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Chase Latest Customer Reviews

pipen123's Profile Image

Reviewed by pipen123

Jul 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I banked with Chase for a number of years and had several accounts with them during this time. However, decided to close my account with them because there is a bank closer to my house. I am a busy person, and gas is expensive these days, so I did what any reasonable busy person would do--CALL and close it over the phone. Here is where my troubles began...it is almost 1 month to the day and I STILL do NOT have my money--despite the fact I told them I needed it for rent and bills.

After waiting 5 - 7 business days and realizing the check was NOT in the mail, I immediately went into a branch and was told that I should probably wait another few days because they were going to have to stop the check and it might make it go slower. I waited another 2 days and then called the phone center and explained my check hadn't arrived yet (I was on the phone being routed to the right person and left on hold for 30+ minutes). I finally spoke with someone but was told I'd have to fill out an affadavit to report the lost check and that would be best to do in the bank. So, off to the nearest branch I go...only to find out I need to go to the branch the call center rep had spoken with. Finally, it's Tuesday and I'm in the branch and I coordinate a call between the gal I was speaking with and the banking specialist at the branch. I sign the affadavit and am told that I will have my check by Friday. Saturday, still no check and I take another trip to the branch and meet with the manager who calls the call center (and she is on hold forever, she tells met to go and she'll "call me"). The branch manager never called back with an explanation or apology!

It's Monday, I'm LIVID...still no check, still no answer. I call and escalate this to the top of the call center and am told that I will receive a call with an answer "in an hour"....well, that hour is long past.

CLOSE your account in the branch QUICK, or be prepared to CHASE your money! -10 customer service

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jasonlewis's Profile Image

Reviewed by jasonlewis

Jul 28th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great Bank, Great Credit Cards, High Cash Back, Great Checki

I have several Chase cards and services. They are a great bank! My two favorites are the Amazon card and the Freedom! If you would like $100 Bonus for freedom use this link!

[Link Removed]

I just used my freedom card on my vacation and with the 5% cash back on gas, the 5% bonus cashback for booking from hotels.com. I earned pretty much enough cash back to pay for one night of my vacation! Can't beat that!

Their customer service is top notch. I wanted to combine the credit of two cards so I would have a higher limit on one of my cards! They allow it and put up no fight over it. I was very pleased!

I also have a checking account through them and it is top notch!

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VeryFrustrated's Profile Image

Reviewed by VeryFrustrated

Jul 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service

I have had a Chase credit card for over 10 years. In June, I accidentally scheduled 2 payments, caught it in time to stop payment on the 2nd through my bank.

I continued to pay Chase, but didn't realize the stop payment caused my July payment to be rejected. Chase acted as if they had no history on me, stopped my credit card from being used. I went to my bank to cancel the Chase stop payment request, called Chase multiple times to let them know what happened, but they acted as if I was a brand new customer, and marked my card as "void" until my payment processed.

They don't know anything about building customer relationships, their customer service sucks....

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filmguy9944's Profile Image

Reviewed by filmguy9944

Jul 22nd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Will not lower my interest rate

I have been a loyal chase customer for 10 years and have requested a lowering of my interest rate -- which is currently at 29%. I make my payments on time and am RARELY late.. if I am late, then I pay a late FEE, which is never reversed. Point is, I have good credit and have been a paying customer for years. And this is the thanks I get? Chase, you get 1 big fat star for your loyalty ;0)

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kymnettahotmailcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by kymnettahotmailcom

Jul 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Chase is stealing my money!

I started taking copies of my account page every morning because my account would be fine starting off every morning, but by the end of the day I would get a notice stating that my account was overdrawn. And until I started taking copies of my account I just had to pay for overdraft fees but after notifying them that I take copies of my account every morning they never argue, they just refund my money. WATCH YOUR MONEY PEOPLE! Chase IS ripping you off!!!

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EmmaDae9's Profile Image

Reviewed by EmmaDae9

Jul 10th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst banking experience, ever!

