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Capital One Latest Customer Reviews

crlnmryhotmailcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by crlnmryhotmailcom

Aug 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Poor service, poor business sense

We have been w Cap One for about 5 years. Yesterday we stopped at our Cap One branch on Old Denton road in Carrollton for a notary. We were refused service because the notary told us Cap one only notarized Cap One documents. Previously I had docs notarized several times at this branch. About a year and a half ago we moved the bulk of our funds to Chase due to problems getting cashiers checks for RE transactions. Seemed like the person that could sign the check was always hard to find or out of the office. They to top it of the receiving banks HOLD Cap one cashiers checks for 3 days to clear. Something about the type of check Cap one issued at that time. Further they did not offer online wire transfers which make this whole process easier. We are giving up on Cap One they just don't understand

what customer service is.

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Quinn's Profile Image

Reviewed by Quinn

Aug 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Done with this bank

Tried to process a simple domestic wire transfer. It took over one and half hours to process. #badbank

I'm done with them. Closing my accounts.

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superfluous's Profile Image

Reviewed by superfluous

Jul 31st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Banking Experience Ever

I have a line of credit on checking account and now for the second time the bank returned items presented for payment and then charged me numerous NSF fees. When trying to clear up the line of credit issue with the bank, I was told that I did not have a line of credit for my checking account -- the bank's records did now show that I applied for nor did I have a line of credit on my account. Fortunately, I had a copy of a letter from CapitolOne stating that my line of credit had been processed for my account. I took me a week to resolve this issue with this bank. They have terrible customer service and will not admit to their errors, only keep charging you more and more banking fees. I am now going to close my account and warn anyone else to NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH CAPITAL ONE BANK.

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NOT2therescue's Profile Image

Reviewed by NOT2therescue

Jul 17th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Credit Increases Rarely Happen

I have two capital credit cards for over seven years. I apply for an increase every two years and i am declined. I have no history of any late payments for 7 years straight. I talked with a supervisor about it. I was given a $100. 00 increase on 1 (one card) and the other card was declined an increase. Credit cards that i have had for less than 3 years gave me an availability of $1000. 00 after a year on some card i got to $2000. 00- $6000. 00. I pay on time and before the due date. Check this out: when i had a fico score of 740 capital denied my increase. I was given an increase of 100. 00 with a fico score of 680. My availability remains under $700. 00 with capital. Seven years of credit card history is nothing to capital. My belief: to gain an increase with capital requires a certain income. Typically above 60k, history of on time payments plus a fico score in the 700's. I will be ending my relationship with capital soon!.

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jackiem44's Profile Image

Reviewed by jackiem44

Jul 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Nightmare Experience With Capital One Bank!

I have (had) three accounts with capital one bank; a savings account, a premier checking acct and a high yield checking account. On july 2, 2014, i called to close out the saving account as it was no longer needed. The savings account was closed out. On monday july 7th, when i logged into my account not only was my savings closed out (which i had requested), but my premier checking was closed out as well! I had numerous nsf charges and a return items from my homeowners insurance (auto deduct)!!! I called capital one and spoke with a manager and was told they closed the account. I proceeded to tell her i never asked for this account to be closed. She indicated she would reopen account and all would be fine with my premier account, but indicated i would not see the change on my side for a day or two. On wednesday, i logged into the account and it was still closed out and the balance on the account being mailed to me. I called and spoke with the same manager again, once again we went thru the same scenario of telling them i never asked for the account to be closed out. With 3 returned checks and a denial for auto deduct on home insurance, i demanded capital one call each of the accounts with nsf, with me on the line and explain the issue was capitalone' s fault, which she did. The account was reopened on wednesday, july 9th. I called the "executive customer service team" (703)720-2500 and issue was still not resolved. I have done everything in my power to resolve this, but the headaches, the time taken and the utter frustration, not to mention embarrassing when a $30 check to my doctor is returned nsf!!!! And now, this morning, friday july 11th, the account was closed again, without my permission, without checks being cleared!!!! This is way beyond incompetence... My week has been a living nightmare due to capitalone banks total disregard for resolving this issue. This is inexcusable and i would never suggest anyone do business with capital one bank.

