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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By RandyH Apr 7, 2016

The Best!

I've never been so pleased with a bank branch like this one in my life. All personnel are a pleasure to do business with. I strongly believe it's because they follow the VP/ Branch manager's example. It all starts at the top.

Less than 10 years ago, I was so unhappy with Chase in general that I vowed never to do business with them again. I think this statement illustrates just how good this branch is- to have turned me around 180 degrees.

I actually enjoy going to my bank. Enough said...

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By YShay Mar 7, 2016

Credit Card Application Nightmare

Chase has always been my preferred bank because there are numerous accessible locations in Southern California. However, after this recent experience, I am considering changing banks.

I visited my local bank to apply for a credit card in person and was directed towards this woman to assist me. After brief discussions, I decided to apply for the Chase Slate. Since this is my first time ever applying, I didn't really know what to expect. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. The banker had ONLY asked for my mother's name, along with my phone number and confirmed my address; with only that information, she submitted my application and told me that I would be notified within 30 days.
I was slightly confused because the process seemed too easy- so I did my research and came to realize that she NEVER asked for my financial information. As a banker, I would expect them to explain the whole process to me, the client and ensure that every information on the document is accurate.
The next day, I made several calls to Chase's customer services and they couldn't help me at all. I then decided to call the bank that I went to when I applied and with terrific luck, the woman on the phone happened to be the one that had 'helped' me the previous day with the application. I questioned her why she didn't ask for ANY of my financial information. The FUNNY thing is she claimed over the phone that she did, but when hit with the question of whether or not she recalled what she had put down, she had 'somehow' forgotten. I asked her if she had put $xxxxxxx as my annual salary and she claimed that she had put in a higher number. So she either falsified or just didn't complete the information on the application. With the situation being dumb enough, she also mentioned something about my application being declined- to be honest, I don't remember word for word, but I can guarantee that that is the most unprofessional behavior I have ever witnessed. The banker did not complete the application accurately and then notifies me that it was declined (I WONDER WHY). On top of that, she even asked me if I still wanted to cancel the application. How would I cancel something that has already been reviewed and declined? I then asked if I could re-apply with the CORRECT information and she tells me that I should wait a bit because it would be 'bad for my credit'. Well maybe if the application was filled out CORRECTLY in the first place, I wouldn't be in this situation.
With the bank closed on Sunday, I tried calling Chase's personal banking and credit card services. I explained the situation to this woman on the phone and when she checked my application status, it was still PENDING. If that was the case, why did the banker mention my application being declined? I then asked if she could perhaps change the information on my application, but she couldn't. She then explained to me that maybe the banker that had helped me put the financial information from my application for a debit card onto the credit card application. Just a little background information for the readers, I applied for my debit card YEARS ago. I would have thought that if I was applying for something different, the banker would have asked me for current information and not put outdated information without informing me. Besides, when I was on the phone and asked the banker that had filled out my application if she put down $xxxxxxx, she claimed that she somewhat remembered putting down a higher number. If she had really used my salary from years ago, it was nowhere near how much I made now. Although I am a client and there are certain things that I should know, as a banker, I would expect better service and not a seemingly careless attitude about something that affects my credit.
As of right now, I'm still working on sorting out and correcting this MESS. Looking to speak to the branch's manager. Very displeased with service, especially from this certain branch.

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Latest Chase Reviews

  • K
    Reviewed By koine2002 Jul 26, 2016

    My closest branch is terrible

    The closest branch to me is terrible. The ATMs (both drive up and walk-in) are most often non-functioning for deposits. The branch is 4709 Ross Avenue in Dallas, TX. The lines are always long, and the tellers are never happy. This points to one thing: bad management. Of course, it's been like this for years with multiple managers so I assume it's a problem with the district/regional management. This used to not be a problem as there was a motor bank about 8 blocks away from that branch. However, that branch has been shuttered. Now, I have to drive 5 miles to get to another branch ATM when the aforementioned ones have failed. I've been with JPMC for 10 years. It might be time for a change.