Received a check as a graduation gift and tried to deposit it on June 1st. I was told that it would be a week until my funds were ready, waited two weeks and saw none of my money so I visited the branch. Apparently they were unable to contact the maker of the check because they had been trying the wrong phone number and when given the correct one, they still continued trying the wrong one. I asked the maker of the check to visit the branch to verify his identity, but it was â??confidentialâ??, he left a copy of his I.D. and his *CORRECT* phone number. Still, no one called him. Savings account was closed, card was cancelled, and I had no access to *ANY* of my money. Not only the check that I had tried to deposit, but also my previous funds, so I had no way of eating until given an ATM card days later. At this point it had been a month since I deposited the check. It was suggested that I ask the maker to cancel the check and instead give me a money order, but upon contacting his bank he realized the money had been withdrawn from his account on June 2nd. (A month ago). I threatened to bring my attorney into this and that's when it finally seemed like anyone began *TRYING* to help me. The maker was contacted by my banker and the fraud department, his identity was verified, and I was told that I would have the money deposited into my account in the next 48 hours. Waited three days, still nothing. Visited the branch again, possibly for the 10th time in the last month and a half, and was told it would be another 48 hours. Waited four days: nothing. Two days ago, it was deposited. It's nice to know that it takes them nearly a month and a half to deposit a check. I have been utterly patient, kind, and understanding while waiting for *MY* money to be given to me. What angers me the most is that for whatever reason, Chase thought it would be a good idea to withdraw the money from my uncle's account but refuse to give it to me, merely to "prevent fraud." Well, that's fraud.

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FedupwithChase's Profile Image

Reviewed by FedupwithChase

Jul 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

BEWARE - Thinking of filing a complaint

Have been with them for years, but pulling my money from them. I liked the ability to do things online, but can't justify the cost of doing business with them. Had some Chase business accounts (credit cards) that were not mismanaged by my co-owner, which turned into the need to do auto payments from checking. Much confusion about payments and we have tried to resolve several times to change the accounts funds came from, etc.Chase refuses to make changes, takes money (Chase takes from Chase accounts for Chase payments) when there is no money in the account, overdrafting the checking account as often as possible. They then charge fees on top of fees. They have made a FORTUNE on us and have taken advantage in the worst ways. Don't seem to be able to fix anything ("that's another division", "oh, that's not really us taking money and fees for us, that's another division", "I can't fix the auto payment on your checking" - was speaking to the checking representative, etc.). I am even thinking of filing a complaint with the organization that regulates federal banks for protection and oversight of my case. I don't trust Chase any longer and believe they are not motivated to change anything in this situation since it's so profitable for them. Fees may not be illegal (unsure), but behavior is certainly unethical. WATCH OUT if you get tangled with the credit card division - don't seem to have any ethics whatsoever. I recently blocked their calls because in addition to reaching into accounts to overdraft them they are calling my home up to 10 times per day - and they are getting their money and then some! Too bad a nationally known bank is acting like a "juice loan" organization. Truly disgusted with this bank.

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trismon04aolcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by trismon04aolcom

Jul 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Chase is the worst bank ever!

I have been with chase for years and it is getting horrible by the day! When you call customer service you get a foreigner that you can't understand,and the one who you can understand are not helpful. I can't lie there was a guy in the past that was awesome. But everyone else sucks. This year I have racked up more than $400 in fees and it's only been 6 months. A direct deposit of more than $1000.00 was going in every week. I know that's chump change for you guys. But I'm taking my direct deposit to navy federal. It's sad because I really liked this bank that's why I stuck around for the last 5 years.

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dreamer's Profile Image

Reviewed by dreamer

Jul 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Why don't Chase have a variety of people working for them?

In my opinion I feel Chase needs a variety of people working for them. Every time I walk into a Chase Bank, all I see is more Hispanics working with limited English experience. It's an uncomfortable feelings that I don't see no black or whites nor asians. I can't really understand them and all u hear in their little booth is Spanish.

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batman1968's Profile Image

Reviewed by batman1968

Jun 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Stay Away From These Crooks

Chase are bunch of crooks.Their overdraft fees are outrageous! Customer service is crappy. I called office to claim about poor service, I get this stupid manger trying to hassle me. He even said twice their lawyers were going to go after me for complaining. Plus they have sex offenders working there. Why are these crooks allowed to do this. Plus Chase is racist -- only catering to blacks&mexicans!