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WilliamZoraster's Profile Image

Reviewed by WilliamZoraster

May 2nd 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Unique Financial Products and Good Service

I've been a Capital One banking customer since Capital One bought Chevy Chase Bank a few years back and have been pretty satisfied with my experience. Customer service is good; branches are usually fairly empty during the day when I stop in so they do a good job of giving me attention and not making me wait. My only gripe is that the customer service reps in branch can be a little pushy with credit card products if you don't already have one.

Capital One has a great branch and ATM network if you live in Northern Virginia, but it's difficult to find places to withdraw cash for free if you're traveling and I've paid more ATM fees over the years than I really care to.

One big plus is that Capital One has some unique checking products that have helped me to save a lot of money. Their Rewards Checking account helps me to earn about $50 back every year for making regular purchases on my debit and using my bank account to pay bills. That's just about the best return I've seen on a checking account so I've certainly been happy with it. Their redesigned online banking site is also very intuitive and convenient, definitely another plus for someone like me who does a lot of banking online.

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MAM's Profile Image

Reviewed by MAM

May 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Capitol One - Incompetent

I appreciate a bank that looks out for my best interest to ensure that my account is protected from fraud. However, when Capitol One decides to make decisions for me as to when to block my checking account because I simply asked a question about a charge becomes their right to block my entire account. For a month I have been on the phone with Capitol One just to get a replacement debit card. They have blocked, unblocked, shipped, lost, lied, miscommunicated, mislead, and put me in situations that were extremely embarrassing. I'm sure we have at one point in time experienced being in a check out line to find that your bank card is denied due to no fault of your own. Well let's say 4 times in a one month period. No access to my own account and funds because Capitol One determines whether to block, unblock. Control your account in the name of protecting you from fraud.

If that was the case then why would they send my replacement card via UPS and it is left on my door step if that is what they are most concerned about. If you miss a payment they are on the phone harassing you I'm sure. If you overdraw your account they are sending you demand letters, nasty gram and will send the overdrawn police to your house. But when they are at fault. You don't hear a peep -- no apology. You just get the middle finger and told to go kick rocks. You get what you get.

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triplet's Profile Image

Reviewed by triplet

Apr 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worst online banking ever

Their accounts and credit cards are not consolidated even for business banking. So you have logins for every different credit card holder and the main company. Ridiculous! Of course they don't tell you this when enrolling (this was last month, not years ago). They say upgrades are coming soon.

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1225's Profile Image

Reviewed by 1225

Apr 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

International Wire Transfer Service

Capital One Bank international wire transfer service is horrible since they merged with Chevy Chase Bank. Their international wire transfer service hour is 9 am to 2 pm on weekday (they do not international wire transfer on Saturday). I am working full time but I took the day off on Friday and went to Capital One Bank and do completed international wires transfer. However, the banker called later and said it is declined because banker did not put to wire purpose.

I do not understand why they need to know for transfer purpose, it is my money and will be withdrawal from my account (actually for my family support). They already checked my drive license and I got copy of transferred receipt, I asked them if they can fax to me I can put my signature and re-fax to them. But they denied my suggestion and told me that I have to stop by bank again. They should provide all information and make sure their job before customer finally stepped out of bank door.

This is second time, I got rejected. Last time, another Capital One branch banker made type error it also rejected. I never have seen like that before any of poor customer services. It is terrible and stupid banking system!

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bbudreau's Profile Image

Reviewed by bbudreau

Apr 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Larger the company - the worse the service

CapitalOne.com invited me to sign up for credit tracker. Yesterday I did and today I get email of change in my score. Therefore today I log on to CapitalOne.com only to find no link to the service now that I had signed up. Better yet customer service (non-service) said they couldn't help me with it because the tracker is provided by a third party. So once again capital one is only interested in signing you up for something with no intent to ever service the idem.

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JP100's Profile Image

Reviewed by JP100

Apr 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

I have been with ING for years -- no more since the Capital One merger.

Yes, they are a money-fee hungry beast. ING was great but now that they merged with Capital One. You should dump them both or expect fees that touch the legal limits.

