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Capital One Customer Review

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glennbo's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by glennbo

Jul 13th 2012

at first they were okay - i was with chevy chase bank whom i had been with for 15 years , until last year

I had been with Chevy chase bank for 15 years , back in 08 capital one acquired Chevy chase and within a year had completely changed all locations over to cap one - well everything was fine , but I was skeptical the whole time I was dealing with Cap One - last year i received a notice from the state about my taxes for the year of 2007 - they claimed I hadn't paid my taxes for that year - so I looked into it and contacted the state about what it was exactly that saw wrong with my taxes , my records indicated I did pay taxes to the state that year - I never questioned it though , because I knew there was a high possibility that my records could have been wrong - so after a few months of the state not contacting me , I suddenly received a notice from the state declaring that if I didn't pay the tax amount they were requesting (2897.00 ) - then they were going to levy my bank account - so abruptly I called the state to take care of the issue - after further review , I had realized that for the tax year of 2007 , I had originally sent in my 1040 to the IRS along with my payment , later ( about a week) I realized I had done my taxes wrong - so I sent in a 1040 X which is an amended tax statement with the right figures posted - I then received a acknowledgement from the IRS that they had my 1040X and it was under review and within a week they sent me the overpayment back alone with an amended return and a statement agreeing with my figures - so in January of 2011 I received this first letter from the state about the tax amount owed , I responded ,and in June of 2011 i received a lien notice - so i called the state again , after wrangling around with a few of the state tax department heads they finally sent me to the dispute dept , in which the young lady there took a look at my forms I had faxed over proving the 1040X amended tax statements for 2007 - she concurred that the state was wrong and found I owed no more taxes and promptly contacted the bank who was notified of the lien date by the same means as I was &ndas

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Other Capital One Reviews

Quinn's Profile Image

Reviewed by Quinn

Aug 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Done with this bank

Tried to process a simple domestic wire transfer. It took over one and half hours to process. #badbank

I'm done with them. Closing my accounts.

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superfluous's Profile Image

Reviewed by superfluous

Jul 31st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Banking Experience Ever

I have a line of credit on checking account and now for the second time the bank returned items presented for payment and then charged me numerous NSF fees. When trying to clear up the line of credit issue with the bank, I was told that I did not have a line of credit for my checking account -- the bank's records did now show that I applied for nor did I have a line of credit on my account. Fortunately, I had a copy of a letter from CapitolOne stating that my line of credit had been processed for my account. I took me a week to resolve this issue with this bank. They have terrible customer service and will not admit to their errors, only keep charging you more and more banking fees. I am now going to close my account and warn anyone else to NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH CAPITAL ONE BANK.

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