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Capital One 360 Customer Review

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Babetta's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Babetta

Feb 8th 2013


1. The online optimizer is a night mare.

2. People at the branch have no clue regardless of what you ask them and send you in the wrong direction all the time.

3 FEEEEES - incredible $30 for wires out 15 for wires in, plus maintenance fees per check fees

Hsbc gave me 5 wires free, no charge for checks(!) citi bank is much cheaper

Got online banking with citi - only now I understand what a dinosaur Capital one is!!!

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Other Capital One 360 Reviews

Mellit's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mellit

May 23rd 2015

5 out of 5 marks

So much better!

I switched to capital one 360 because of the overdraft line of credit. I don't usually overdraft, but the times that I have by accident, I got totally reamed by wells Fargo. Like eight overdraft fees in one day. And usually for something dumb, like my husband took out cash without realizing I had bills coming out. It's really painful to lose hundreds of dollars in those fees when you already are on a tight budget. And sometimes you can't cancel scheduled bills in time, even after you know about the negative balance, so those overdraft too. I even turned off overdraft protection with wells Fargo, but they still would allow stuff to go through! They would approve my debit card purchases, or atm withdrawal, and then later when a bill came through they'd go back and charge me an overdraft for ALL of the purchases, not just the bill. Their excuse....that the stated date from the biller preceeded the purchases, even though the actual bill wasn't withdrawn until after the purchases. I'm not sure that's even legal, but they are getting away with it. These big banks will do anything to trap you in these fees. Cap One helped get us back on track. The overdraft line of credit saved my butt a few times, with no fees, which saved me more. I also love how they automatically deduct money from the account when I send a check or payment, even if the check hasn't been cashed. Being a scatter brain, I often forget about payments that I sent, which causes overdrafts. This checking account helps keep me on track. I've also had no issues with customer service. They've always been very nice and informative. I've had a capital one credit card since college. It is literally the only credit card I've ever had that doesn't raise interest rates. It's been the same rate for thirteen years, no matter how high the debt got. Other cards that I had at the same time raised their rates even when I paid faithfully. So, I paid those ones off and now only use the capital one card.

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Nitza's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nitza

May 17th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible customer service

I loved ING Direct. But since Capital One took over this bank, it has gone downhill fast. Now they finally have paper checks. Up until now, only online payments were possible. These are special checks and I was told that checks from another printer will not work. But computer checks are not available and the people there are nasty. I have no intention of going back to writing checks by hand.

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