Go to a Credit Union, they are fair and easy to join these days. Capital One and ING now enjoy a revenue model that caters to people with no options. You can do better.

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OrlandoEscalaya's Profile Image

Reviewed by OrlandoEscalaya

Apr 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Awful Management

Long lines, no service, awful bankers. This branch should be closed.

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arbuict's Profile Image

Reviewed by arbuict

Mar 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Cheats and Manipulators

I had a secured credit card from Capital One. I had closed my account in early Jan 2014 clearing all my dues. Still the bank kept sending email and phone calls about dues.

Twice on phone call I got it cleared with the bank reps on past dues and they clearly mentioned to me that I do not need to pay any further new payments as it had all been cleared when closing the account.

However even after that they kept sending emails and called me a third time to pay additional amount. Which I paid after having long discussion.

The bank has been involved in past in many illegal activities related to credit cards and has been caught by federal agencies. It continues to be a very unreliable bank and my suggestion would be in any case do no put your hard earned money into the hands of Capital One.

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Wesleyherrera82's Profile Image

Reviewed by Wesleyherrera82

Mar 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Credit Card Payment

I walked into the branch to make a $25.00 payment. Handed the teller my credit card and my primary financial institution debit card to advance the payment from. This teller did not pay attention to detail and drafted the credit card $25.00 which eventually will cost me 24% and $10.00 fee for doing so. I asked to speak to the manager who tried to be sneaky and state it was an error and it would not affect payment or cost I question per about then cash advance fee and she froze. She gave me an attitude for questioning her and stated that I should call the credit card dept for that matter. This experience was the worst. Poor service poor people skills and poor attention to detail.

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benl's Profile Image

Reviewed by benl

Mar 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

capital one---suck No. one

First time, I forgot to make a $20 balance payment just a few days past the due. I need to pay for the interest and the finance charge, which is OK for me---it is my fault. Then, after I make all the payment, and a couple of days later, I used the card for a purchase, the next day I was charged a interest for the purchase. I called for a reason, they just read the disclosure to me, which basically said that I need to pay an interest because I had a late payment before. I don't understand--- I paid everything and used the card after that, I can't use the card anymore without paying interest for anything I spent on the card in the future? So I close the account by phone.

Later, I found I need to get the cash back left on the account. But they said I can't get any cash back because the account has been closed. Why didn't the representative tell me that when I closed the account? But the agent said I need to read the disclosure.

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Rusical1's Profile Image

Reviewed by Rusical1

Mar 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worse bank ever

I have been capital one customer for about 10 years with a decent balance. Then after 10 years I received a letter stating that my account will be closed and we can't provide any additional information. I called the main office three times and also went to my branch to find out why my account being closed. The answer that I kept on receiving was that we can't provide any additional information and we have the rights to close the account. Thank God I moved from this bank and I told my family members so they can go to better bank. I wouldn't recommend this bank to anyone.

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illy10's Profile Image

Reviewed by illy10

Mar 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks


Everyone is friendly. But the top excellent in customer service is Sanasie Timbo. Every time I go to that branch I always leave when I'm happy because every issue been solved and I have been to different branches but this one is the best overall. And even if I move to another city I'll make sure to come back to this branch. Timbo is very helpful and he's always there for his customers he's very professional and polite with the customers I have never seen someone like him. I really appreciate the service he provides to the customers. Thank u again. And I wish everyone be like Sanasie Timbo with his excellent service.

Beltsville branch.

10800 Baltimore Ave

Beltsville, MD 20705


Ilhan Faqi

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Mater0221's Profile Image

Reviewed by Mater0221

Mar 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst customer service in the industry

I had been an Orchard Bank cardholder for 13 years with a perfect history. Capital one acquired my credit card account and problems began instantly. I was not able to access my account on line after being railroaded into the downward spiral of capital one. My Orchard Bank Mastercard expired in May of 2013, and the incompetent capital one finally sent me a credit card in February after contacting them 13 times. I still am not able to access and manage my account on line. I continued to make prompt payments by US Mail and demonstrated my integrity. Capital one has yet to assist me to access my account on line. The BBB was contacted (they of course are equally as pathetic) and I had a call from the capital one executive office. The idiot who contacted me is completely incompetent and I'm sure needs help dressing himself before his ride to work on one of those short buses where the riders lick the windows. Don't waste your time with Capital one, they are the bottom of the heap. Capital one has no customer service whatsoever. Please learn from my terrible experience, and don't have anything to do with these mentally deficient idiots!!

