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Acquired in 2004 by Citizens Financial Group, Inc., Charter One Bank has branches in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. Despite the use of the different names, the two banks are otherwise the same. Charter One has been fully integrated into Citizens, and has adopted an identical logo. The websites for both banks are also identical, with the only difference being the name. Citizens customers can bank at Charter One locations and vice-versa. Combined they are the ninth-largest bank in the United States with over $128 billion in assets and 1,400 branches across 13 states.
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Charter One Bank Location Map
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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

ekim57's Profile Image

Reviewed by ekim57

Oct 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Always Great Service

It seems when i go to my local branch i always am treated as if i am family which is great because i don't have to go in to see a teller as much as in the old days.

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sgspearman's Profile Image

Reviewed by sgspearman

Apr 18th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

poor customer service on payoff

So I had been generally happy with our line of credit of credit at charter one. But when we used their phone menu to order a payoff letter it was lost. When I called customer service after 8 days they said they could fax it. I said great. Then they said it will be $25 (for a fax!)

I asked to speak to a manager and explained why the late payoff letter was their error and that I expected it to be free. He said he had no way to waive the fee but said the office of the chairman would be in touch in a couple days. Someone called after 4 days but missed me. When I called them back I got no return call again for another two days. This is not what I expect in customer service - very poor.

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Michelle J's Profile Image

Reviewed by Michelle J

Dec 9th 2010

1 out of 5 marks

HORRIBLE customer service with agents who could care less about having your business

I've been with Charter One in Canton, OH for 10 years. The only reason I didn't leave sooner is the inconvenience of changing my direct deposit. I've been nickled and dimed with $37-$39 overdraft fees to death, usually always on transcations that post the same day as my deposits. Their so-called "customer-service" is cold, uncaring, and lacks any form of human empathy.

If you ask me, they just want to take your money however they can. I, like many people, live paycheck to paycheck despite having a decent salary and don't appreciate their stupid fine print and red tape. Do not go to Charter One and tell all of your friends/family!! What happened to the good old days where the customer was respected and treated as though their business mattered???. Funny how all these banks want bail-out but they don't want to help out their loyal customers in turn. I hope they all burn in Hell someday!

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