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Reviewed By americanabroad Aug 3, 2015

Excellent service for credit card holders traveling overseas

I'm an American living abroad and have needed to call Capital One on several occasions. Without fail, their customer service representatives have been patient, knowledgeable and efficient. The cash back feature of their Quicksilver VISA cards is generous, and there is no international fee, a huge savings since we live outside the U.S. most of the year. I'm happy to recommend the card to others.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By AJ N. Sep 19, 2013


Crapitol None Is The Worst Bank in The World Do Not repeat do not Bank with them. They suck!

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  • Q
    Reviewed By QueZee Apr 20, 2016

    Capital One Banking

    My family has been banking with Capital One ever since they bought out First NBC Bank. Wife and I are both medically retired and closed all our credit cards years ago. We lived on a check/debit card and cash. One day we went into a local branch on Hwy 59 to replace our check card. We usually replace them as a safety measure due to fraud annually. When we signed the book to speak with a bank employee we noticed a couple of names we knew that were presently being seen. We were called next as they finished and sat down at the same desk as they were. We explained out reason for the visit and gave our information. A few minutes passed and we were informed of a computer error and asked if we would mind speaking to another agent across the bank. We gathered or identification and crossed over to the other side. We started over at another computer with another agent. After ordering the new cards we were asked if we wanted a Capital One credit card. Initially we declined until we were given examples of the benefits of paying our mortgage with the credit card then paying the card. We decided to apply for the Capital One Credit card. After receiving the card we noticed we could not access the card through our usual webpage accounts. We called customer service for help accessing the credit card side. We were instructed to go to another webpage and to download another phone app. We made our first payment on the card and everything seemed to work fine. Soon after we unexpectedly had to go out of town. While out of town we decided to make a payment using the phone app for the first time. Not noticing that the app had switched the accounts that the draft payments would be coming out of. We made 2 of these phone app payments while traveling. Once we were back home we made another payment using the computer which also drafted from the wrong account. The second payment from our computer mysteriously switched back to the right account. Capital One froze all our accounts after they were notified of the incorrect drafts from a account that NEVER should have been connected to ours. We found out that this was an old account that one of us was signed on to but removed from two years ago. Someone didn't do their job unlinking this account from ours. We have several accounts and are guilty of not paying attention to what account was linked every time we made a payment. We didn't have a clue what was going on until the bank called. We started investigating what was going on and found the wrong account was linked then blocked from allowing drafts. The funny thing is we NEVER had that account number to know all the numbers. The bank insists that we knew the numbers to manually input them into the app. We beg to differ because we didn't input ANY of the accounts we have, they were already there. Well after speaking with several Capital One employees and being threatened with FRAUD over not noticing where the money was being drafted from we decided to bank elsewhere. An investigation was opened and we were cleared of any wrongdoing by the police detective due to others substantiating we never should have had access to the past old account and that it should have NEVER been linked to our accounts. The credit card customer service agent told me that you can put ANY account you want into the program and the money will draft from it. I said ANY ACCOUNT NUMBER? The response was YES as long as you know all the numbers. Basically you can pay your credit cards with ANY ACCOUNT you can get the numbers to until someone notices. WOW!! And they wonder why they have FRAUD! How can you allow anyone to have access to your account to pay a credit card?

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    Reviewed By TrainerC Mar 30, 2016

    Great for Credit Cards and Mortgage. Not very good for checking and poor integration.

    I have had great experience with Cap One credit cards and obtaining a mortgage. They have increased my credit lines, payments are applied timely, and service is excellent. The mortgage process with them is simple and the rates and fees are very competitive and beat everyone else.

    Their websites and apps are very good, unfortunately if you have regular Capital One checking, it is on a different website from the mortgage and another for the investment accounts.

    Capital One Checking has some major issues. #1 is the lack of transparency with deposit clearing and overdraft coverage. Most banks tell you exactly when your finds will be available, but with Capital One, it is a bit of a mystery. They don't offer a line of credit to cover overdrafts. you can opt in to overdraft coverage at a cost of $35 each, and they will cover overdrafts at their discretion. I have free checking because of my mortgage but I stopped using it for these reasons.

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  • J
    Reviewed By jackchesley Mar 13, 2016


    Well, it's too bad that Capitol 1 took over my local bank (Chevy Chase Bank) where I have been banking for 20 years. I have little to add other than one more example of rapacious money-stealing practices:

    We had a joint CD with an overseas couple for about 15 years... my wife died and the overseas couple wished to cash in the CD instead of renewing it when it came due. The dirtbags would NOT let me cancel it as executor in my wifes name... they insisted on a notarized statement from overseas, which could not be done in the limited time frame... SO THEY FORCED THE RENEWAL AND THEN CHARGED ALMOST $1000 IN "EARLY WITHDRAWAL PENALTY", not just canceling a few months interest, when it was moved to another bank. This is criminal.

