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Capital One 360 Customer Review

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Babetta's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Babetta

Feb 8th 2013


1. The online optimizer is a night mare.

2. People at the branch have no clue regardless of what you ask them and send you in the wrong direction all the time.

3 FEEEEES - incredible $30 for wires out 15 for wires in, plus maintenance fees per check fees

Hsbc gave me 5 wires free, no charge for checks(!) citi bank is much cheaper

Got online banking with citi - only now I understand what a dinosaur Capital one is!!!

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Other Capital One 360 Reviews

dej2010's Profile Image

Reviewed by dej2010

Feb 24th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Was A Great Bank Right Up Until.

Capital one 360 closed my account. No warning, no phone call or email. I found out about it because i suddenly could no longer log in any my transactions started to bounce. When i called to find out what was happening, the typically cheery rep suddenly became stern and cold with me. "you'll get a letter in the mail explaining why. "

you might assume i was a bad customer. I certainly can't imagine how that would be possible. $20k a month in and out of my account, three year relationship. I'll admit that i wrote about five checks over the life of the relationship that bounced - the most recent being 6 months ago - because my direct depositor had an unfortunate habit of sending funds a day late and i would occasionally write a check the day before the deposit assuming it would be ok.

I take ownership of this mistake, and i paid my penance for this transgression through bank fees on my "no fees" account. If i am the definition of a customer who deserves a sudden banking crisis followed by a curt letter that says "going forward, no additional activity can take place and no new accounts can be opened. Thanks, capital one 360" then this is the bank for you. My letter in return:

Dear capital one 360,

when i let you hold on to my money while i wasn't using it, i thought you'd appreciate the interest you could earn by turning around and loaning it to your mortgage customers. Now that you've had a sudden change of heart and told me to get lost, i want to return the favor. I've let many people know about your customer relationship approach and the value each individual account holder has to you.

As for the people whom i've previously recommended capital one 360, i have contacted each one to rescind and apologize for my recommendation. Going forward, no marketing material or other contact of any kind will accepted. In addition, i will make an effort to let as many people know my experience as i am able. Thanks,

-your former

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Lucrezia's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lucrezia

Feb 8th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

How Unsecure is Your Money?

Very. Capital One 360 is a risk. Your money is not secure. If you think it is...God help you if you need reimbursement on fraudulent charges. I'm getting ready to take them to small claims court over $400 in fraudulent online charges. After a mere 3 days deliberation and having NO access to my iTunes Account where my debit card was fraudulently charged and the charges are specified, they arbitrarily closed my disputes and refuse to reimburse me. After only 3 days of daily $9.99, $14.99, $1.99, $24.99 daily charges of months and months when no one notified me, they decide I there was no error?

I was charged twice when I had no internet. Huh? How is that possible? And yet Capital One 360 keeps denying my claims. Now they're not letting me into my account where I still have $980 + money waiting to be transferred to my other bank account. Are they holding my money hostage? Will they steal that money? Not while I still have my iPad and my fingers work. Small claims and FDIC here I come.

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