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Nomorelies's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nomorelies

Jun 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The branch manager said I abused him

Today I walked into a Chase branch on 23rd and 9th Ave to inquire as to why my son's dedicated account closed two months prior and I was never notified? I went directly to the branch manager and explained that I was highly pissed off. We went into his little glass office and I asked him to run his title by me again he replied with his title and I explained what happened. I then inquired him, "how are you a manager giving out falsified information, when you clearly stated that withdrawing monies from the account would not affect it." (Here we go again with individuals who hold high positions and have no clue as to what they are telling you, or how to perform their job duties).

Well, he reopened my son's account with no hesitation and then stated I was abusing him. I asked him to explain in depth how I was abusing him, when I never yelled, cussed at him or was rude but my facial expressions and body language sure did project that I was irate. How would they feel if someone messed with their money and never gave a reason. I reiterated my question as to why I was not notified and he did not have an answer but explained that he was helping me.

How? By telling me nothing? Not to mention this person had the nerve to address me by my first name. What the hell -- do you know me? Is this how business is done now a days? No professionalism, no respect, no one in that bank is meticulous and it seems they don't comprehend jargon outside of their business jargon. I mean come on, you apply for a job, a job does not come to you therefore, you think that you would want to be as flawless as they come when interacting with customers whether irate or not especially when the error is on your behalf? Poor service.

Chase Bank has the worst employers around, yet, it is not the insiders being ripped off or screwed around so they will never improve in that area.

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camilla's Profile Image

Reviewed by camilla

Jun 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Chase customer service is terrible!

I have been a customer of Chase for over 20 years now. Started when it was Washington Mutual so you can imagine. Since Chase took over it has been nothing but aggravation, every time I need to deal with customer service is dreadful, painful and exhausting.

They are very quick in charging you overdraft fees, but they take their time in processing the deposits, even though they both happen at the same time -- how convenient. I do not recommend opening a checking account with Chase. It is unfortunate that Marketing tries to get as many clients as possible in offering new account bonuses of $100-$150, then customer service messes up in not caring for their clients -- pathetic.

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Woodswalker's Profile Image

Reviewed by Woodswalker

Jun 6th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Non-useful policy -- really?

I had the displeasure of experiencing Chase's new and incredibly annoying policy this morning.

I had given Chase the Heave Ho after they hopelessly screwed up the purchase of a fine local bank (WAMU), lost whole account balances and then tried to tell me I had taken the money out in another state 2/3 of the way across the country earlier that morning.

This AM, a road tripping friend who is moving back to MN to care for an ill father after her mother passed earlier this year, was stranded in rural Montana with a sick child and needed to hole up for a few days to let the kiddo heal. This hopelessly busted a tight budget. I offered to drop some cash into the account so that it would be immediately available to help out until they can get to MN. Abso-freaking-lutely incredible. I had name, account number, my own ID and steel engraved portraits of dead historical guys. No sweat you think. Just pump in cash so that there is not a wait for interbank clearing, Right?

Not even close.

Apparently the lackwits at Chase, in addition to being unable to complete a buyout with out screwing it up, failed to read the face of the currency " This Note is legal tender for all debts, public and private". It's the currency of the land for goodness sake. Chase being completely bereft of common sense, I was unable to deposit the cash and instead was forced to use my debit card from my credit union for a cash advance (for which I will pay a fee) in order to help out my friend. I did in fairness have other options -- money orders (WU/USPS/ETC, for a fee), a check from my account (checkbook was 12 miles away in my nightstand) or open an account. Not particularly useful in any instance.

I knew there was a reason I fled when WAMU was bought out and went to a credit union. Now there are reporting requirements with thresholds like $2300 dollars for cash withdrawals for reporting, $10,000 for the Banking Secrecy Act. But blocking a simple $100.00 deposit to help out a friend in need is simply totally and absolutely

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isis1077's Profile Image

Reviewed by isis1077

Jun 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Bad Customer Service Policy

The new policy put in place on March 3rd prevents anyone from depositing cash into your account. So, let's say you are unable to make it the bank during business hours and you have cash. You send an employee or friend to make to the deposit for you. Guess what? That will not happen unless they are on the account.

