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Capital One Customer Review

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glennbo's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by glennbo

Jul 13th 2012

at first they were okay - i was with chevy chase bank whom i had been with for 15 years , until last year

I had been with Chevy chase bank for 15 years , back in 08 capital one acquired Chevy chase and within a year had completely changed all locations over to cap one - well everything was fine , but I was skeptical the whole time I was dealing with Cap One - last year i received a notice from the state about my taxes for the year of 2007 - they claimed I hadn't paid my taxes for that year - so I looked into it and contacted the state about what it was exactly that saw wrong with my taxes , my records indicated I did pay taxes to the state that year - I never questioned it though , because I knew there was a high possibility that my records could have been wrong - so after a few months of the state not contacting me , I suddenly received a notice from the state declaring that if I didn't pay the tax amount they were requesting (2897.00 ) - then they were going to levy my bank account - so abruptly I called the state to take care of the issue - after further review , I had realized that for the tax year of 2007 , I had originally sent in my 1040 to the IRS along with my payment , later ( about a week) I realized I had done my taxes wrong - so I sent in a 1040 X which is an amended tax statement with the right figures posted - I then received a acknowledgement from the IRS that they had my 1040X and it was under review and within a week they sent me the overpayment back alone with an amended return and a statement agreeing with my figures - so in January of 2011 I received this first letter from the state about the tax amount owed , I responded ,and in June of 2011 i received a lien notice - so i called the state again , after wrangling around with a few of the state tax department heads they finally sent me to the dispute dept , in which the young lady there took a look at my forms I had faxed over proving the 1040X amended tax statements for 2007 - she concurred that the state was wrong and found I owed no more taxes and promptly contacted the bank who was notified of the lien date by the same means as I was &ndas

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bbudreau's Profile Image

Reviewed by bbudreau

Apr 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

larger the company the worse the service

capital one .com invited me to sign up for credit tracker.. yesterday I did and today I get email of change in my score. therefore today I log on to capitalone.com only to find NO LINK to the service now that I had signed up.. better yet customer service (nonservice) said they couldn't help me with it because the tracker is provided by a third party. So once again capital one is only interested in signing you up for something with no intent to ever service the idem.

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JP100's Profile Image

Reviewed by JP100

Apr 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

I have been with ING for years, no more since the Capital One merger

Yes, they are a money-fee hungry beast. ING was great but now that they merged with Capital One, you should dump them both or expect fees that touch the legal limits.

Go to a Credit Union, they are fair and easy to join these days. Capital One and ING now enjoy a revenue model that caters to people with no options..You can do better.*

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