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The Most Helpful Capital One 360 Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By mbb500 Aug 18, 2015

Excellent choice for online savings and moving money

We have moved 11 times since 1970 so have had experience with many small, mid and large banks. We were building a home in 2006 and funding much of it with our cash. Found ING Orange (now CapOne 360) and it was the only choice that gave reasonable interest and allowed us to move large sums to our builder (up to 6 figures) with a simple "push" from the website. Currently use it for savings with various goals and the ability to create "sub accounts" is very handy way to keep from commingling funds and violating our own rules and goals. Have never had an issue that involved customer service in 9 years.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Caasmom Nov 22, 2013

Unfair Banking Business-Do Not Trust this Bank! Long story short, Bank closed Account, No notification or warning!

We all make mistakes, and I am willing to pay the consequences. But the way this bank handled my account was unheard-of. My husband and I were in the process of trying a new budget system for our family. I got my own checking account with CO360 and he would keep our original joint checking account with CO360 then transfer money to my linked account so that I would know exactly what I had to spend. In the change over, there were two automatic monthly draft bills that came from my account. At the time, the overdraft was maxed out and so CO360 sent me an email that said, We went ahead and paid this for you but if this keeps happening, we will close your account. I got one email on Sept. 12 and one on Sept. 18 for the two drafts. Once I realized this was happening, I immediately called CO360, explained the drafts were changed and this would not happen again. They said that was fine. One day in early November, my card was lost and I ordered a new one. The card arrived, I spoke to a customer service person to activate new card. Not a word was said about account status. I went to buy gas. Card denied. Called CO360 to find out why, said account was closed and money in account was sent to another checking account they had on file. (an account that was also closed when I opened this one so I went through a mess trying to find my money in electronic limbo!) When I asked why, they said it was because of NSF charges from September! Two months later. No warning, No call to ask where I wanted my money sent, No notification to this day (Nov. 22) except the call that I made that day. Only chose this bank if you want this to happen to you. I would have gladly paid a fee for the NSF rather than have this happen. Changing to another friendly online bank. Jeers to CapitalOne 360. I liked you better when you were INGDirect!

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Latest Capital One 360 Reviews

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    Reviewed By tamaramc Jun 2, 2016

    Capital One 360 very bad customer service

    I have been a long-time customer of this online bank. The time that I needed their help to wire MY $$ to pay off my mortgage, they TOTALLY let me down. Their system did NOT work when I tried to send a cashiers check and they completely refused to wire the money, even though, they were able to make this happen in certain situations - like YOUR SYSTEM DOES NOT WORK!

    Totally got the runaround and after an hour of frustration, I am dumping them.

    Do NOT be a customer of this bank. When you need them, they will not be there to help you.

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    Reviewed By timauthee Apr 28, 2016

    Love Capitol One 360 - not the "original" Capitol One

    Opened a Capital One "360" business account two months ago and am very pleased. The staff are great (a bit relaxed in their behavior but great non-the-less). Only negative: their initial deposit takes 10 business days even after they receive the external transfer and 5 days on later transfers.

    Of note, I don't like the original Capitol One (without the 360), I've had numerous problems over the years and just had another.

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    Reviewed By dcadams07 Apr 22, 2016

    I love it!

    I have been interested in online banking for a while, but I never could get approved for an account. I finally found Capital One, and all is well. When you call customer service, a real person that shares my native language answers the phone within 3 minutes, evertime. I have called multiple times, and they continue to surprise me with excellent customer service. I couldn't be happier with my account. I'm a middle class 27 year old that's trying to start a business, and this is the perfect solution for me. I read all of the bad reviews online, but to be honest, my first mobile deposit took 5 days to clear, and my second one took four. My third, however, cleared at midnight that night. I was a little worried about that after reading these reviews, and these people should come back and update those. Give them a try. You won't regret it.

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    Reviewed By BankingBetty Apr 1, 2016

    Great Customer Experience, Easy App, NO FEES Ever

    I love this bank! I have a Capital One 360 checking account and multiple Capital One 360 savings accounts. I have been with this bank for 2.5 years. I became a customer during the merger between ING Direct and Capital One because of the overwhelmingly positive customer reviews of ING Direct.

    I have not been disappointed. Capital One 360 has provided helpful and friendly customer service whenever I have had a question, and, when my wallet was stolen, they replaced my debit card overnight, free of charge. I LOVE that there are seriously no fees, and I have never experienced an issue with unexpected fees (which was a problem for me at previous banks). I really like the All Point ATM network; I have access to so many more ATMs than my friends or coworkers. I appreciate the high interest rate on my savings accounts (although I'm aware there are definitely higher ones out there now) and that none of the accounts have minimum balance requirements. Mobile check deposit has been very convenient for me. There was one frustrating time when I had to deposit a check that was over the mobile deposit limit, but the customer service rep I spoke with informed me I could now take the check to a Capital One branch and deposit it. There is a branch right by my work, which turned the frustrating process into an actually quite easy one, and the check was deposited in my savings account instantly--no hold time!

