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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By atty Sep 3, 2015

Great service and value for individual and small business accounts.

Extremely friendly and helpful. Customer is always right (if you're somewhat reasonable of course!) They never make you go through hoops to find the right person to deal with a topic, whoever is assisting you will make sure you get directly to the person who can solve your problem. And if you are a regular and reliable customer they are always ready to adjust fees or arrange your accounts to meet your needs. online services are the best i've encountered (dealt with at least a dozen different) and the branch hours are fantastic. Hassle free banking at it's best!!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By JosephP Jan 3, 2016

Chase can hijack your account at any time

I deposited an inheritance check just before Christmas and the check was put on hold, which was expected. What wasn't expected was all my accounts were frozen before New Years Eve, because the bank lacks basic customer service skills and common sense. More than one person can be on an account, and no, they do not have to be named on the check to sign it.
I reviewed the Deposit Account Agreement and chase met none of the criteria on page 16 which gives them the authority to freeze all my accounts. Chase has also stated that there is nothing I can do to unfreeze my account. What kind of financial institution hijacks money used to feed and shelter children. JP Morgan Chase has proven that they don't care and will treat anyone they choose as a criminal.
I'm now on day 7 and my car payment direct withdrawal has been missed. I can't touch my direct deposits. Chase cashed the check on 12/28/15 and has been gaining interest that is rightfully mine. I have spent hours of my new year holiday on the phone, and in the branch, because this they refused to do its job or pick up a phone to call me. Instead they sent a letter, which was delivered 1/2/16. Even after explaining the situation and providing documentation they are requiring my mother to drive over an hour (one way) to the nearest branch to verify that we are not criminals. That's right Chase has even brought my momma into this.
Do yourself a favor in 2016 and beyond, go to any other bank than this one. There were 4 inheritance checks given out and only mine was considered criminal. The only hold was from JP Morgan Chase.
Read The Deposit Account Agreement Page 16 for yourself. Pages 1-15 are Chase bank removing all liability from themselves for their ignorance.

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Latest Chase Reviews

  • R
    Reviewed By REjs Feb 12, 2016

    CHASE BANK is holding me liable for unauthorized charges and have been the worst at so many levels. STAY AWAY

    CHASE BANK is holding me liable for unauthorized charges and are refusing to investigate the fraudulent charges despite having provided them with more than enough information for them to never blame me, which is unthinkable, of having placed those purchases even after I had asked that I'd close my account to avoid having this issue, which had occurred in the last and was appropriately handled. But apparently, if that happens more than once, then it becomes the consumer's fault.
    I hate dealing with CHASE. They are simply terrible and will be soon replaced by more ethical financial institutions with integrity. It might take a year, 5 or 10 years. That is irrelevant. I know they are starting to have the reputation that they deserve.
    Don't make the mistake and bank with CHASE BANK. Shame on them

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  • F
    Reviewed By Flash Feb 10, 2016

    Chase SUCKS

    Somebody walked into Chase and withdrew $1800 cash with a fake ID. Chase never asked for 2 forms of ID because transaction was under $2000. Immediately made police report. Officer went to bank to review video, Chase refused to show him tapes unless he contacted Chase Global security and then wait 30 days for video to review! Was told by Chase they would refund money within 24 hours, now 35 days later and being on hold for over 9 hours total they finally credited my account. When you call Chase Fraud department, immediately ask for "supervisor" otherwise you will be lied to concerning when you will get a refund. When asked why don't they require a pass code before withdrawing cash they had no response. Banked with Chase for over 20 years, no more. They simply don't care about their customers. YOU SUCK CHASE!!!

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  • S
    Reviewed By srinibash Feb 4, 2016

    Chase Credit card

    The most horrible experience I had with any department. The team send me a closed credit card with a not to fax my address proof. And after I faxed, now the team is not sure how to reopen it. One team is passing to the other without any clue.

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jamesdean22 Feb 4, 2016

    Maureen Gill Branch manager is rude and has a horrible attitude!

    Maureen Gill is in my opinion only a horrible manager at the Chase branch at the Homer Glen location and could not be more of a miserable person. For 3 years I have had to see her treat me and other customers like garbage. Today I decided I had enough of Maureen Gills poor work ethics. I waited for 1 hour and for her to come out of the back room from on her phone or what ever she was doing wit anot her girl. I arrived at 2:50 pm and at 3:45 PM I was finally helped. I have had Chase for my account for 7 years and the only person I ever have issues with is Maureen Gill and her horrible attitude. She told me because my deposit check was not made out to the full company name she couldn't cash one of my check, I said ok I'll mobile deposit it like the other branch manager told me. At this point she called security and threaten to 911 and have me arrested for fraud. I filed a complaint with Chase but I doubt it will go anywhere. As a owner of a service company in my opinion only I WOULD NEVER HIRE MAUREEN GILL CHASE BANK WITH HER HORRIBLE ATTITUDE AND BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, but what do I know. Hopefully Chase does not blow this off and look into it.