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  • D
    Reviewed By daniels85 Jul 23, 2016

    Horrible call Center

    I have had multiple incidences with my debit card being declined at regular merchant locations when there is thousands of dollars in the account. Every time I call they have no idea why it is happening and are unable to fix it!! It is extremely embarrassing when you are declined and especially when you know there is plenty of money in the account. Get this fixed or you will lose me as a customer I refuse to be embarrassed for your ignorance!

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  • S
    Reviewed By StephC Jul 22, 2016

    Poor Excuse of a Bank

    My husband and have banked with Chase since 2009. Today my husband had to go withdrawal all of our money and take it to a different bank. Unfortunately we were victims of a scam. Chases response to our misfortune was to freeze all of our accounts. We were treated like we were the criminals in the situation. I do not recommend this bank after this experience. Not to mention the fact I had to unload all three of my children to go in the bank because their teller drive thru was NEVER open. They had signs posted to use their 24 hour drive up ATM. Sorry excuse of a bank and poor customer service.

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  • A
    Reviewed By AGibson Jul 20, 2016

    Worst Customer Service

    I've been a customer with chase for seven years, and my husband has been a customer for 4 years. We have a joint account that we made a couple separate deposits totaling hundreds of dollars between savings and checking. The ATM that we deposited these at somehow lost the money/it was never recorded in the system. This was in April. It is now July and we have been promised it will be fixed "by tomorrow" for 3 months now. When we call, we're told that it has to go through whatever system they have, that it was more complicated since it was two incidences and two separate accounts. This should not take 3 months. I am appalled at the horrible customer service we have received and am actively looking for another bank to switch to as soon as we get our money back.

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  • C
    Reviewed By carlmast Jul 19, 2016

    Check Cashing Fees

    I work for a Canadian company and while they do direct deposit my pay check my expenses are paid in US funds by check drawn on Royal Bank of Canada. Of note, there were a couple of RBC branches located in the metro Atlanta area until a few years ago. When I deposit them I do have to use a teller.
    About a year or so back I deposited one that was over $5,000 and got hit with a large fee which no one in the local bank was aware of.
    On June 22, 2016 I went to deposit 3 checks which did total over $5,000 and spoke with bank staff and asked if I needed to do them as separate deposits or what to avoid paying a fee and was told that it would be ok on a single deposit. I received a letter from the bank the next week saying that they had reversed the largest of the 3 checks ($4630.00) and it would require “special handling”. When I called the customer no service listed on the letter she told me that the local branch was wrong and that I had to pay the fee. When I asked for the check to be returned I was told that the process could not be stopped. According to RBC they transferred the money to Chase on July 8 but it did not appear in my account until July 14 and the deposit was less than the debit. When I went to the branch on July 15 and asked why the amount was reduced they did not know and when the banker called to get the reason he was told the wait time for him to speak with someone would be 40 minutes. At that point he did reverse a $45 international collection fee and I left.
    I received a letter from Chase July 18 stating the deposit was reduced by $90 stating the reason was “Foreign Currency Paid”. I called the customer no service listed on the letter since the check was made out to be paid in US currency and was told that what the letter stated as a reason for the fee was wrong and it was because RBC charged Chase $90 to cash the check. I was told that the local branches are not aware of the fees since they do not handle many foreign checks.
    I have already opened a new account with a credit union and will be closing this account as soon as the last check clears and will also be moving my mortgage to a new lender. I choose not to do business with a financial institution where the staff is not properly trained to warn me that a deposit will result in a fee of $135.