    Lastly, I like how this bank makes it super easy to save and manage my money. As I said, I use multiple savings accounts at this bank, and transferring funds between accounts is easy and instant (I've use the app and the browser experience for transfers). You can write notes on the transfers, which I use to help track how I'm managing my money. There are other little touches that remind customers to be saving money, which I really like; for example, when you call their customer service line, the automatic greeting says, "Hello, Saver!" before you're connected with a human.

    I've tried several banks--brick-and-mortar and online--and I'm really happy to have found a banking home at Capital One 360. Capital One, please continue to keep the ethos of ING Direct alive for your customers!!

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    Reviewed By NursJen Mar 23, 2016

    Closed my account with no notification!

    Sounds like this is a recurring theme, based on other reviews. We've been with CO360 since they were ING Direct. Today, my card was denied at the post office and when I called, I was told that effective today, my account was closed. No appeal process is possible, and it's because an automatic payment apparently attempted to withdraw when the funds were insufficient. The only message I received was over a week ago that I had a new message about my account and to log onto the website to see it. Nothing urgent, or saying that immediate attention was required. We are responsible, hard-working professionals, and I would in no way classify us as irresponsible with our money. We will be opening a checking account with my credit union tomorrow, but it is frustrating that thousands of dollars in our checking and savings are, at this point, inaccessible. Good riddance, CO360!

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    Reviewed By Rhanson4 Mar 12, 2016

    A bank that doesn't want money???

    I recently deposited my work commission checks into my account because I figured out how to do mobile deposits. I was sent an email that the deposits did not clear and my account would be closed in 10 days if I did not contact them. WTF. I contact them everyday and left voicemail messages to call me back and they wouldn't call me back. Finally one morning I got answer when I called as soon as they opened. They said they needed to verify with the person who issued the checks that they were legitimate. So I give them my boss' info and they said they would contact her and for me to call back later. Well, two days later they still have not contacted her, I cannot get them on the phone again, and it's the end of my "10 days to contact them back." So F U capital one. I've had this account since it was ING and my balance has always been in the thousands. Sorry I'm not a broke MF paying fees to you every month. Take your BS and get bent.

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    Reviewed By beverlyhills1974 Mar 9, 2016

    Spark Business Checking/360 Checking clueless about sole prop...

    I have had a savings accounts with Capital One 360 since it was known as ING Direct. I recently opened a Spark Business Check and Savings account, as I wanted a 2nd business checking and online availability. This worked fine until last week. I did a mobile deposit that was then rejected because the check was made out to my middle and last name. I am a sole prop so my name and the business name are one in the same. I had made three prior deposits with checks made out exactly the same way with no issue. On the phone I was told that the prior ones "must have slipped through the cracks." Really? I was told that checks MUST be made out to my first name and last name, even though my full name is listed on the account. I have never had this issue at my brick and mortar bank and I simply cannot understand why Capital One cannot figure out how to allow this type of deposit. Apparently, they don't understand the concept of a sole prop. I'm going to search for a new online bank, as Capital One apparently can't get organized. I also do not trust this bank, because when you tell a customer that the prior deposits "slipped through the cracks" that does not give me confidence in your product.

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    Reviewed By brosenheim Mar 3, 2016

    I Miss ING Direct

    My wife and I started a joint account with ING Direct nearly 10 years ago. We loved the high interest, good service, and internet security. We were unhappy with the fall in the interest rate, but that was global and couldn't be pinned on the bank. Then Capitol One 360 took over. First, I was skeptical because I thought that Capitol One spent too much on stupid commercials to be truly good at helping one save money (i.e. they had self-inflicted high overhead). Sure enough, in a matter of months, the security of their website changed for the worse. Just a username and a password, that's it folks. Anything else would be too expensive to maintain (i.e. it would affect what's in their wallet).

    Recently, in November 2015, we noticed that I could not see bills my wife paid and vice versa. This is not a good way to manage a joint account, and it resulted in a double payment to our credit card which is normally our most expensive monthly bill. Before, I could see bills in queue to be paid no matter whether I or she set them up. We informed CO 360 that we were not happy, and they basically thanked us for the feedback.

    We have now opened an Ally Bank account for better interest, less overhead, and better service. It will take a while to get our bills switched over, but within about a month, I think I will be much happier with my banking situation.

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    Reviewed By FrenchyBee Feb 21, 2016

    Only one checking account allowed, transfer takes at least 4 days

    I opened a CO360 for me and one for my wife, happy at the time but here are the reason why I'm switching back to my Credit Union.

    You can open up to 20 or 25 saving account but only 1 checking account, not even 1 joint checking account.

    I've transfer money from my CO360 account to my wife CO360 account 4 days ago and they still haven't processed the transfer.

    Stay away from them! I used to love capital one but they switch from free checking account to now $15, yeah right, I'm going to give you $15 for what? you already have my money, why do I pay for you to play with my money, shouldn't be the other way around? Credit union is the smart move.

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  • A
    Reviewed By albundy43 Feb 21, 2016

    i wish they was a -1 star

    They close my account for no reason and they didnt investigate it ! How a bank could be so bad

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