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HARRYHOLIDAY's Profile Image


Mar 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks



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ricksteric2's Profile Image

Reviewed by ricksteric2

Mar 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

bad customer service

This bank is very money hungry. After wage garnishing my check for several years, I received a letter saying all debts were paid in full, then 15 months later they come back and say "oh sorry, we forgot one account" & start wage garnishing again. In the mean time, since they told me all my accounts were paid in full 15 months ago, I went out & got a truck loan & a personal loan for a new roof. Now they come back & tell me that they will be wage garnishing again because they made a mistake! I wouldn't have went out & got 2 loans if I have known that they would wage garnish again! Now I am cash strapped. When I tried to explain this to them talking with a Elliott Buettner, he could care less. He didn't even attempt to try to understand or investigate why I was told all debts were paid & then come back in 15 months to say otherwise. All he had to say was "you owe this money & we will wage garnish your check until it is paid. But why did you tell me all was paid 15 months ago? why did you send a letter to my employer & tell them to stop all wage garnishments, because all debts are settled? & then come back 15 months later, after I moved on with my life & took out two loans, & start wage garnishment again? How am I supposed to pay all my bills now? They even gave me another credit card during the 15 months that I was without wage garnishments! Now with the wage garnishment back & I asked them how I was supposed to pay this new credit card bill? Capital One's answer to this? I was told my account was suspended and to pay the card in full in 30 days! See what I mean about no compassion? Not only do they wage garnish 15 months after they say in writting that all debts were paid in full, but when I complain about it, instead of any concerns for me, or try to help out or have any compassion what so ever, they closed my current account & make me pay it all in full in 30 days! I just told them that I can't pay all my bills with this wage garnish, so they just

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ricksteric's Profile Image

Reviewed by ricksteric

Feb 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very Bad Customer Service, no compassion what so ever!

This bank is so bank. They show no compassion at all. All they care about is money. This Elliott Buettner very smug & with no personality at all! They don't care about their customers one bit. If at all possible use another bank.

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KalIBhattiAIA's Profile Image

Reviewed by KalIBhattiAIA

Feb 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Looks like top management at Capital One don't listen to middle management or customer's complaints

1. Capital One have been charging me more than $450 service charge annually for my family accounts for low balance when there are more than $15K in the account.

2. I have spent $250 on buying best magnifier glass, still can't read scanned checks in my statement, does anyone at Capital One pay attention what they are doing.

3. Deposit slips are printed on very lousy paper which fades in couple of week or so.

4. Numerous time different bank officials set up my over draft protection, but looks like IT department screws up and over draft protection never get activated..

5. I made a deposit at one branch $18K, I got receipt for $36K, three days later I went to different branch deposited $180K got a receipt $360K.

6. Capital Bank Branch Manager came to my office to open my new business account, when account was still not open in four weeks, we found that our paper work branch manager forgot to process and it was sitting on his desk.

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GARYwj's Profile Image

Reviewed by GARYwj

Jan 25th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


Unwarranted charges

Unwarranted late payment charges

Unhelpful when pointing out basic mistakes

Failure to address problems

The list goes on

More hassle than it was worth

Avoid at all costs

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Charles1812's Profile Image

Reviewed by Charles1812

Jan 22nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Title Request Nightmare

I decided to sell my truck and knew it would be easier if I had the title free and clear. I paid the balance of the loan and contacted the lender, Capital One, a week later to check on the status.

Typically, once the loan is paid the lender notifies the state allowing the owner to request the title.

Capital One informed me they would not be contacting the state for at least 15 business days because I didnâ??t use certified funds to pay the balance â?? still donâ??t understand how the electronic payment from my checking account didnâ??t suffice.