Really? It is not like they are asking about the balance or anything else. In addition, if you are spouse of a business owner and you are making any type of deposit, unless your name is on that account, you are not making a deposit. It seems Chase is trying to collect more fees by instituting practices that make it difficult for a person to get their money in the account, which may lead to over drafts. Nice move Chase (note the sarcasm).

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jacobsjeri's Profile Image

Reviewed by jacobsjeri

May 27th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Cash deposit of $70.00 into my own account required ID

Chase is requiring ID for all cash deposits -- big and small! I asked, "why do you need to see my ID," the teller told me and I quote exactly, "because the government has a new law as of March 1, 2014 requiring ID for all cash transactions.

Funny I thought, I work for another large bank and never heard of this new government law. Went back to my office and started to research this. Could not find anything about a government law as of March 1, 2014 requiring an ID, but I did see that Chase is in big trouble for their lax practice of money laundering and "they" now have a new policy, not the government.

I called the local branch where I deposited my money and asked to talk to the manager. I asked this manager where the government law was that I could find that required an ID for all cash transactions. He said I'm not sure if it is made public to everyone, but all other banks will soon follow what we are doing now. I again asked what the name of the government law as of March 1, 2014 was and he said he did not think it was something that the public would be able to access. I then told him, I work for another large bank and wanted to know the government law I was told by your teller that went into effect on March 1, 2014 on all cash deposits. He said he was sorry he did not know.

So why lie to the public, your clients, that it is a government law, Chase! It is just a Chase policy! Chase has gotten into more legal trouble again about their practices. Who runs that bank? Oh, he is in trouble too, he was even asked to step-down from the FDIC board of director position he held. Just like so many of their executive staff over the past 7-9 years. Always in trouble Must be how they are the largest asset Bank now. Chase is not a bank I want to have my financial assets with. I'm closing my accounts and will be telling everyone I come in contact with about this new policy Chase is telling is a new government law.

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RobinGray's Profile Image

Reviewed by RobinGray

May 27th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Watch Your Safety Deposit Boxes and Accounts with Chase

Chase Bank allowed my safety deposit account to be broken into, then they deliberately made up a reason to close my account because I complained to the Comptrollers. The Comptroller's need to monitor accounts of the disabled, elderly and those with mental health issues because Chase will try to take advantage of those with these conditions and maybe others too!

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Gmanjr's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gmanjr

May 24th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Awesome consistent customer service

I'm very sorry to see that this bank has a "poor" rating on this website for customer service. Customer Service has been the only reason why I have stayed with Chase!

When I go to any branch, I find the teller-reps courteous, happy, conversational, and professional! Why wouldn't i want someone asking about my day as I also get some business done? I love that style of service. And then every time I call for an issue I need resolved on the phone, the customer phone reps have been consistently kind and professional.

Now, Chase is offering it's ATMs at AM/PM gas stations in Southern California, expanding their convenience! I totally recommend Chase if it's well established in your area. Not in Washington-DC unfortunately.

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jfaghani's Profile Image

Reviewed by jfaghani

May 22nd 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Better than Wellsfargo

Staff more professional and friendlier than Wellsfargo .

Managers willing to help out and resolve your issues fast .

Got 150 Bucks check for opening an account !!!

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walnet's Profile Image

Reviewed by walnet

May 21st 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Best branch ever

My family has 6 business and 3 personal accounts at this branch. I've been banking in Chicago for over 45 years. This group is the best I've ever dealt with. They are both friendly and competent. We seem to have one problem or another every month or so and they have always been of help to us in getting it resolved. And everyone in the branch calls us by name and that seems to be true of all the customers who come in.

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maryfdontusechase's Profile Image

Reviewed by maryfdontusechase

May 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Can't deposit cash into account

I had to have surgery and needed to deposit money into my account. I wrote out a deposit slip and sent a family member to the bank. They would not accept the $200.00 cash I wanted to deposit because they cited money laundering going on apparently at chase. I don't know very many people who would launder $200.00 but when you cannot make a cash deposit into your own account it stinks. I will be laid up for months from this surgery and I really don't need my bank to make my life more difficult than it already is. As soon as I'm well enough I'll be changing banks. What a bunch of BS!