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  • I
    Reviewed By Itsakingthing94 Jul 7, 2016

    Not Military Friendly and quite rude

    While my husband was deployed, there was a fraudulent charge on our account. I was able to shut off his card but they would not let me file a fraud claim without speaking to him first. They were rude and would not listen when I told them he was deployed and couldn't call to file the claim himself. I'm his wife and have his power of attorney but yet I still cant file a claim for a fraud charge that left us with just $11 in our account. They have a military account for military members but then won't help when you have a problem and said military person is deployed.
    Several months ago they also shut our cards off since the new cards with chips were available. They shut them off without warning and never sent any new, replacement cards.

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  • R
    Reviewed By rguthridge Jul 7, 2016

    Customer service is rotten to the core

    My sister and I went to the N Dixie Highway branch to freeze my nephew's account who had passed away unexpectedly. There was only one banker in the lobby with a customer and three people waiting. We went to the teller line to sign in as instructed by the lobby sign. After letting the teller know what we needed, she pointed to the lobby and asked us to have a seat. She offered no expression of sympathy or empathy for that matter. It as all matter of fact. The manager, Nina Finch, was in her office talking on the phone about a job placement and references. After 15 minutes, my sister went into the manager's office and asked for help, she was asked to have a seat. After another 15 minutes I went into the office, explained why were here and was told by Ms. Finch that she was on the phone with a customer and to have a seat. She was not on the phone with a customer, she was on the phone on what appeared to be personal or interbank business. We went back to the teller line and asked for the phone number to the regional manager. The teller asked us to have a seat (again). She went to Ms. Finch, who was off the phone by now. Instead of coming out of the office and apologizing for the delay and our loss, she wrote down the number to her boss, who by the way did not call back after I left a detailed message. As we were walking out, the banker smirked and said "can you believe that.?" No, we can't believe that such a callous and rude staff is allowed to work at a customer facing position, much less run a branch. They made a very difficult time for us much more stressful. We went to the location down the street on N. Mulberry who handled this situation as it should have been (see their review).

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  • F
    Reviewed By flex619 Jul 7, 2016

    Most insecure online banking ever!

    Chase's online banking allowed to pull funds out of my account from and into another Chase account without my authorization! The first time I called in I was told that they would setup a claim and that I would receive an email regarding the claim. Well I never received the email and the transfer was not stopped. To top that off when I called it in the second time they WOULDN'T reverse the transaction over the phone which not only overdrew my account, but will ultimately lead to me acquiring an overdraft fee. This is the worse and most insecure system from any bank I have ever heard of! DO NOT BANK WITH CHASE!

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  • B
    Reviewed By Barbcinque Jun 30, 2016

    Why so rude?

    I deposited a check and realized I was having an unexpected "female issue" and looked around quickly to ask for a ladies room. I see and hear this big woman laughing and joking very loudly and thought she was talking to the teller next to her. She is a big woman with old fashioned frosted highlights sitting in the second/last cubicle on the left side when you walk in the bank. I discreetly looked into her cubicle and quietly said excuse me, is there a bathroom here? She acted as if I'd tried to French kiss her. Just a ridiculous display of obnoxious rude behavior. "I'm on the phone" she glared and huffed and puffed and rolled her eyes as if she had never been so offended. I tried to say sorry and then she slapped her hand down and turned herself around as if to ignore me. I ran to a store next door for help. Was it necessary to act like such an ass? If talking on the phone requires your full uninterrupted complete concentration...I can't figure out how you got a job working with the public. I won't be coming back to this branch ever again!

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  • L
    Reviewed By leo_8665 Jun 26, 2016

    im so fed up with this bank!

    i don't have any account with this bank and will never have because i receive pile of credit card offers constantly! maybe 3 times a week, the same thing! its ridiculous.
    its even more annoying that i still keep receiving them after i have called them 3 times!!! and wasted a lot of time on the phone to let them know pleaseeee do not send me anything anymore.
    they say it takes 90 days! its odd but that's all the banks say but all other bank reduce it after some days and cut it in 2-3 weeks max. but this bank sucks.
    even if i wanted to do banking here i will never ever do it! CHASE reminds me of bad memories.

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