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Capitol Federal Financial is the holding company for Capitol Federal Savings Bank. Capitol Federal Savings Bank has 40 branch locations in Kansas, nine of which are in-store branches. Capitol Federal Savings Bank employs 669 full time equivalent employees in the operation of its business and is one of the largest residential lenders in the State of Kansas.
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Capitol Federal Bank Location Map
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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Costello's Profile Image

Reviewed by Costello

Dec 5th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Not happy with Cap Fed

I banked with Cap Fed for nearly 20 years and was basically happy with them. Then about a year and a half ago they started hitting me with various fees and charges. They got me for $78 over about an 8 month time period. I just got tired of it and closed my account.

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jjjjj's Profile Image

Reviewed by jjjjj

Nov 3rd 2011

1 out of 5 marks

Nickel and dimed lately

They have my mortgage, savings and a checking account. I have had the accounts since 2004 and the mortgage since 1987. Usual balance in checking is a bit over $600. My last statement (received today 11/3) had a $2 "service charge" on it so went in to find out why. Seems in August 2011, they sent out a complicated and densely written (chart form) trifold pamphlet stating that various accounts minimum balances would be going up (in my case to $1000).

Nothing pointing out that my particular account was subject to this. I went in to close out the account and darned if they didn't charge another $2 because we were now three days into November. Avoid this bank. I will be closing my savings account as soon as I get the automatic deposits and withdrawals resolved, and I will be paying off my small remaining mortgage.

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