    BEWARE! of Capitol One!!!

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    Reviewed By BubbaBanker2016 Feb 22, 2016

    Attention to DETAILS!

    My son went in to the Covington, LA, Branch of Capital One to cash US Bonds my wife and I gave him. Before finalizing all of the details, including the most up to date value for each of the different issued documents (different months), the bank employee/teller stamped the bonds before cashing them out....only to discover that the Social Security numbers were entered incorrectly when the Bonds were issued. My wife had to cash them in.
    The problem was that they were ALREADY STAMPED by the teller who was unaware of the process.
    We went back and settled the problem with the Bonds including the fact that the teller put the WRONG CASH VALUE AMOUNT ON EACH ONE, getting the value for one and, without any attention to detail, putting that incorrect value on ALL OF THE BONDS!!!
    We went to our own bank only to find out that we had to travel to Covington (we live near New Orleans!) to straighten the problem out.
    The teller this time, was patient and corrected all the problems.
    HERE IS THE CLINCHER: When my wife called to give feedback about the first teller's errors she was dismissed by the branch manager. Can you imagine.
    Stay away from this bank. YOU TOO MAY BE DISMISSED as a unimportant client.

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  • M
    Reviewed By mags Feb 3, 2016


    I have been trying to get my three accounts sorted out with Capital One for two weeks now. Not one person knows what they are talking about and they do not read notes, so you are constantly repeating yourself because they transfer you over and over.

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  • L
    Reviewed By litrebike Feb 2, 2016

    Capital One Bank Transfer to Europe

    After visiting two branches of Capital One Bank in New Orleans i was unable to complete a bank transfer to Europe. Rude attitude of an incompetent staff could not get the transfer completed at the first branch. At the second branch there was no one around who could assist me. Very poor customer service. Maybe it's just New Orleans?

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  • D
    Reviewed By debkay Jan 31, 2016

    customer service

    The WORST customer service on the phone. I got transfered around w/out the person reiterating the story to the next person so I had to keep repeating it....I will be terminating my credit card w/ them.

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  • B
    Reviewed By bigJohn Jan 25, 2016

    Not Happy

    Talk about bait and switch. Their promotion said "New Money" but the fine print says new customer also. Well I can be a new customer elsewhere.

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  • F
    Reviewed By fuckCapitalOne Jan 21, 2016

    Capital One refuses to stop sending solicitation letters, and customer service is very rude

    I am just about to close my credit card account with this company. Many times I have requested that they please stop sending me solicitation letters in the mail, and many times I have been told by customer service representatives that this has been done, I should receive no further solicitations. Yet they still come.

    The last rep I spoke to, Valecia, customer service ID OPW327 was extremely rude, defensive and snippety with me, insisting that their policies were way different than what I had previously been told, and that they would continue sending me solicitations for the next month at least.

    It is quite obvious that Capital One has no respect for their customers, in dealing with multiple rude and unhelpful customer service reps, and refusing to stop sending solicitations to people who don't want them.

    Worst company ever.

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  • P
    Reviewed By Paris1978 Jan 8, 2016

    Capital one is the worst credit card co

    If I could I would give it 0 stars.
    I had a capital one credit card for probably 10+ years. Always paid my bill on time. During all those years they never lowered my rate from 25% and never offered a balance transfer with a reasonable rate,( like Discover 0% for 12 month). Balance transfer at 25%? I even called to inquire about a better rate, I was told no.
    I use the card sporadically sometimes shopping online abroad. Recently 2 purchases on 2 consecutive days were declined and the account was blocked. To deal with the customer service and the fraud department is a nightmare. Talking about 30-40 minutes. It goes like this: you call customer service, they switch you to the Frau department, giving your entire life story to identify yourself, then the gave to call you to verify it was you who called. Today after spending 30 minutes speaking to them in the morning I had a message at home on the voicemail from capital one. I called back. Spoke to 2 people, then the supervisor of the supervisors in whose opinion their procedures are not excessive and he refused to talk about my account until he called me back to verify my identity. I spent 2 hours on the phone in 2 days, not to mention the aggregation.
    This is not happening with any other credit card. I am done with capital one and I will never use the card again. I am all for security, but a credit card is supposed to be a convenience and not turn into a circus act each time you want to use the card. There are better available cards. I would discourage anyone to get a capital one credit card.

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