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Charles Schwab Bank Customer Review

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Max_Power's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Max_Power

Jan 28th 2013

Fantastic, All Around

I've been with schwab for about 1. 5 months now, and i've been extremely impressed. I was reluctant to go with such a large corporate institution, but my experience has only been positive. I don't know what a guy has to do to get charged a fee at schwab, but, i haven't been charged one yet. In addition to the niceties you'd expect from a well rated online bank (free atm use at any atm, no maintenance fees, free online billpay, etc. ) there are things here you simply can't find anywhere else:

1) free checks. I don't mean you get your first 100 checks free. I mean free checks. Always. 2) atm fee reimbursements. I don't mean, reimbursement of the first $5 per month. I don't mean only in your state, or even your country. I mean, reimbursement of all atm fees, everywhere in the world. That's right. I can take money out of an atm in thailand and they'll reimburse the fee. 3) speaking of thailand, no currency conversion fees. Other banks, in addition to not reimbursing international atm fees will also charge you a percentage of your withdrawal just for 'converting' it to the local currency. Schwab does not charge this fee.

Aside from that, i've had to call customer service a few times. Awesome. It's not farmed out to india. It's not some stoner playing angry birds while he's talking to you. I'd swear i was talking to a real bank manager everytime. I generally hate calling customer support but, everytime i've hung up the phone with a schwab representative, i'm downright ecstatic that they are my bank. You know, the concept of a bank fails without depositor accounts. I don't mean they'd do less business or make less money. I mean there simply would not be banks without depositor accounts. So, it's really nice to finally find a bank that 'gets' that and treats depositors as they should. Which is to say: grateful to have your money in their bank. -joe

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Other Charles Schwab Bank Reviews

mbtietest33's Profile Image

Reviewed by mbtietest33

Mar 4th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

bad experience

bad customer service on the phone

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skipper29's Profile Image

Reviewed by skipper29

Oct 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Used to be Good, Not anymore

I had a brokerage account and a high yield checking account. I was using my ATM/Checking far too often (online shopping, traveling, etc---FYI: I never over drafted or bounced a check). But I decided to open a new checking account with them to better manage my finances for the holidays and the new year and close the current one. Guess what?

I was denied a new checking account due to something they perceived negative on my credit report. Not only was I denied a new checking account but they ended up closing my current one at random. I find it interesting that they kept the brokerage account alive and well. Point being, if you have good credit this bank may not be for you. I think they require excellent or near perfect credit. (yes, they do pull a hard inquiry on your credit when you attempt to open an account).

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