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  • B
    Reviewed By bubbagk1 Feb 3, 2016

    Show of management authority

    I personally had to deal with a very rude manager at the Chase bank at Chiquita and Cape Coral Parlway this late afternoon. When in line to a teller, Debbie the bank manager insisted that I fill out my own deposit slip before going to teller. I was next in line but had to give up my place to fill it out. But when I got up to teller I still had to show my Chase debit card and punch in my four didget pin #. This is the second time I have approached by this bank manager for this. The people that I lost my place in line were also upset with her show of authority. They thought it was only right to let me back in front of them. Which they did. I think Chase needs to school their managers in public relations, which this manager,Debbie,truly lacks. This will never happen to me the third time.I will begin to close my savings,checking, debit and credit cards with Chase Bank. She may of had a bad hair day or it was close to closing time , who knows. But she will never have opportunity to voice her authority to this long time customer of Chase Bank.

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  • P
    Reviewed By Poolie Feb 2, 2016

    Customer Care Fraud Charge

    I had to make sure I sought out to post a review about how Chase Bank handled my call. I was so pleased with the young man I spoke with. He was my advocate and took the bull by the horns on a fraudulent charge I had on my account. I am so thankful I have Chase Bank on my side. After I hung up the phone with the representative I could breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you so much Chase Bank.

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  • J
    Reviewed By Juliebrielle Jan 29, 2016


    Literally the worst bank ever. I spoke to one of THEIR REPRESENTATIVES yesterday and now another person is saying a different thing! They are so rude! Especially Jenalyn Abbariao! She is supposed to be a "manager", when in reality she is extremely RUDE , and does not help you try to solve any problem! I can't wait to cancel my Chase account , they are absolutely horrible! If you are trying to find a bank GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! All they want is to take as much money in fees as they can from you! CHASE IS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!

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  • X
    Reviewed By xtr3m3 Jan 26, 2016

    Welcome to India Fraud Department

    STAY AWAY, I have finally took the chance to change banks from Bank of America to Chase and let me tell you.. DONT DO IT

    To keep this story short, I work for a well known company in the USA and decided to take a paper check for my bonus... Well I deposited the check on 1/22/15 at 2:00PM on a Friday.. It is now 1/26/16 and guess what the check is on hold due to their verification process which i was unaware of at the time as I asked the bank teller would this check be available by end of Monday. She assured me yes.. Well guess what its still not there and now my account is in the negative.. I contacted them just to be switched over to a call center in India.. Welp you have lost my business I am a part of a USA BANK not a foreign one.. I am sick of dealing with BS banking companies and YES CHASE you are one of those.

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  • R
    Reviewed By Rick54 Jan 22, 2016

    Chase is reluctant to deal with cash

    Before going to a local restaurant, I stopped into my local Chase bank to break a $100 bill into smaller denominations. The teller said I had to provide my debt card and drivers license in order for them to break the bill. Their reason was that they are required to monitor all funds going out and coming in. I did the same thing at the Fifth Third bank next to Chase and the teller didn't ask me for any id. She immediately broke my $100 into smaller currency as I requested. She didn't even swipe it with the magic pen! Chase also requires me to wait 3-5 days before funds are available when I deposit a Fidelity IRA check drawn off a J.P. Morgan bank in Chicago! I've also notice when cashing these checks, that Chase is very reluctant to give out cash. They claim not to have that much cash on hand. We're only talking a $5,000 check here folks! They act as though they're either insolvent or they've been caught laundering money, or both!

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  • G
    Reviewed By Gdhuffco Jan 19, 2016

    Employees need training

    I have been banking with Chase since it first became Washington Mutual then Chase....a long time! It's absurd to me the lack of responsibility this bank takes. We HAD to get the new atm cards with the chip because they're so much more secure....absolutely UNTRUE, I had $400 stolen from my account because someone was able to bypass the "secure chip". Then I deposit a check that my family is really, really depending on, I was told the money would be available today after waiting all weekend for it now I'm told it won't be available until tomorrow. All they say is sorry. Really??? Train your employees!!

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