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Capital One 360 Latest Customer Reviews

caponesucks's Profile Image

Reviewed by caponesucks

Apr 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bait and switch - stay away - they suck

CapitalOne allowed me to create a sharebuilder IRA account on 4/15/14 and tag the contribution for 2013. I thought this was great because it saved me a trip to the branch of my credit union.

I funded the account with a transfer from another account. Two days later I received a notice that they added the funds to my 2014 IRA. No explanation until I called and they said - "oh, well it takes more than a day to transfer the money and you opened the account on 4/15 which is the tax deadline"

I didn't open the account with my other online bank because they had logic built into their app which prevented selecting 2013 if I was transferring money.

Stay away - they're another big bank and they've lost my business. Should have stayed with my local bank.

I have filed a complaint with the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau and I'm interested to see if this is much more wide spread.

On the plus side, they did answer the phone when I called - but they were useless in fixing the problem.

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Fatdaddyk's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fatdaddyk

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Month two and online access is a nightmare!

Capitalone360 recently bought my auto loan. I signed up last month to pay online and it was more like getting a root canal than it was a pleasant online system setup.

The issue I had this month in signing up is that my regular login did not work so I had to do a modification because they did not like my usual ID. Then the issue came in when they required a 6-10 digit pin #. The problem is they make it next to impossible to use one that you can remember. No repeating #'s, cant be your birthdate or any version of it, cannot be anything in order and it must be 6-10 digits which is longer than your typical bank pin# which would be easy to remember.

So I call support and they were very nice and sd I can try as many times as I like but I have to get it right. I said just ask me 1 or 10 of the 50 security questions they made me fill out when I set it up and I will be glad to answer them and then get the info. No can do. On the pin they can only mail a new one to my house. No other options. So if you don't know your pin your not getting in. HORRIBLE resolution when the only option is snail mail.

Over securitized and zero options to help if you forget anything and no way to remember pin due to their stringent requirements. If given the opportunity I would leave them for this reason alone. Not impressed.

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chris152's Profile Image

Reviewed by chris152

Apr 9th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Horrible Policies

I have had Capital One 360 account for over two years and will be closing my account as soon as I get access to my money. I will be closing escrow the next week on a home and had roughly 25k that was transferred into my Capital One account via ACH Direct Deposit on 4/6/14. The funds had complete swept over today 4/9/14. I needed to transfer that and the remaining balance to my US Bank account because I need to wire the money on 4/15/14 to the escrow company to finalize the purchase of my home. I transferred money from four other bank accounts on 4/6/14 and all those cleared by 4/9/14. I find out today, that Capital One has placed a hold on the entire 25k until 4/16/14. The funds and account info has complete swept to my Capital One account, but they are holding the money due to set internal policies.

I spoke to four different representatives who all basically told me it is there policy to hold ACH transfers for five additional days and there is nothing I can do to get the hold removed. I am not an expert, but I believe this violates section 229.10 of the FDIC. Either way, I will not bank with a company who arbitrarily sets their own rules and places holds on their customer's money with no regard as to the outcome to those policies. There are far to many better banks out there that value their customers.

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Jessica314's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jessica314

Mar 12th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Great but average bank

I used the link posted below and earned $75

(Link I found) https://r.capitalone360.com/yFcZaxoNZt

I opened both a checking account with no min deposit and savings account (Which required a $200 opening deposit)

My bonus was applied within a day or two after I met the requirements. Requirements where very easy, I just purchased 3 sodas with my debit card and earned $50. The bonus for the savings account was instant.

CS is fine

THe reason this bank is just average is because they don't have any innovative features like ING had. Yes they still have the line of credit and no overdraft fees but thats it..

Would I recommend this bank? Yes I would recommend anyone at least get the bonus!

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spugs's Profile Image

Reviewed by spugs

Mar 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Savings account nightmare!

I am disgusted with this company and their business practices. Do not be fooled by them. They have no problem taking your money but when it comes to giving it back it there is red tape. If you need money quickly it will never happen. Any time you deposit money it takes about 10 days to be able to access it. It shows you have the money but says it is on hold and unavailable until they say so and there is nothing you can do. They hold your money hostage.

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