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Charter One Bank Latest Customer Reviews

DougWilson77's Profile Image

Reviewed by DougWilson77

Mar 14th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Great People and Service

I have been to this branch several times. Everyone I have interacted with (Michelle Frascarelli to Christin Kelo and Sylvia and others) have always been very friendly, extremely professional and helpful. Just in there yesterday for help with a an international wire transfer from Sylvia. While the process was lengthy, through no fault of Sylvia's, she and others made we feel important and well served.

The men and women of this branch have also been very courteous and helpful to me as a customer and person. I feel welcomed!

Keep up the good work and distribution of smiles!

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ekim57's Profile Image

Reviewed by ekim57

Oct 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Always Great Service

It seems when i go to my local branch i always am treated as if i am family which is great because i don't have to go in to see a teller as much as in the old days.

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akale1982's Profile Image

Reviewed by akale1982

Feb 22nd 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Streetsboro Ohio Branch Is Wonderful

Streetsboro giant eagle branch is great. Awesome bankers very helpful. Great experience transactions post quickly, never an issue. Only improvement needed is mobile deposit and text balances needed. Otherwise very satisfied. Great job rbs citizens/charter one!

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vprin's Profile Image

Reviewed by vprin

May 14th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Have Accounts There, CD And Equity Loan

I am shocked at the negative reviews for charter one. I bank at the one in franklin park, il. And they have always been wonderful to deal with and their customer service is so friendly and respectful. In this case, illinois must be doing something right!

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DawnDumke's Profile Image

Reviewed by DawnDumke

Jan 16th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Very unpleasant; not at all helpful; may terminate long standing banking relationship

I was directed to Christina to answer my concern about why payments were not made electronically. I make payments to these companies every month and for the first time the payment was not made on the scheduled date. I inquired about why this was different this time so that I could avoid a late fee in the future. Christina was very rude and never did answer the question or offer to find out. Several times I thought she had hung up because she would not talk.

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sgspearman's Profile Image

Reviewed by sgspearman

Apr 18th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

poor customer service on payoff

So I had been generally happy with our line of credit of credit at charter one. But when we used their phone menu to order a payoff letter it was lost. When I called customer service after 8 days they said they could fax it. I said great. Then they said it will be $25 (for a fax!)

I asked to speak to a manager and explained why the late payoff letter was their error and that I expected it to be free. He said he had no way to waive the fee but said the office of the chairman would be in touch in a couple days. Someone called after 4 days but missed me. When I called them back I got no return call again for another two days. This is not what I expect in customer service - very poor.

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domcastro's Profile Image

Reviewed by domcastro

Feb 28th 2013

2 out of 5 marks


Every time my ATM card is about to expire it takes them 3 weeks past the expiration date to get one to me. The bank fees continue to go up and they tack on fees when they do not apply.

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nilescustomer's Profile Image

Reviewed by nilescustomer

Sep 10th 2012

2 out of 5 marks

Very Poor Treatment Of Long Term Customer

I had accounts with charter one bank over 20 years. Account got overdraft fees, they did not want to reimburce me totally, only partially. Is this the right way to treat long term customer? I don't think so. So, i closed all my 3 accounts & move on.

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nbaywal's Profile Image

Reviewed by nbaywal

Dec 1st 2011

1 out of 5 marks

Avoid This Bank! Corporate Greed Has Taken Over!!!

Terrible customer service, poorly trained staff, and costly fees. Please watch how your deposits are cleared or kiss all of your money good bye. I spoke with the branch manager of the shelby twp, mi branch and he was so 'good' he was the final straw that inspired me to take my business to another bank. I never thought i would hear a branch manager say that he does not reverse fees even when he agrees with the customer because it reflects negatively on his branch when corporate compares each branch in the district.

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themonster's Profile Image

Reviewed by themonster

Jan 25th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Chicago, IL 60616

The banker with initials M.M. has serious customer service issues. I login my online account this morning and noticed random service charges for the last few months. I know I met the requirements, so I decided to visit this branch. The banker blamed me for not notifying her the first time I was being charged. Seriously?! She said she could only reverse ONE service fee. I told her I meet the requirements and I don't understand why she cannot reverse all the fees. She cannot explain anything and that I should talk to a manager at another branch.

It amazes me how someone who is a banker has ZERO customer service skills.

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Michelle J's Profile Image

Reviewed by Michelle J

Dec 9th 2010

1 out of 5 marks

HORRIBLE customer service with agents who could care less about having your business

I've been with Charter One in Canton, OH for 10 years. The only reason I didn't leave sooner is the inconvenience of changing my direct deposit. I've been nickled and dimed with $37-$39 overdraft fees to death, usually always on transcations that post the same day as my deposits. Their so-called "customer-service" is cold, uncaring, and lacks any form of human empathy.

If you ask me, they just want to take your money however they can. I, like many people, live paycheck to paycheck despite having a decent salary and don't appreciate their stupid fine print and red tape. Do not go to Charter One and tell all of your friends/family!! What happened to the good old days where the customer was respected and treated as though their business mattered???. Funny how all these banks want bail-out but they don't want to help out their loyal customers in turn. I hope they all burn in Hell someday!

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Luann211's Profile Image

Reviewed by Luann211

Jun 29th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Bad Customer Service by Manager

I went into the Commerce Street branch this morning after realizing there had been fraudulent activity on my debit card. Three transactions, totaling almost $800, not made by me were pending.

