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Chase Customer Review

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LTOLED's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by LTOLED

May 10th 2012

Electronic wire transfer that lost me thousands

I've been a long-time customer of this bank before they became Chase. And for the most part I have been happy with them.

Recently, we sent a wire transfer out of country for thousands of dollars. It was the bank's manager that helped with the paperwork. We were going to send out two transfers. We made it abundantly clear that we wanted to send the funds in dollars to the foreign bank. The bank manager assured us that it would go out just as we discussed. We didn't find out until the transfer was completed that we got screwed over by Chase mishandling the paperwork. Somehow, the first transfer was made in dollars and the second made in dinars. Because of the exchange rate from dollars to dinars, we lost thousands of dollars.

We contacted the bank manager to find out what happened. It looks like the paperwork got mixed up and we signed the wrong ones on the second transfer. Chase's bank manager was the one that prepared the paperwork while we were there. She knew what we wanted to do. She prepared the correct the paperwork the first time and somehow flubbed the second. We tried to talk to management about the mistake. We got ignored. We tried the BBB and complained. No response.

When we decided to close down our Savings account with them, they asked why we were leaving. We told them our story and we received no apologies. We got the cold shoulder. So we went down the street to open another account with another bank.

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Other Chase Reviews

pvermeul's Profile Image

Reviewed by pvermeul

Aug 18th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

A silo'd approach to banking

Had a strange experience with Chase... I was a denied a home equity loan , because my credit scrore was too low (btw it is higher than 730!), but the same month the same bank sent me a letter letting me know that they automatically increased my credit level of my credit card because of my excellent credit score ... are you still following ?

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Justwow's Profile Image

Reviewed by Justwow

Aug 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Debit over draft scam

I find it funny how they allow you to sign up for over draft protection on debit swipes and you agree to the over draft fees and pay them that chase can decide at any time after they get their money to stop your debit over draft with out even a warning that they deem it as over use. So the question remains to be why even offer it if you can shut it off because it was used. I'm pretty sure that's why people use the over draft chase! I can see having a dollar limit I totally agree. But you make people pay 34 dollars a pop per charge. Your making money to boot. There are banks that only charge a over draft for that day it went over. I think it's a nice money making scam for them and I decided to use this bank because they are well known and had all this hype about being a decent bank. The fees I paid are the rest of my AEP bill unpaid. Thank you chase it's awesome. Know how I found out I didn't have debit protection I tried to pay my AEP bill and it was declined your awesome! Only 108.95 and you made 209.00 of me this time. Who knows how much total. You have been paid back every time it's been over drafted. Just thanks I want to say thanks your awesome...... Just kidding

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