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Capital One Customer Review

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EBW5225's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by EBW5225

May 9th 2012

Received letter with incorrect information.

Yesterday, May 8, 2012, my husband and I each received a letter from Capital One advising that they had acquired HSBC's credit card accounts, including an active credit card in my name and my husband's name. The thing is, neither of us have an account with HSBC. If this financial institution can make this type of mistake, what kind of banking business would anyone expect to receive from them? I have heard that this particular bank has a very unfavorable reputation and have therefore never considered banking with them. From the reviews I've read, it seems unlikely that I will ever be a customer. By the way, their commercials were terrible, but since Alec Baldwin has started being in them, they are getting better. But they should really get rid of the guys with the bad teeth and bad hair.

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Other Capital One Reviews

crlnmryhotmailcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by crlnmryhotmailcom

Aug 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Poor service, poor business sense

We have been w Cap One for about 5 years. Yesterday we stopped at our Cap One branch on Old Denton road in Carrollton for a notary. We were refused service because the notary told us Cap one only notarized Cap One documents. Previously I had docs notarized several times at this branch. About a year and a half ago we moved the bulk of our funds to Chase due to problems getting cashiers checks for RE transactions. Seemed like the person that could sign the check was always hard to find or out of the office. They to top it of the receiving banks HOLD Cap one cashiers checks for 3 days to clear. Something about the type of check Cap one issued at that time. Further they did not offer online wire transfers which make this whole process easier. We are giving up on Cap One they just don't understand

what customer service is.

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Quinn's Profile Image

Reviewed by Quinn

Aug 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Done with this bank

Tried to process a simple domestic wire transfer. It took over one and half hours to process. #badbank

I'm done with them. Closing my accounts.

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