferred up the mgmt tree I am told that I will not get be getting my money that day. The date was based on the initial deposit which bounced since I was waiting on there two small deposits. I was told that I needed to call back in another week. I remember specifically asking them "You know that this isn't right. Do the right thing and make this right" only to be told that "I can't" at which point I hung up the phone.

    So I call back in a week and finally after 4 months I am finally able to get my bonus money and get the account closed.

    In conclusion, stay away from this account. This company goes out of there way to hold up your money so they have more time to capitalize on it.

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  • H
    Reviewed By HerbSmith Sep 23, 2015

    I want my ING back

    I really miss the old ING. Things just worked then. Now they seem to mess something up every money. It would appear they are starving the IT staff and not supplying the resources to get things fixed. Or test fully before production.
    They did something with paper check numbers and now they are not found in searches. They no longer match up automatically checks with entries made in the on line registers. Made one fix and then screwed something else up.
    For over two months one can not use Internet Explorer 11 in their messaging system. Come on, it is one the most popular browsers out there. And they can not fix it in two months.
    Now they can not set up new external bank transfers on line. No explanation of why. I will not call over the phone, as it is way to insecure. I have no idea of what the person on the other phone is writing down to take home with them.
    If Capitol One management see this please take some action to fix what is going downhill fast.

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  • K
    Reviewed By kenley919 Sep 9, 2015

    Capital One360 Checking/Savings

    Hello everyone,
    I am a NEW* member of the online banking movement as of 09/09/2015. I am currently banking with Capital One360 and Eastern Bank here in Boston,MA . I am enjoying being a member of capital one360 because of the NO FEES system they have, the other banks aren't doing it for me specially when i was unemployed.

    In the future i HOPE that capital one will start a Debit Rewards program that way i can earn JetBlue and American Airlines miles just like their credit card holders too. :-) As of today i have nothing negative to say about capital one and hope to have nothing negative to say about them in the near future.

    * If you are someone who thinks that capital one should start a debit rewards program which will earn us points by simply shopping around everyday please help in spreading this idea ! Lol

    * I think that would make us use our debit card much much more........ and keep our account funded too.

    thanks !!! :-) KB-from boston,MA

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  • D
    Reviewed By Dmk1820 Sep 1, 2015

    Customer service is poor

    If you want to be able to access your money don't bank with them. As they may put a hold on your funds for no reason at times. Charge you fees out of place. They don't care. Customer service won't help with anything. The worst service in the banking industry. Stick to your credit union banks they give back more to your communities.

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