According to Capital One the only option was to go to my bank and ask them to fax a letter to the title department in regard to the funds along with a recent bank statement. I didnâ??t want the prolonged process of waiting for the title so I considered this option until the representative told me the fax wouldnâ??t be processed by Capital One upon receipt â?? it would take at least 3 business days. I understood then that no matter what I did to expedite the process Capital One was still going be dragging their feet! Thanks for nothing Capital One.

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ddprncssjo's Profile Image

Reviewed by ddprncssjo

Jan 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Credit Card Company Out There

I have been a loyal customer to Capitol One for over 10 yrs. I may have made 1 late payment, ever! I also pay above my minimum due. They are the only credit card I own, that still bills me a $29 annual fee. I call every year, and have to almost "demand" they remove it. Which they always do. But this is my biggest annoyance with them. Their interest rates are high! Every single credit card I have, I pay no more than 12% tops, for their Visas/Mastercards. I call at least every other month, and ask them to review my account to lower my interest rates. They will not do it. They tell me what a wonderful customer I am, but they inform me they can't just lower interest rates. This is a lie. Every single time I call any other credit card company I have, they have always looked at my account and lowered my rates. Even if it's a 6-12-18 month promotion. It always happens. But nope, not with Capitol One! I think I will be finally transferring my balance to a good company, and closing out my account with Capitol One. Their loss!

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BruceFinney's Profile Image

Reviewed by BruceFinney

Jan 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

They Repoed car over $1200

Over the past 8 months I have been underemployed. I went from making $30,000 a year to $8 an hours. My payment was $340 a month. I have been paying around $250 a month. I go out this morning and my car is gone. CapitalOne told me that I was 3 months behind. I have been making payments every month. But with late fees, I owed $1100; they told me I was 3 months behind. CapitalOne wants $1600 within 17 days to get the car back. The repo company wants $400 to release my car. If I had that kind of money, I would not be late. The repo company is a hour and a half away. So I am just going to let them keep the car. The icing on the cake is to get my stuff back I have to pay $25

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gcao5360's Profile Image

Reviewed by gcao5360

Dec 23rd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Does not value its customers

Ally does not charge a fee to transfer money from or to your non-Ally accounts. Capital One charges $20 for this on a customer of 5+ years.

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Jkim's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jkim

Dec 23rd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Bad Credit Card Company - Encourages Late Payments

I do not recommend using Capital One Credit Cards. They actually prefer you to make your credit card payment late a little so the can make more sundry income (aka late fees). For the past few years, they did not have an automatic payment but thank goodness they've finally implemented that. Of course, if you don't set it up, your screwed because their system could be done or you might try to make your payment after 5 PM EST which then triggers a fee. I got an email from them the day after a payment was due say that I should make a payment. Too bad they couldn't have sent it the day off to remind me. No Customer Courtesy! Just about the money. There are better credit card companies out there - do make my mistake.

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anniep's Profile Image

Reviewed by anniep

Dec 20th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Capital One debited my account by $25,000 without telling me.

I deposited a check from Fidelity into my Capital One checking account on December 1. Several days later, I checked to see if it had been released and it have been debited! I was scared to death - what happened to such a large deposit? The teller at the branch I went to was very non-nonchalant. He made a few calls and told me that because it was a custodial account, it should have been deposited into my son's account. My son's account is linked to mine so it could have been easily taken care of on the spot. Instead the teller told me the check had been put in US mail. I waited 19 days until today for the check. I received a letter today from Capital One saying that they do not return original items so I have to contact Fidelity and have them reissue the check. The feedback I received both in person and in writing was very flippant and disrespectful. They really could not care less.

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mwest's Profile Image

Reviewed by mwest

Oct 29th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Current Commercial Revolting

The current commercial with Samuel Jackson is absolutely revolting and embarrassing. After seeing it aired over and over again, and our children expressing their shock when they said, "That man on there is cussing!" We have decided to never do business with Capital One ever again. The language on this commercial is not necessary. It may be no big deal to many people, but why offend anybody when that kind of language is just not necessary. Go away please!

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