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BerryDissapointed's Profile Image

Reviewed by BerryDissapointed

May 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Small Business Owners = Peons in Chase's eyes

About a month or so back my husband and I applied for a business loan and were denied. We have one franchise location that we have had for about 6 years and continue to have steady yearly income increases, and we run our business money through Chase. It's extremely disappointing that when we initially moved to banking with Chase, about 4 or 5 years back, we were misled to believe that Chase was family oriented and business friendly for business owners. We were promised by a banker, that was obviously dying to get our business, that we would have no issues with getting approved for another business loan after a few years of us being loyal customers, but to this day we have yet to see any type of business loan friendly help.

We are responsible people and pay our Wells Fargo business loan and personal bills on time, but my husbandâ??s outstanding credit score of 800+ was smeared terribly during his horrible divorce. His score has dramatically increased since then, but Chase doesn't seem to care whatsoever. We opted to use Chase instead of Wells Fargo because we figured the payments would be easier to handle all in one place because we are already loyal customers. We feel that Chase only cares about the larger companies, and the smaller business owners are put in a corner. But they sure as hell love our business and donâ??t see the big picture of a thriving small business owner that is wanting to expand with the same exact franchiser in another prime, money generating location. Itâ??s extremely sad that the extremely wealthy, billion dollar companies are the only ones they ultimately care about.

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bob2000's Profile Image

Reviewed by bob2000

May 14th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great card, even with low credit

First, this card is amazing! I don't have the best credit but was approved for $2500 limit! I then transferred my limits from my other chase cards making this freedom card have a limit of $3800. [Redacted]

I would highly recommend this card to everyone. I have 3 cards with Chase (Well had, I combined them all to one except for my Amazon Card).

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MarineGuy's Profile Image

Reviewed by MarineGuy

May 14th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Chase is bad

They never cease to amaze me. I have had the same accounts through 4 bank names as each has been bought out. It has been a decline since Chase took over. This morning they called me to verify if I had written a $5,000 check. I said yes. They said they had to verify it was me and the only way to do it was to was for me to use my debit card over the phone. What? I said I did not have it with me so we needed a plan B. He said there was none. If I did not have my ATM card they would bounce the check. I was forced to go get it.

But the week before I had written another check to the same person and they also called my. I did not have to produce an debit card that time. They asked me the normal pertinent questions and then said great, they would pay it.

Tonight I got this secure message from them, the beginning which I copied here.

Dear Chase Customer:

We didn't send a Chase Online bill payment(s) that you scheduled on April 28 and/or 29.

Please accept our apology. If you haven't already done so, please review your bill payment activity from those days and reschedule your payment(s).

What? They did not tell me which account it was from(I have 4). Who it was to. Why it happened. Was it a new payment or a recurring payment etc etc.

These people are heartless.

Finally 2 years ago my ATM card was cloned. I went to the bank and said that was impossible because I have never used it outside a Chase ATM and always keep the keypad covered when I enter my PIN. The bank personnel told me they had heard this many times and Chase was aware their computer system was hacked. They just did not know how.

I think you would be much happier with another bank.

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SickCustomer3's Profile Image

Reviewed by SickCustomer3

May 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Don't bank with them

The Kings Plaza branch let someone with no idea withdraw a total of $5000 from my account twice in a day with no red flag. Then the same person went to a branch in Bed-Stuy in the same day to withdraw another $3,200 - all in the same day with again no suspicion. Chase will not reimburse me the money because it was a debit card. It's 2014 where people are duplicating debit cards and using the same pins. This has happened to too many people. Stay away from Chase.

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wgruzek's Profile Image

Reviewed by wgruzek

May 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever

The worst bank ever -- from the start to the finish all it is fees and horrible customer service. Even trying to close my account is a hassle and was charged a fee. It is amazing that with so many better banks out there people still chose Chase. I guess I was an idiot, but listen to my warnings! This is the worst bank ever and I highly recommend no one ever uses Chase for anything -- that's from checking to loans. You will only be frustrated, angry and disappointed. Please don't make the same mistakes as others. Choose a better bank.

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User Profile Image

Reviewed by

May 12th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Chase Bank Against Elderly, Females and Porn With Perfect Credit! Eric Holder Take Them Down! I Pay On Time All The Time!