The first gentleman I sat with was extremely friendly and tried to be helpful. He explained that I had to wait for the pending transactions to post and then I would need to fill out an affidavit to have the funds returned to my account. This was expected to take 10-14 days. I was also going to have to cancel my debit card, and it would take 5-7 days to get a replacement. This person said he would talk to the bank manager when he got off his conference call, as he was sure the manager would be able to help, and in some cases they would provide some "provisional cash".

When the manager came out, he didn't offer any help at all. I let him know I was going to have to withdraw some cash before they cancelled my debit card, as I only had $5 in my wallet. The manager told me that if I did so, I'd be charged an overdraft fee because the fraudulent transactions had put my account into a negative state. I asked if he would waive the overdraft fee due to the circumstances. He said he couldn't do so because if I were to withdraw money knowing that the account had a negative balance then I would have to pay an overdraft fee. I found this to be totally unacceptable!

I have been a customer of Citizens Bank for 30 years, but after this incident, I intend to take my business elsewhere. Further, shouldn't the bank have caught this before they charges went through? I feel that $800 of charges at Lego Land in California by a middle-aged woman living in MA should have sent up a red flag.

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jpk's Profile Image

Reviewed by jpk

Apr 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I have never had such a bad experience with a bank in my life. Customer service "manager" Craig has absolutely no business being a manager -- especially in customer service since he does not know what it means. Being ripped off with ridiculous fee's is their specialty as well. If you like to lose money that you are trying to save, then put it in charter one. I'd rather have a rectal exam that deal with that bank.

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DTMKnight's Profile Image

Reviewed by DTMKnight

Dec 27th 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Awful from top to bottom with hidden fees!

So I open up a CD with Charter One Bank which matures. I call and specifically ask what are the penalties as I will be unable to go to the bank during the short 10 day grace period. The employee tells me I will lose the interest I accrue during the time after the account has matured.

Go into the bank a couple weeks later and they tell me $50 dollar fine and lost interest. Never heard of this kind of fine before and they have now lost all future business with me. I even had them as a strong possibility for my mortgage as I will be buying a house next year. At least now I know that would have been an awful mistake.

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John W's Profile Image

Reviewed by John W

Jul 1st 2010

1 out of 5 marks


I have two terrible stories about Charter One.

The first took place years ago. I went in and withdrew like $40 from my account, leaving about $30. I also made 2 or 3 $3 or $4 purchases with my card. So I should have money left in the account. NOPE. Charter One DECIDED that they had accidentally given me $80 instead of $40, so they automatically withdrew that from the account. That put me in the negative, and my other purchases each got extra fees thrown on. I go in an complain, but cant prove I didnt get this extra $40 from them. They tell me "Well you can file for an investigation, but that will cost $80". I say "YOU make a mistake, and I have to pay to have it looked in to?" and they said "Yes". But they DID waive the overdraft fee.

They next one just happened to me this week.

I had $30ish left in my account, and we needed cat food. So I transfer $30 from savings to checking, or so I thought. Well instead it went FROM checking to savings! Leaving me with almost no money in the account. Then I made my purchase and get a nice $74 fee. But I dont know this all happened yet. So I make a couple little purchases again. Get hit with 2 more $74 fees. Then my direct deposit paycheck goes in and pulls me out of the red. I still dont know I was even IN the red, so I buy groceries and get a $111 fee! Now I find out about these fees, dump $150 out of savings, a $200 personal check, and $50. Well, those dont go in fast enough, so another fee. Then my wife gives me $100 to add because I see my account is in the red AGAIN (but I've got like 20 minutes to get to the bank so I dont look at WHY it was) and finally get it positive again. What happened in even though no purchases were made, I was charged $148 for my account being negative even though my statement never shows it going negative again!

The tellers at the bank basically said "We wont do anything because it was your mistake, you can call corporate but they wont help either". DONT USE CHARTER ONE!!

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PAUL B's Profile Image

Reviewed by PAUL B

May 7th 2010

1 out of 5 marks


Recently I was in the process of changing may accounts to CHARTER ONE BANK including the direct deposit of my pay checks and my wifes business acct - I had made a minimum deposit to open the account and found out it would take 5 business days before I had access to the funds - I thought ok I'm a new customer so I made arrangements to have my pay check deposited directly because of a computer glich my check was not deposited on the date it was sched it was a day late - which caused a $22.00 check I had written to bounce and Charter One was kind enough to charge a $35.00 overdraft fee the very next day - I went to the branch in the local grocery store and asked if the fee could be waived the manager was so kind she began yelling and stating no you caused deal with it and if you don't pay it it will be reported to the credit bureau and system called chex which is a credit bureau type system for banks to say you owe them money - I called another branch to get the name and number of their corporate offices and a regional manager and was refused the number of both - the branch manager stated we don't give that information out (i can see why) because of this and lack of business sense I have now been charged $145 DOLLARS FOR A $22.00 FOWL UP NOT EVEN CAUSED BY ME - CHARTER ONE PROMOTES THE VALUES OF KEEPING THE PUBLIC PAYING AS MUCH AS THEY CAN AND KEEPING HARD WORKING PEOPLE IN DEBT IN A STRUGGLING ECONOMY - CHARTER ONE IS ONE THE WORST BANKS I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH - I HAVE FILED A COMPLAINT WITH FEDERAL RESERVE ONLY TO FIND OUT THEY ARE NOT EVEN BASED IN THE UNITED STATES - I WILL MAKE SURE I TELL AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN HOW BAD THEY REALLY ARE

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