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Chase Latest Customer Reviews

HusamBrohi's Profile Image

Reviewed by HusamBrohi

Apr 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Do not bank with Chase

I have been a Chase customer for over 5 years but recently went through one of the worst experiences with a bank. Essentially, a large deposit from another reputable financial institution triggered a fraud alert and Chase, without contacting me, decided to freeze my funds to investigate. The fraud and control department was so inept they did not have the right number to contact that institution -- I think they googled the number and got the investment office who could not validate the funds so Chase decided to close my account, once again without contacting me.

Once I found out (through a letter in the mail), contacted the local branch manager who then contacted the institution to verify and resolved the matter in 5 minutes -- but the wheels were already in motion. For over 2 weeks no access to funds and could not pay bills including mortgage. Luckily I had back-up but think of those folks whose funds are all tied to one account.

The bank manager told me this happens all the time to and is very frustrated with this process - it seems they use a shotgun approach to fraud, surprising in this day and age that they can not accurately detect and assume everyone is a fraudster. Nevertheless I am banking with a credit union now.

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andrear's Profile Image

Reviewed by andrear

Apr 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Dreadful-do NOT get with this bank!

I am closing my Chase account first thing in the morning. They are scamming people, playing with their income as if it's a monopoly game. For these 2 years of being with them (only due to the convenient location), I never knew how much money I had, how much I spent, or how much I saved because they play around with their customers as if they're marionettes. They are rude, they refuse to explain where did your money disappear, they don't ask for your consent on things they need to explain to you because they will cost you money when you're opening the new account such as savings. They approve a small portion of your check no matter for how long you've been getting paid with the same type of check, and then approve the rest after 10+ days. If you chose to pay bills through Chase bill pay, they send the money away for a day or two, out of which only portion gets returned as "credit" back to your account, using a 'malfunction' as an excuse they couldn't send the payments the day you sent them, and refusing to explain things such as, if the person I was sending the money to never got it, why did only a part of it get credited back? Where is the rest of the money I worked hard for, Chase? And when it comes to companies, banks, specifically, dealing with my money, I'd rather never hear the word such as "malfunction". And if I do, I better get e big, fat explanation for hearing it. The Vice-President of the Chase I go to(soon to be past tense), is Vera Agropian. I'm stating this, desperately hoping that something will change in this bank, and as usually, it should start from the base of the problem. She is incredibly unhelpful, rude, treats you as if you have no reason to be in 'her' bank, and as if she is better than anyone else in the bank. A prime example of power-corrupted monster. Sad thing is that she can't even speak English fluently. I've been in United States for 3 years, and sadly, this is just one of the few companies that makes me regret leaving Europe.

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heibapei's Profile Image

Reviewed by heibapei

Apr 8th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

How Long Exactly Do You Need To Response Your Customers Chase?

I have a chase account for years, recently i found that my account has been double charged on netflix, which is totally abnormal. I called netflix they told me i should contact my bank first. Then i called chase, told me about my problem, they told me they would further investigate this and take care of it. Then i haven't heard from them for 3 weeks! I tried to call again, they just keep saying the same words to me. I wonder are they really working on my problem or not?

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katieklassen's Profile Image

Reviewed by katieklassen

Apr 6th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Very time consuming, Could have been so much better!

I was charged a service fee on my savings account. I called in the customer service number and I asked why they charged me if I met the waiver requirements. She spent like 30 minutes 'accessing' my account. I told her that I maintained a minimum daily balance of 300$ and I even met the requirement of several transfers. She would still keep repeating that I have to have a DAILY MINIMUM BALANCE OF $300 or a repeating transfer. I told her my balance the entire month or statement was greater than 300 and I made transfers, she would still not get it or not see it. I was dissatisfied with how long she took and how it was so hard to explain that I met not just one but even both requirements.

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Webber89's Profile Image

Reviewed by Webber89

Apr 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Chase Customer Service Staff Totally Unhelpful

I rented a car from Hertz in May 2013. When it was returned, there 'supposedly' was a small dent in it. A month later, my Chase MasterCard statement showed a $2,241.08 charge for damages. Without getting any backup or even a picture from Hertz, Chase paid the claim and debited my account for the full amount.!

However, mine is a Chase Sapphire Card. As such, it is supposed to provide liability insurance, even outside the country, as a benefit of membership. Their "Guide to Benefits" states that I was covered by their MasterRental Coverage which is handled by Sedgwick Claims Management. So, even if the damage claim was legitimate, which I totally reject, the claim should have been turned over to MasterRental & Sedgwick. It never should have been my financial responsibility. It is now eight months later, and I am still fighting this!

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