Eric holder, investigates Chase bank! Are they in trouble? Contact me, Chase is bad!

I have 2 credit cards for 20 years never late and always pay more and in full with high limits whereby Chase bank reason reduced my limits to little more than what I owe! One 30k credit limit down to $3,000. Since I owe $1,600, and where I owe $16,000 they reduced that limit to $17,700. Notification in the mail came after I overpaid on my accounts.

They lie. They said the needed to update my income but that's something a responsible bank does in advance. I had debt which is petite next to the millions I have in equity with a paid off shopping complex and an ocean front home with millions in equity. I've been able to give away millions in compliance with the law to my daughters & invested for them since they were mid teens.

Chase bank uses the excuse I should submit my income and they will review it but I'm not playing their game. They had the opportunity to query me prior to their action and they did not. I had heard of Chase telling the porn industry they couldn't do business with them or give them accounts but I can't confirm. I had a few friends and people in business over the past months tell me they had this happen to them but it didn't affect me nor did i think it would.

Chase bank is criminal in their efforts to attack existing clients with great credit who pay all my debt in payments, always more than i owe & often in full no matter how large or low the balance is. I am never late! My relationship with all other banks are intact and fine but not chase bank. We need to sue chase bank for any intentional infliction of emotional, financial, physical stress they've caused. Certainly they upset me big time when i least expected it and had not fully used my credit line i had for two decades. Chase bank needs to be closed down and the people in charge need to be fined and incarcerated if they have exceeded the law. I am a senior and I am a female. They discriminated against me!

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ODBeachgirl's Profile Image

Reviewed by ODBeachgirl

May 11th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Bank Accounts drained by impersonator

I am very disappointed with Chase Bank. In April my wallet was stolen from my purse while I was eating lunch in downtown Chicago. I realized it right after lunch and went straight to a Chase Bank branch a few blocks away. My debit and charge card accounts were closed, but the thieves did charge each card. Fortunately, I was not responsible for the charges.

The clerk did not mark my account as having Fraud. A month later, the thief that had my wallet, used my drivers license (and must have looked like me and was able to practice my signature) and asked a teller to look up my account because she couldn't remember the new account numbers. Well, she not only looked it all up, but she handed her thousands of dollars from my checking, saving, and my daughter's custodial account.

Do not use this bank. Many people get wallets stolen, that have a Chase debit card and a drivers license. I can't believe it was that easy to drain my accounts. I'm looking for a better bank.

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katiesmith37's Profile Image

Reviewed by katiesmith37

May 10th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Love Chase

First, I have been a chase customer forever with a Chase Slate but it doesn't really offer anything like cash back. I decided to try for the Freedom and was approved instantly for $2,500! I then emailed Chase and they moved $1,200 in credit to my freedom which gave me over $3000 in credit!

If you would like to try them for yourself this link will give you $100 cash back bonus!

Again, as I really like the Chase Freedom Card and mainly applied for it because I needed one for my vacation this year to disney! I needed something with a higher credit limit than any of the cards I had. I was very happy with the limit chase gave me especially since Credit Karma and other sites have my approval odds listed as "poor"

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choctawmix's Profile Image

Reviewed by choctawmix

May 9th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

ATM Check Deposit Hold

I think If I would have known about the Chase Bank One Business Day Deposit hold I would have never opened an account with this bank and would have remained with one of the other banks.

Mistake number one deposited entire payroll check into my chase account to discover that a hold would be on the account for funds because they do not process checks on Saturdays at their branches. Called and spoke to two reps who confirmed this nightmare and then the second rep says, "oh I see you have chase debit coverage you can spend and overdraw your account and we will just debit this from the funds in your account?" Why else would I want to overdraw my account. Why not just make my funds available the next business day you are open instead of waiting until Monday who ever heard of you can't get your funds the next business day and you are open? I will close this account right after I pull out whatever funds I have left and I will only be to happy to return to Citibank or Wells Fargo or anyone besides this place. Oh and if you file a complaint there's a business day before they can get back to you. I miss my online chat with my other bank.

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braschko's Profile Image

Reviewed by braschko

May 7th 2014

3 out of 5 marks


Chase bank or not!

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